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Sun Apr 26 9:00am
Say Yes to the DressApple of His Eye(Season 10, Episode 18) TLC

A bride brings her opinionated brothers to help her find the dress of her dreams; a bride worries that her father's vision for her dress will be more suited for a sweet-16; a bride hopes to have her brother's approval when she returns for her fitting.

Sun Apr 26 9:30am
Say Yes to the DressNot What I Had in Mind(Season 10, Episode 12) TLC

A bride looks for a fun gown with straps; a bride doesn't want a sweetheart neckline, but the consultants have other ideas; a bride thinks she'd look good in a mermaid silhouette until she tries one on.

Sun Apr 26 10:00am
Say Yes to the DressA Mother's Touch(Season 10, Episode 17) TLC

A bride who lost her mother looks for a dress of which she would approve; a bride has an emotional trip to the salon due to the recent death of her future mother-in-law; a bride wants to add fabric from her deceased mother's gown to her dress.

Sun Apr 26 10:30am
Say Yes to the DressFamily Rules(Season 10, Episode 5) TLC

A bride who has cancer is accompanied by three generations of her family, while another brings only her mother to her first fitting. Also: a bride's search for a blush-colored dress.

Sun Apr 26 11:00am
Say Yes to the DressA Thorn in the Bride's Side(Season 12, Episode 15) TLC

A former Miss USA looks for a dress that will please her future mother-in-law; a bride clashes with her sister; a bride returns for her fitting and hopes a friend will still approve of her dress.

Sun Apr 26 11:30am
Say Yes to the DressWhen in Doubt, Customize(Season 12, Episode 2) TLC

QVC host Courtney Cason has her heart set on a Mark Zunino gown. Also: A bride wants a ball gown for her New Year's Eve wedding; a bride tries on a custom dress she's never seen.

Sun Apr 26 12:00pm
Say Yes to the DressThe Quest for Perfection(Season 12, Episode 9) TLC

An actress in the musical "Wicked" wants a dress that looks nothing like her stage costumes; a finicky bride has already tried on more than 100 dresses; a bride looks for a dress for her beach wedding that will cover her bare feet.

Sun Apr 26 12:30pm
Say Yes to the DressA Dress Like None the Rest(Season 12, Episode 8) TLC

Broadway star Sutton Foster searches for a dress that will beat all the others she's tried; a wedding-dress model is afraid her job may have spoiled her; a woman looks for a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony.

Wed Apr 29 5:00pm
Say Yes to the DressThe Group Calls It(Season 6, Episode 3) TLC

The future wife of MLB pitcher Chad Gaudin searches for a wedding dress. Meanwhile, another bride returns to the salon for her first fitting, and she brings along her very vocal family.

Wed Apr 29 5:30pm
Say Yes to the DressSticker Shock(Season 6, Episode 7) TLC

One bride is set on buying a Pnina Tornai gown, while another is on the hunt for a good bargain. Also: Randy and Audrey work hard to find the perfect dress for a picky client.

Thu Apr 30 5:00pm
Say Yes to the DressDad Knows Best(Season 6, Episode 4) TLC

A beauty queen comes to Kleinfeld's with an entourage that includes her dad. Meanwhile, another bride arrives in alterations with her fashionista father.

Thu Apr 30 5:30pm
Say Yes to the DressSecrets and Surprises(Season 6, Episode 8) TLC

A fashion-forward bride searches for a wedding gown with a $5000 budget in mind, while another bride plans to wow her wedding guests with a red dress.

Thu Apr 30 6:00pm
Say Yes to the DressGreat Gown Expectations(Season 6, Episode 17) TLC

Sonya has expensive taste but a $3000 budget; Candice searches for a dress that reflects her personality; Chloe has already tried on more than 300 gowns and still hasn't found what she's looking for.

Thu Apr 30 6:30pm
Say Yes to the DressDouble or Nothing(Season 6, Episode 11) TLC

A fitness instructor searches for a wedding dress that shows off her figure, while another bride has her eye on a gown that's $2000 over her budget. Also: a bride already purchased a ball gown, but after changing her wedding venue, she no longer thinks it' (more…)

Fri May 1 2:00pm
Say Yes to the DressAgree to Disagree(Season 13, Episode 5) TLC

A bride returns for a second visit, but is in danger of being drowned out by her picky entourage; a bride's mother disagrees with her choice of a nontraditional gown; a bride gets fitted for her reception dress and learns the top is completely sheer.

Fri May 1 2:30pm
Say Yes to the DressBreaking the Bank(Season 13, Episode 6) TLC

A bride has looked everywhere for a specific gown, but learns that it's double her budget; a bride's dream dress comes in thousands of dollars more than she thought; a bride has to decide how much she's willing to spend for a see-through bodice.

Fri May 1 3:00pm
Say Yes to the DressPerformance Piece(Season 13, Episode 2) TLC

Tony Danza visits the salon to help his Broadway costar Brynn O'Malley find a dance-friendly gown for the show "Honeymoon in Vegas." Also: A ballerina looks for a gown that's different from her dance costumes.

Fri May 1 3:30pm
Say Yes to the DressWorth the Wait(Season 13, Episode 12) TLC

A bride who bought a dress four years ago is finally ready to walk down the aisle; a woman who's been a bridesmaid several times prepares for her own wedding; a bride wants to make her second wedding perfect.

Fri May 1 4:00pm
Say Yes to the DressCase of Dress Distress(Season 13, Episode 11) TLC

A bride's reception gown makes her nervous that it will be the wrong color; a bride may not be able to afford her dream dress that a bridesmaid picked out; a bride has trouble committing to anything while her mother is ill.

Fri May 1 4:30pm
Say Yes to the DressA Situation in the Salon(Season 13, Episode 3) TLC

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of "Jersey Shore" fame helps his younger sister find a gown. Also: A bride feels she's being upstaged by her flower girl's custom-made dress.

Fri May 1 5:00pm
Say Yes to the DressLove at First Sight(Season 13, Episode 9) TLC

HuffPost Live host Caitlyn Becker is torn between the first two dresses she tries on. Also: A bride hopes she still loves her first choice at her fitting; a bride says the first gown she wears will be her dream dress.

Fri May 1 5:30pm
Say Yes to the DressVision Confusion(Season 13, Episode 4) TLC

A bride's in for a surprise when she wants to look like a "classy porn star"; a bride is only certain of what her dress shouldn't be; a bride hopes her custom gown is what she imagined when she arrives for her fitting.

Fri May 1 6:00pm
Say Yes to the DressDesigner Dreams(Season 13, Episode 10) TLC

QVC host Courtney Cason loved Mark Zunino's sketch, and now it's time to try on the real gown, while Danielle Jonas is eager to show off her new physique. Also: A bride clashes with her mom over her vision for a fashion-forward dress.

Fri May 1 6:30pm
Say Yes to the DressA Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon...(Season 13, Episode 1) TLC

In the Season 13 premiere, comedian Kathy Griffin has a surprise for her former assistant; and Tumi Oguntala ("The Biggest Loser") returns for her fitting.

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