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ER's Goran Visnjic Cops to Affair: "It's Not Something I'm Proud Of"

ER's Goran Visnjic by Mitch Haaseth/NBC Universal Photo

Speaking to the Croatian women's magazine Story, Goran Visnjic confirmed that yes, he did have an affair with Mirela Rupic, the 36-year-old woman who earlier this week filed a paternity suit claiming that the ER star is the father of her 4-month-old daughter. "It is not something that I am proud of, of course," says Visnjic, who has been wed to Ivana Vrdoljak since 1999. "But I am ready to accept all the consequences of my act" and agree to a paternity test. read more

ER's Goran Visnjic Slapped with Paternity Suit

Goran Visnjic by Greg Gayne/NBC Photo

A 36-year-old Croatian woman has slapped Goran Visnjic with a paternity suit, claiming that the ER hunk is the father of her 4-month-old daughter and that he knew about the pregnancy "from the start." According to the Associated Press, Mirela Rupic filed suit after trying to settle the matter privately, only to have Visnjic say that he would support the child financially, but never recognize her as his own. Since 1999 Visnjic has been married to Croatian artist Ivana Vrdoljak, with whom he adopted a son this past May. Should the actor formally deny that he is the girl's father, a paternity test would be required, says Rupic’s attorney. Visnjic could not immediately be reached by the AP for comment. read more

May 17, 2007: The Honeymoon Is Over

I say what I am about to say as a huge fan of television and in particular ER I am ready for a break I am actually relieved that this television season is coming to an end because I really dont think I can take any more I am officially emotionally spent Tonight alone I endured the highs of Jim asking Pam out for a real date on The Office and the lows of Burke breaking Christinas impenetrable heart on Greys Anatomy By the time 10 pm rolled around I was primed and ready Or so I thought The shock of seeing Ray roll back in that wheelchair was naturally mitigated by the relentless promos that had shown him rolling back in a wheelchair But what I was not prepared for was a bitter angry double amputee In a million years it never occurred to me that he had sustained that sort of life-altering injury When I tell you that I literally gasped in disbelief well my friends that is the understatement of the year Overall I thought this was a fantastic capper to read more

May 10, 2007: Sea Change

Man there was a lot of action to keep up with tonight challenging cases of couples in turmoil pseudo-stalkers and missing doctors And lets not forget Luka in a robe As if we could But first things first let me say for the record that I have renewed hope for next season and it arrived tonight in the guise of Stanley Tucci I am intrigued by Dr Kevin Moretti and what he promises to bring to the table as ER chief Yes I am a little prejudiced because I think Stanley Tucci is an amazing actor Ive loved him in more movies that I can count most recently in The Devil Wears Prada But as he emerges from the long gorgeous shadow cast by Goran Visnjic I can still see this formidable actor bringing a grace maturity and gravity reminiscent of Anthony Edwards Remember longtime fans that Dr Mark Greene was not beloved because of his dashing good looks or romantic plotlines but rather because he was utterly believable as a beleaguered jaded doctor wh read more

May 3, 2007: I Don't

Oh My God I actually feel like I am going to throw up right now Are you kidding me with this I guess as a true ER fan I had to know that something unexpected was going to happen at the end of this episode but silly me I thought that something would be true to the overriding theme of that night So maybe a surprise hookup Sam and Tony Or Sam and Lucien Though at this point would Sam hooking up with anyone really qualify as a surprise But instead what do we get We get our beloved Ray being taken out by a great big truck only seconds after receiving a conciliatory voicemail from Neela Happy wedding day Luka and Abby Yep I definitely think Im going to throw up At the very least I need a drink My nerves are shot I have to admit that I was on the fence with this entire secret wedding deal It seemed far-fetched to me Not to mention the relentless promos from NBC that made me feel like I had seen the episode before it even aired In the r read more

ER Preview: Luka and Abby Tie the Knot!

Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic, ER

Their tumultuous courtship has survived intrusive lovers, multiple near-death experiences and four icy-cold feet. But this week, determined doctor Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic) finally makes it legal with nurse turned resident Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney) on NBC's ER (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET). Talk about waiting to exhale. These characters — along with the actors who play them and the fans who love them — have been holding their breath for eight long seasons. "One of the benefits of being on a show for so many years is that the characters have real history," Tierney says. "These are people who have been through a lot and come out OK." Not that the tribulations are over just yet. First there's the little matter of Abby not really knowing about the wedding read more

In Love: Many News Cycles Later, Vaughniston Persists

As Brangelina save the world one orphan at a time, Jennifer Aniston can't seem to wash that Wedding Crasher out of her hair. As one source tells Us, "She goes out to meet people, but she keeps ending up back in bed with Vince." Vaughn, that is. Vince Vaughn.... Jennifer Esposito has filed for divorce from Alias alum Bradley Cooper, her husband of four months, TMZ.com reports. Court papers cite the impossibility of either party keeping a show on the air "irreconcilable differences".... ER's Goran Visnjic and his wife Ivana have adopted a baby boy, born April 19, whom they've named Tin, says People. read more

April 19, 2007: Family Business

For my money tonights episode provided some of the most heartfelt emotion weve seen this season emotion that was no doubt underscored by the devastating events of the past week Rarely have the themes of loss and family been more resonant as we all witnessed how in an instant lives can be irrevocably altered by tragic circumstancesRobert Prosky touchingly portrayed the elderly Alzheimers-stricken man facing the unexpected death of his caregiver son played by his real-life son Andy Prosky His reaction in the moments following his sons death was gut-wrenching and the situation became even more heartbreaking as the man had to be reminded of his loss moments later Robert Prosky is one of those actors who has made a career out of small but memorable roles and his turn tonight was no exception The actor has definitely aged in recent years it was hard to believe that this was the same guy who played boss and mentor to Holly Hunters ma read more

ER Duo Confirm They're Ready to Check Out

Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic by Michael Ansell/NBC

The big screen is beckoning ER’s most senior medicos. Goran Visnjic and Maura Tierney (aka deliciously moody lovebirds Luka and Abby) confirmed for TV Guide that they’re on their way off the show. (Word of Visnjic's exit was broken in late February by Ausiello.) “I’m pretty sure I’m leaving after next year,” says Tierney, while Visnjic says he expects to do “a couple” — fewer than five — episodes next season. As TV Guide’s Sexiest Doc and Dad says, “We’re still talking about how and when we’re going to do it. But it’s kind of a logical progression because every summer I want to do a movie and... there are always problems with my scheduling. I think it’s a nice run to be on a show for eight years.” Similarly, Tierney says she loves ER and her costars, but would like to do more features. (Currently she’s filming Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson.) Although Tierney has asked the pr... read more

April 12, 2007: Photographs and Memories

During the seven long weeks since the last new ER episode news broke about the impending departure of Goran Visnjic That disturbing development got me thinking about what Id like to say to the Powers-That-Be over at the Peacock network about the future of our beloved show Herewith my plea along with some thoughts about tonights developments Dear NBCFor starters let me just say up front that I have been a fan of ER since those heady early Must-See-TV days Ive stuck by the show while all of my favorite characters Doug Carol Benton Mark Carter have taken their leave Heck even Kerry had won me over by the time she departed for Miami with son Henry in tow So I think Ive been patient and Ive given new cast additions a chance to grow on me Ive invested myself in the stories and the natural evolution of characters who came and went sometimes with little fanfare or explanation In my heart I keep trying to convince mysel read more

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