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Fri Jan 20 5:00pm
Say Yes to the DressBig Budget Brides(Season 8, Episode 10) TLC

A flashy bride is nervous to try on her gown; a woman's budget for two dresses totals $30,000; a customer is looking for a dress for three ceremonies.

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Fri Jan 20 5:30pm
Say Yes to the DressPushing the Limits(Season 7, Episode 1) TLC

Kelly Ripa helps a bride choose her gown in the Season 7 premiere. Also: a bride with expensive taste searches for a wedding dress.

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Fri Jan 20 6:00pm
Say Yes to the DressThere's a New Guy in Town(Season 14, Episode 19) TLC

A bride's opinionated sister gives her an earful about her choice; a bride worries that her gown may be too immodest for her orthodox wedding. Also: Randy is shocked when Kleinfeld hires its first male consultant.

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Fri Jan 20 6:30pm
Say Yes to the DressRandy, I Think I Got This TLC

Former Miss USA Nia Sanchez has one day to find her gown; a comedian doesn't find shopping funny; Shay clashes with Randy when he rejects his offer to help with a surprise marriage proposal.

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Sun Jan 22 6:00am
Say Yes to the DressThe First Dress Syndrome(Season 6, Episode 1) TLC

Season 6 opens with a bride who wants to look like a pirate on her wedding day. Also: Another bride's father has some outrageous ideas.

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Sun Jan 22 6:30am
Say Yes to the DressThe Group Calls It(Season 6, Episode 3) TLC

The future wife of MLB pitcher Chad Gaudin searches for a wedding dress. Meanwhile, another bride returns to the salon for her first fitting, and she brings along her very vocal family.

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Sun Jan 22 7:00am
Say Yes to the DressTorn Between Two Styles(Season 6, Episode 6) TLC

An expectant bride is self-conscious about her growing body; a former cocktail waitress wants to look like a princess on her wedding day.

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Sun Jan 22 7:30am
Say Yes to the DressMen of Honor(Season 6, Episode 15) TLC

An opera singer shops for a dress with her three best men; a bride's twin brothers assist in her search for a ball gown that will cover a scar.

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Sun Jan 22 8:00am
Say Yes to the DressDecisions, Decisions, Decisions...(Season 6, Episode 16) TLC

A belly dancer and a former soldier search for their wedding gowns. Also: a bride-to-be returns for her fitting, but the dress is not the one she originally bought.

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Sun Jan 22 8:30am
Say Yes to the DressFashion Police(Season 7, Episode 2) TLC

A makeup artist brings her fashionable entourage along to her appointment, while another bride is joined by her opinionated family.

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Sun Jan 22 9:00am
Say Yes to the DressOne of a Kind(Season 7, Episode 4) TLC

Bride Rachael dreams of looking like Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, on her wedding day. Also: a model searches for her wedding gown.

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Sun Jan 22 9:30am
Say Yes to the DressWorth the Wait(Season 7, Episode 5) TLC

Dale Rossington, wife of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gary Rossington, comes to Kleinfeld's in search of a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony. Meanwhile, a young bride-to-be is eager to buy a wedding dress.

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Sun Jan 22 10:00am
Say Yes to the DressKeeping an Open Mind(Season 9, Episode 9) TLC

A former beauty queen knows exactly which dress she wants; a bride wants to make a statement at her destination wedding; a woman is skeptical of her choice even though she's already bought the dress.

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Sun Jan 22 10:30am
Say Yes to the DressThe Blowout Sale(Season 4, Episode 7) TLC

A bride-to-be visits the salon with three generations of her family, including her opinionated grandmother. Also: a policewoman searches for a ballroom-style gown.

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Sun Jan 22 11:00am
Say Yes to the DressGrands Know Best(Season 9, Episode 10) TLC

A 90-year-old grandmother accompanies her granddaughter on her shopping trip; a bride hopes to match a family heirloom with her modern gown; a woman brings her psychic aunt to the salon.

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Sun Jan 22 11:30am
Say Yes to the DressIt's Just Money(Season 9, Episode 15) TLC

Money is no object for a trio of brides that includes a woman who traveled from Texas to find a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony; a bride looking for a gown to match her stilettos; and another who returns to the salon for her fitting.

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Sun Jan 22 12:00pm
Say Yes to the DressShowing off Your Assets(Season 10, Episode 3) TLC

A bride wants to look sexy on her big day, but her mother has other ideas; a bride hopes to show off her curves, but her entourage isn't impressed with her choices; a bride is counting on her breast augmentation to fill out her dress.

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Sun Jan 22 12:30pm
Say Yes to the DressMore Than a Wedding(Season 10, Episode 8) TLC

Brides who had health scares include one who had reconstructive surgery after beating breast cancer; one who is overcoming lung cancer; and one who has a rare kidney disease.

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Mon Jan 23 5:00pm
Say Yes to the DressBling It On!(Season 8, Episode 17) TLC

A Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader looks for a dress for her marriage to Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard; a Southern belle wants a dress that sparkles; a bride comes in for her final fitting with her wedding only two weeks away.

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Mon Jan 23 5:30pm
Say Yes to the DressDress Obsess(Season 7, Episode 7) TLC

One bride loves turtlenecks so much that she wants to find a wedding gown with her signature style, while an over-the-top bride has her eyes on a silver Pnina Tornai gown.

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Mon Jan 23 6:00pm
Say Yes to the DressTogether as One(Season 7, Episode 6) TLC

Jackie returns to the salon. On her first appointment, she was ambushed for a style makeover by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of "What Not to Wear." Meanwhile, another bride isn't happy at her fitting.

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Mon Jan 23 6:30pm
Say Yes to the DressThe Majority Rules(Season 7, Episode 12) TLC

A bride-to-be has two months to find the right dress; a woman's style preferences don't match her family's or friends'; a woman's wedding is finally happening after being put on hold for five years.

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Wed Jan 25 5:00pm
Say Yes to the DressExpecting Brides(Season 8, Episode 11) TLC

Pregnant brides-to-be include one who's looking for a sexy dress; another whose wedding is in eight weeks; and a woman in her sixth month who is trying on her gown for the first time.

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Wed Jan 25 5:30pm
Say Yes to the DressSister Resistors(Season 7, Episode 11) TLC

Katherine Kallinis of "DC Cupcakes" shows up to prepare for her big day; a bride-to-be comes with her overbearing older sister; a woman is nervous about a fitting.

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