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November 23, 2006: Scoop and Run

I have to say theres nothing like a big sweeps event to help digest all the turkey mashed potatoes stuffing and to-die-for corn cakes in my house all courtesy of my husbands amazing culinary skills Hope you ER fans enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving feast of your own before settling in for a brand new episodeTonight in keeping with the spirit of the season I would like to focus on the theme of thankfulness First I am so thankful that Maura Tierney continues to get a chance to shine Tonight she was right back in the spotlight as Abbys plans for an idyllic holiday with her new family were derailed As if getting dragged away for a pointless transport wasnt bad enough she had to deal with being dropped into a ravine to assist at the sight of a horrific bus accident The scenes with young Milo and his mother were heart-breaking but I had a feeling that Abby would go back for her with an assist from her surly transport partner Together they saved the da read more

September 28, 2006: Graduation Day

As if Abby and Luka didnt have enough to contend with tonight manic-depressive Maggie breezed in to meet her ailing grandson and offer her support in a flurry of note taking and NICU staff badgering However she also brought an unexpected mix of motherly wisdom and perspective that Abby sorely needed Sally Field has done an excellent job with this role in each of her appearances taking a strident character and making her sympathetic and relatable never sugarcoating the challenges of living with mental illness Despite her doubts Maggie actually persuaded Abby to include the baby in a trial that was both risky and promising The scene where she insisted something was wrong with the baby reminded me of the scene from Terms of Endearment when Shirley MacLaine loses it on the nurses for not administering her daughters pain medication on time While I thought it was downright mean to lead all of us to believe the baby had died the last scene of Abby with her mom offe read more

September 21, 2006: Bloodline

Hey ER fans better late than never right Thanks for your patience while we got the blog up and running Thankfully the 13th season of our venerable Thursday-night must-see kicked off right where the finale left off with Jerry Luka Abby and Sam all in various states of peril When we last saw Sam she was being tossed into a van by Steve and his fellow prison escapee Rafe For you Six Feet Under fans Rafe was played by Michael Weston the guy who brutalized David in a similarly creepy role a few years back And Mary the ER trainee turned gun-toting accomplice was played by Natasha Gregson Wagner daughter of the late Natalie Wood Their escape resulted in Jerry being shot and Luka being paralyzed and intubated helpless to assist a bleeding unconscious Abby As a devoted fan the sloppiness of some of the writing and character development in recent seasons has been frustrating This show is at its absolute best and always has been when we are watching the day-to-day read more

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