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Week in Review: Hillary Clinton wins the marathon Benghazi hearing, Joe Biden won't run for president in 2016, CIA director's pr
02:47 — Top Stories: Hillary Clinton wins the marathon Benghazi hearing, Joe Biden announces that he will not be running for president in 2016, Private emails (more…)
Texas storm threatens millions with flash flooding
01:38 — Millions in water-logged Texas face the threat of more severe weather. A violent storm system is moving across the central part of the state, and flas (more…)
60 Minutes gets rare look at U.S. command center in war against ISIS
02:56 — The crucial military hub is located in a bunker-like building in the middle of a giant air base in the Persian Gulf country of Qatar. It is ground zer (more…)
Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller talk new movie "Burnt," Hollywood pay gap
09:07 — The duo starred in "American Sniper" where Cooper played Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and Miller played his wife. Now, in their new movie, Cooper portrays a h (more…)
Gloria Steinem speaks at Women's March on Washington
12:08 — Thousands attended the Women's March on Washington Saturday. Activist, Gloria Steinem took to the stage to rally the crowd. Watch her remarks here.
Dozens killed in bus crash in southwest France
01:16 — France is reeling from its most deadly road crash in more than three decades. The collision of a tour bus and a truck killed at least 42 people, and b (more…)
Secret Service officers caught sleeping on the job
02:10 — The Secret Service faces another embarrassing episode, as a government audit revealed two officers were found sleeping at their posts. At least one th (more…)
Hillary Clinton faced 11 hours of questioning at Benghazi hearing
03:16 — Hillary Clinton's testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi promised to be a marathon, and it was. But with Democratic members threatening t (more…)
Annie Leibovitz's powerful portraits of women of achievement
02:35 — Photographer Annie Leibovitz has captured some of the most influential women of our time. A new exhibition commissioned by UBS displays intimate portr (more…)
Joshua Wheeler identified as 1st American killed in war against ISIS
02:18 — Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler died Thursday after a daring raid to free prisoners facing execution near Kirkuk in northern Iraq. It is the first U.S. com (more…)
Gloria Steinem on "My Life on the Road," feminism
05:53 — Gloria Steinem became the face of the women's rights revolution in the 1960s. She began her crusade for social change as a journalist and in 1972 co-f (more…)
Porch package thefts soar as online orders increase
02:52 — Police in Los Angeles say they've broken up a crime ring of so-called "porch pirates," thieves who sneak onto properties and steal packages left on do (more…)
Impact of Clinton's Benghazi testimony
03:06 — "Face the Nation" host and CBS News political director John Dickerson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the political impact of Hillary Clinton's te (more…)
Gloria Steinem walks back remark about women and Bernie Sanders
01:52 — Gloria Steinem apologized for claiming young females support Bernie Sanders to get men. CBS News' Jericka Duncan reports on what the famous feminist s (more…)
Gloria Steinem Comes to Emma Watson’s Defense: Feminist Can Wear What They Want
01:23 — We got Gloria at LAX Thursday and asked about her pal, Emma Watson, getting feminist shamed for showing too much boob for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. S (more…)
Steinem & Sarsour: What's Next in Trump Protest
08:10 — The legendary Gloria Steinem and the co-founder of the Women's March on Washington, Linda Sarsour, talk about what's next in this movement after a his (more…)
Gloria Steinem Warns Trump: ‘Don’t Try to Divide Us’
01:04 — Activist Gloria Steinem rallies crowds at the Women’s March on Washington, saying, “We have people power and we will use it.”
‘Don’t Underestimate Us’: Hear the Voices Powering the Women’s March On Washington
04:27 — Activist Gloria Steinem is one of many people expected to be in Washington, D.C., as part of the Women’s March on Washington. NBC’s Kate Snow reports (more…)
WOMAN with Gloria Steinem Season 1
At the intersection of violence and stability, of progress and oppression, are women. Gloria Steinem guides us to the women who are shaping not just t (more…)
WOMAN with Gloria Steinem Season 1
At the intersection of violence and stability, of progress and oppression, are women. Gloria Steinem guides us to the women who are shaping not just t (more…)
Gloria Steinem On Election Year Culture Wars
09:01 — Feminist icon Gloria Steinem joins Joy Reid, first praising First Lady Michelle Obama for being an inspiring voice during a torrid election year, and (more…)
Gloria Steinem On 'The View': Talks About Her New Book 'My Life On the Road'
04:35 — Gloria Steinem talks about the definition of feminism and her new book.
Gloria Steinem Weighs in On Donald Trump
01:06 — Gloria Steinem discusses her thoughts on Donald Trump and women voters who support him.
Leah Remini Tells 'The View' Co-hosts Why She Left the Church of Scientology
05:11 — Leah Remini details why she left the Church of Scientology.
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