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Tue Jul 11 6:00am
Face OffLost Languages(Season 10, Episode 3) Syfy

The remaining 12 artists team up to create a member of a long-lost race inspired by unique languages created by "Game of Thrones" linguist David Peterson.

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Tue Jul 11 7:00am
Face OffCovert Characters(Season 10, Episode 4) Syfy

The remaining 11 artists face their first individual Focus Challenge, which is to create a realistic disguise makeup. Film producer Gale Anne Hurd is the guest judge.

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Tue Jul 11 8:00am
Face OffForeign Bodies(Season 10, Episode 5) Syfy

The artists work in teams of two to create their own parasitic aliens that burst out of their human hosts.

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Tue Jul 11 9:00am
Face OffDeath's Doorstep(Season 10, Episode 6) Syfy

The artists create whimsical ghost characters based on unique and comical obituaries.

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Tue Jul 11 10:00am
Face OffThe Gauntlet II(Season 10, Episode 7) Syfy

The Gauntlet returns. Included: The eight remaining artists compete in a series of three challenges, with the winners of the first two getting a night on the town, while the artist in the third round who's named bottom look goes home.

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Tue Jul 11 11:00am
Face OffSmoke and Mirrors(Season 10, Episode 8) Syfy

The artists take beautiful, yet evil sorceresses and transform them into their hideous true selves in a twisted fantasy challenge.

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Tue Jul 11 12:00pm
Face OffBottled Up(Season 10, Episode 9) Syfy

Unique vessels provide the inspiration when the artists face the challenge of creating mischievous genie characters.

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Tue Jul 11 1:00pm
Face OffKeep One Eye Open(Season 10, Episode 10) Syfy

Five artists remain for the Focus Challenge of creating a unique Cyclops character. Actor Douglas Smith joins the panel as a guest judge.

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Tue Jul 11 2:00pm
Face OffThe Art of Warcraft(Season 10, Episode 11) Syfy

Characters from the World of Warcraft game come to life by the remaining artists who create realistic characters for the 2016 film adaptation, which stars guest judge Robert Kazinsky.

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Tue Jul 11 3:00pm
Face OffSkull Island: Reign of Kong(Season 10, Episode 12) Syfy

Universal Orlando's Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction is the inspiration for the penultimate challenge before the season finale, which finds the remaining artists reimagining the evolution of King Kong characters into intelligent beings.

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Tue Jul 11 4:00pm
Face OffSinister Showdown Part 1(Season 10, Episode 13) Syfy

Part 1 of 2. The finalists begin work on makeups for films adapted from a horror anthology collected by famed director and producer Jason Blum.

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Tue Jul 11 5:00pm
Face OffSinister Showdown Part 2(Season 10, Episode 14) Syfy

Conclusion. Season 10 ends with the three finalists and their teams working on the makeup for short horror films before one of them is crowned the champion.

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Tue Jul 11 6:00pm
Face OffPack Leaders(Season 12, Episode 1) Syfy

In a first, the artists are divided into two make-up effects shops as Season 12 gets started. First assignment: Design a werewolf pack.

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Tue Jul 11 7:00pm
Face OffHive Mind(Season 12, Episode 2) Syfy

Inspired by hive-minded insects, the artists must create queen, worker and drone aliens.

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Tue Jul 11 8:00pm
Face OffDream House(Season 12, Episode 3) Syfy

A twist with the teams, and an assignment to create fairy tale characters. Elizabeth Mitchell guest judges.

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Tue Jul 11 9:00pm
Face OffDante's DemonsNew(Season 12, Episode 4) Syfy

The artists must create a demon that would oversee a specific circle of Dante's version of Hell.

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Wed Jul 12 12:00am
Face OffDante's Demons(Season 12, Episode 4) Syfy

The artists must create a demon that would oversee a specific circle of Dante's version of Hell.

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