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03:36 — Gloria Borger (Cecily Strong), David Axelrod (Kyle Mooney), Dana Bash (Kristen Wiig), Kayleigh McEnany (Kate McKinnon) and Van Jones (Kenan Thompson) (more…)
Biden on Trump: Trump is incredibly ...
01:14 — CNN's Gloria Borger sits down one-on-one with Vice President Joe Biden and talks about presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Biden not surprised Clinton, Sanders ...
01:44 — CNN's Gloria Borger sits down with Vice President Joe Biden and discusses the prospects of Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilla (more…)
Vice President Joe Biden on the loss ...
02:34 — CNN's Gloria Borger sits down with Vice President Joe Biden and talks about his son Beau. Biden says he is focusing on the inspiration of Beau rather (more…)
Biden discusses support from Obama d ...
02:16 — CNN's Gloria Borger sits down with Vice President Joe Biden and talks about the offers of support he received from the President Obama during his son' (more…)
CNN and Fox Both Gunning for Ron Paul: Conspiracy or Reality
When Ron Paul walks away from an interview with CNN reporter Gloria Borger it could make him look silly. But when Fox News then claims Ron Paul storms (more…)
Is Gov. John Kasich running for pres ...
05:01 — CNN's Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger talks to Ohio Governor John Kasich about a possible 2016 run.
Graham: Benghazi report 'full of crap'
03:16 — Gloria Borger speaks to Senator Lindsey Graham about the latest report from the House Intelligence Committee on Benghazi.
Biden: 'We're ready to compromise'
02:33 — CNN's Gloria Borger's exclusive interview with Vice President Joe Biden.
Biden: 'I'm not changing my brand'
05:36 — CNN's Gloria Borger sits down with Vice President Joe Biden and discussed the mid-term election and America's future.
The race that could unleash chaos
03:53 — Gloria Borger reports on the Louisiana Senate race that includes alligators and a possible December run-off.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Puts up a Fight
04:38 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells Gloria Borger why 'Democrats have to do is be willing to stand up and fight.'
Elizabeth Warren on Sexism in the Senate
01:35 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tells CNN's Gloria Borger why she believes it's important to have strong female senators.
Wife: Romney "done" running for President
01:38 — CNN's Gloria Borger and Dana Bash discuss whether or not Mitt Romney will run for President in 2016.
Panetta: What Obama got wrong
01:52 — Former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta speaks to CNN's Gloria Borger.
Panetta attacks Obama on ISIS, leadership
06:47 — Former Defense Secretary lays out disagreements with President Obama in an interview with CNN's Gloria Borger.
Panetta: Logic doesn't work in Washi ...
03:49 — Gloria Borger sits down with former Defense Secretary Panetta to talk about his criticism of President Obama.
Infamous ex-con running for Congress
06:07 — Gloria Borger spent time with legendary Louisiana Democrat, 87 year old Edwin Edwards, who is running for Congress.
Analysis: Obama's strategy for ISIS
07:52 — What message is President Obama sending ISIS? CNN's Jim Sciutto, Barbara Starr, Jim Acosta, and Gloria Borger discuss.
Carl Bernstein: U.S. trying to halt ISIS
03:37 — Carl Bernstein and Gloria Borger discuss how successful the U.S. government has been in handling ISIS militants.
Birth control ruling sparks debate
02:47 — Jeffrey Toobin and Gloria Borger discuss the Supreme Court ruling that dealt a major blow to Obamacare.
John Boehner plans to sue Obama
02:03 — Jeffrey Toobin and Gloria Borger discussing John Boehner wanting to sue President Obama.
Wendy Davis' Texas-sized battle
05:36 — Gloria Borger looks at how Wendy Davis' fight against an anti-abortion bill made her a rising Democratic star in Texas.
A tale of two media's with Clinton
06:43 — Brian Stelter and Gloria Borger discuss Hillary Clinton's recent media appearances and the release of her new book.
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