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Charisma Carpenter on CSI? That is all I need to hear! — Tony
MATT: Really? That's all? Because I was about to supplement my exclusive casting scoop by mentioning a "panty party" that takes place during Charisma's April visit, as Stokes investigates her character, Mink. But I guess you can just skim over that trivial tidbit. Sorry to bother, Tony! 

Even if Heroes' ratings are lower than its first season, they're still higher than other TV shows that will be or are already renewed. If they are stable, is it enough to grant the show a renewal? — Nicolas
TIM: Like we said last week, there's no time travel in the latest Heroes volume, "Fugitives" — so we can't ... read more

Bill Clinton's "Close" Relationship with Gina Gershon?

Vanity Fair is under fire yet again. In the upcoming July issue (with Angelina on the cover), an explosive article is featured that insinuates the former POTUS saw "a lot of women" on the road post-White House, including actress Gina Gershon. The 45-year old actress' rep went to town on the author stating that the article was "irresponsible journalism" and is demanding a retraction. Clinton is pretty p.o.'ed as well calling the author "sleazy," "slimy" and "a scumbag." read more

Gershon Denies Clinton Liaisons, Demands VF Retraction

Gina Gershon by Jemal Countess/

Rescue Me alum Gina Gershon and her lawyers have gotten wind of a new Vanity Fair article on Bill Clinton, and they are not pleased. In the piece, VF writer Todd S. Purdum suggests that Gershon had sexual relations with the former prez, a tacit claim that she's vehemently denying. Gershon's legal team has thrown down a demand letter insisting on an immediate retraction and a "sincere apology." The document says, in part, that the piece "outrageously insinuates that Ms. Gershon has had an inappropriate sexual relationship with President Clinton. This is absolutely false." The letter, linked to by the trusty folks at TMZ, goes on to say that Gershon is "extremely offended by the false and defamatory inference" in the article.Gershon has, in fact, met with the president on several occasions — but does that really warrant low-ball insinuation? Assuming the story isn't true, why would VF play with libelous fire? — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to see some of Gershon's ... read more

Finale Watch: Rescue Me Nods Off

Denis Leary in Rescue Me by Barbara Nitke/FX

After Wednesday’s formless, scattershot finale of Rescue Me, I’m with Charles Durning. Almost. Head down, eyes closed, taking a long, long nap. For me, this respite will last until next summer, when Rescue Me returns for its fifth and what we have to hope will be a more satisfying season. For Durning, who played Tommy’s dad, there’s no waking up. Will he in retrospect be seen as the lucky one?In a poignant though not entirely unpredictable moment, made more notable for a quiet tenderness one rarely sees on this raw and raucous show, Tommy’s dad slipped away into a final rest as he sat beside his son at a minor-league baseball game. He brushes something off his clothes and then he’s gone. Just like that. Sure beats the violent end that has come to most people Tommy has lost during the run of this series. And yet: sad. Denis Leary played the reaction beautifully. Poor Tommy.I will try to resist using the most obvious baseball-as-life-metaphor analogy here... read more

Rescue Me's Callie Thorne Gets a Bit Delirious

Callie Thorne

While Rescue Me's Sheila tends to her "new" baby, Callie Thorne is minding another young-'un — as manager to a hard-partying starlet (Alison Lohman) in the comedy Delirious, hitting theaters today and centered around Steve Buscemi's sad-sack paparazzo. met with Thorne to discuss her new film, and also get her take on Rescue Me's wild stories. You were a big ol' tease a few weeks back on Rescue Me with that bath-towel scene, almost showing us your naughty bits!Callie Thorne: Wasn't that crazy? It was my idea.... No, no, it wasn't. But that's the fun part sometimes, because you know you can't show everything, so there's no fear. If we were on HBO and they were asking me to do something else, that's when you get scared. It's interesting because on FX you can show the sides [of naked torsos] and you can show the backsides of both men and women, but, of course, no frontal nudity. Yet th read more

Showgirl Gets Ugly, Again

In addition to the previously announced Kristin Chenoweth, Gina Gershon will also guest-star on the May 17 season finale of Ugly Betty, reprising her role as cosmetics diva/ model Fabia, the frienemy of Vanessa Williams' editrix Wilhelmina Slater. In a sly nod to the series' off-shore roots, Mexican telenovela actress Angélica Vale is also slated to appear. Daniel Meade should certainly like the looks of this trio. —Reporting by Raven Snook read more

Reviews and a Preview: Happy February!

Today is not only the start of February but of February sweeps. You know what that means: a repeat-free zone for at least the next four weeks. (Then comes Mar. 1, and you know what that means: Unless you're 24, Lost or Jericho, which will be all-new to the end of their respective seasons, it's a mixed bag of new and old episodes, plus the chaos of rejiggered schedules to make room for mid-season tryouts. But we'll cross that bridge later.)For now, before we start the sweeps march, I want to reflect on Wednesday's highlights. (I'll catch up with Bones later, with a preview of next week's episode next Wednesday. That's a promise to that show's loyal and vocal fan base.)Is there any show that lifts and breaks the heart more regularly and memorably than Friday Night Lights? The quiet poignancy of Tim Riggins reuniting with his estranged dad (Brett Cullen playing his second memorable Texan of the season, after his guest shot as a laid-back mogul wooing and loosening up Vanessa Williams o... read more

At the Movies: Brosnan's Back in Spy Mode

Hey, tough-guy Daniel Craig! Can you get the laughs? Per the Hollywood Reporter, former 007 James Bond Pierce Brosnan will star in Spy vs. Stu, a comedy about a commitment-phobe who fears losing his one true love to a debonair superspy (Brosnan).... Per Variety, Battlestar Galactica exec producer Ronald D. Moore is penning a remake of John Carpenter's The Thing.... DreamWorks has grabbed rights to Camp Creepy Time, the forthcoming children's book authored by Gina Gershon (Bound) and concerning a summer camp that's a front for an alien-run smuggling operation. read more

Callie Thorne Keeps Rescue Me Hot

Callie Thorne, Rescue Me

As FX gears up for the third season of its red-hot firefighter drama Rescue Me (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET), count on Callie Thorne's Sheila to carouse and connive her way around the firehouse, causing a whole new set of problems for Denis Leary's Tommy. chatted with Thorne to tease the new season (the first episode of which she had yet to see), find out what it's like hanging with the boys as well as guest stars Susan Sarandon and Marisa Tomei, and why she'd be willing to swing from read more

Here's the Thing About Gina Gershon....

Gina Gershon

What is it about Gina Gershon? I mean she just oozes sensuality... edginess... all kinds of things that can be wicked in excess. Even the press notes for her new film, One Last Thing (in theaters now), peg the actress as possessing "uncommon presence" — a boast that stymies even Gershon.

"I have no idea what that means. Like, I'm an alien or something?" she laughs as points out her "uncommon" classification. Or, she suggests while motioning to an imaginary appendage, "It's my 'tail' that makes me different?"

Working to take an introspective look at herself, Gershon later cops to filling "uncommon" roles. "Listen, I definitely read more


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