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Gnarls Barkley's Unbelievably Creative Video

How many times have the words "It's not you…it's me" been thrown around to save face when breaking up with someone? Well, in their brand new video for "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" off The Odd Couple album, Gnarls Barkley has taken this age-old cliché and has graphically illustrated what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a break-up. Not only did they think out of the box on this one, but they thought outside of the box around that one to come up with a somber, suicidal heart that croons into a broccoli floret in order to really hit it home. read more

Ashton Kutcher Hosts, Gnarls Barkley Performs

Ashton Kutcher by Mark Sullivan/

Hey kids Its Erin Fox your SNL blog mistress This should be an interesting evening with Ashton Kutcher Im wondering if hell just be Kelso in every sketch or if hell show a little rangeCold OpeningWere shown a C-SPAN spoof on the Petraeus Reports on Iraq Will Forte is General Petraeus who says the Sunnis and Shiites are getting along well now and have been brought together by various forms of crime Heh Darrell Hammond does a pitch-perfect John McCain Amy is back as Hillary who hilariously claims that shes been against the war her entire life Fred Armisen is Obama and Petraeus falls all over him for writing his two excellent books They keep saying hell be the next president No offense [Hillary] Ha Petraeus then goes on to say how awful John and Hillarys books are This is actually a really funny openingMonlogueOMG Ashton comes out doing an air guitar bit Are you kidding me He begins his monologue but then Im distracted by a flash of his hot bod Who read more

Gnarls Barkley's New Vid Too Crazy for MTV

Cee-Lo and deejay Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley by Jamie McCarthy/

MTV has announced that it will not play the video for "Run," the first single from Gnarls Barkley's new album. (Wait, MTV plays music videos? When?)Gnarls, the odd collaboration of hip-hop singer Cee-Lo and deejay Danger Mouse that yielded the sleeper hit "Crazy," is known for their wacky costumes and innovative music videos. But it turns out that this clever clip has been banned from the airwaves for failing the Harding Test, which measures whether video images will trigger epileptic seizures. (So watch at your own risk!)The video features Justin Timberlake as the host of an early-'90s, Yo! MTV Raps-style program called City Vibin, but about two minutes in, the clip is overtaken by some psychedelic, op-art imagery that apparently makes some people's cabezas go all woo-woo. On the upside: The retro duo's new jam is crazy-fresh. You heard it here second!Gnarls' new album, The Odd Couple, drops on April 8. — Mickey O'Connor read more

Justin Timberlake in New Gnarls Barkley Video

Good lord, JT. Is there anything you aren’t in these days? The pop-star/actor made a cameo in Gnarls Barkley’s recent video premiere for the new song “Run” off his upcoming album The Odd Couple. Timberlake appears as the afro-sportin’ host of a Dance Party USA-esque show that features this vertigo-inducing video (consider yourself warned because those retro-effects take their toll on your equilibrium). Your take: So what do you think of JT’s cameo? What about the video? Does it make you wanna bust out into the running man, or start convulsing? read more

Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson Are Best BETs

Beyonce by Michael Caulfield/

Dreamgirls cast mates Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson were the big winners at Tuesday night's BET Awards, grabbing a pair of statues each. Beyoncé was named best female R&B artist and won video of the year (for "Irreplaceable"), while J-Hud topped the new-artist and female-actress categories. Among the other winners were Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland), who took home male-actor honors, Ne-Yo, who was named best male R&Ber, Gnarls Barkley, who was best group, and T.I., who repeated as best hip-hopper. read more

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