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Roush Review: Not Quite Masterpieces

Sunset Limited

The made-for-TV movie/miniseries would be an almost completely lost art if it weren't for HBO and the British imports served up by PBS' various Masterpiece franchises. Already this year, we have a deliciously strong contender for best-of-year (and, one imagines, Emmy) honors with Masterpiece Classic's over-too-quickly Downton Abbey.

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Gillian Anderson Gives Birth to a Boy

Gillian Anderson

It's another boy for Gillian Anderson.

The erstwhile X-Files star and boyfriend Mark Griffiths welcomed a son last Wednesday, Oct. 15, People reports.

Little Felix Griffiths was born in London and tipped the scales at 6 pounds 15 ounces.

Cute name, right? Wait, it gets better! Felix is ...
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X-Files Premiere Makes a Believer Out of Longtime Fan

David Duchovny, Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter by Todd Williamson/

Oh, I believe in the X-Files. Hundreds of fans filled bleachers and lined Hollywood Blvd. to catch a glimpse of the creators and stars of The X-Files: I Want to Believe at its premiere Wednesday night. Being a huge nerd fan myself, I felt like I had stepped into some alternate dimension X-Files case — it was truly surreal. I walked the red carpet and the fans went crazy as we caught b-roll of people wearing Mulder and Scully t-shirts or waving homemade signs and our own TV Guide cover with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. My fellow "X-Philes" were thrilled to see a true fan working the carpet, and rewarded me with thunderous applause. I felt like a star myself. After our crews got in place, fans were treated to a special press conference with Gillian, David, Frank Spotnitz, and Chris Carter, moderated by Entertainment Weekly's Whitney Pastorek (lucky girl!). Fans got to ask questions for 15 minutes, and early birds who had been given a black bracelet in the bleachers were p... read more

VIDEO: Gillian Anderson Calls X-Files Reunion a "Real Blessing"

At the premiere of I Want to Believe star Gillian Anderson does some baby talking about tots both real and fictional and hints at what Scullys been up to these past six years Also detailing the real blessing of reuniting with the ol X-Files crew she says It felt like we were coming back to something that we all cared deeply aboutRed-carpet Video with Your X-Files Favesbull David Duchovny Discusses the X-Files Magicbull Gillian Anderson Calls X-Files Reunion a Real Blessingbull Chris Carter Talks of the Mulder-Scully Lovebull Frank Spotnitz Says X-Files Was Always a Love Storybull Is Mitch Pileggis Skinner in the New X-Files read more

"X-Philes" Turn Out in Record Numbers for Premiere

The X-Files: I Want to Believe courtesy 20th Century Fox

The fans want to believe that the new installment of The X-Files movie franchise will exceed their expectations After all its been six years since we last saw Mulder and Scully Why have we missed them so In my humble opinion its all about rich layered storytelling and the incredible chemistry between stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Ive been covering the movie for a year now so I knew the premiere would be huge for the fans but Fox told TVGuidecom today that some X-Philes have traveled from as far away as Sweden to camp out at the Mann Chinese Theater to secure a good spot for the Fan Press Conference with Duchovny Anderson and the filmmakersStay tuned for my party blog about the movie premiere and video interviews from the red carpet Now excuse me while I have to go pick out the right alien-implant accessories for tonightCheck out some of the fans in line at Big Light Productions the website of Frank Spotnitz the films writer and producer Er read more

X-Files Fans Honored at Premiere

X-Files: I Want to Believe poster art courtesy 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox released a statement today saying that loyal X-Files fans or X-Philes and yes I am one of them will be given a special treat at the premiere of The X-Files I Want to Believe at the Graumans Chinese Theater in Hollywood on July 23 500 lucky fans will be given special credentials on a first-come first-serve basis to observe the red carpet arrivals followed by the chance to participate in a press conference with the films stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and filmmakers Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz I think I just heard Pricelines Web site crashing as hundreds of screaming devoted Philes try to book plane ticketsOn a stage at the front of the theater the panelists will field questions from fans which will also be broadcast live via a special Internet site from which they can direct questions in real-time Fans can squeal even further knowing that they will have a chance to meet over 100 of the series co-stars guest-stars and behind-the read more

Gillian Anderson Believes in the London Stage

Gillian Anderson by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Gillian Anderson may be about to return to the big screen, but she's also set to hit the London stage again next spring. "Scully" has signed on to play Nora in a new adaptation of Ibsen's The Doll House. Per Variety, the appearance is just the latest role for the London local on the stage there. Anderson's previous U.K. stage roles were in plays including What the Night Is For at the Comedy Theater and The Sweetest Swing in Baseball. In the meantime, us non-Londoners will get to see her in The X-Files: I Want to Believe in just a few weeks. — Anna DimondMore Anderson Files:• The Truth Is in Her: Gillian Anderson Expecting• Gillian Anderson "Too Old" for X-Files 2?• Summer Movie Marketing Hotness! read more

The Truth Is in Her: Gillian Anderson Expecting

Gillian Anderson by Mike Marsland/

The X Files: I Want to Believe star Gillian Anderson is pregnant with her second child with boyfriend Mark Griffiths, says People. The couple already has a baby son named Oscar, who was born in November 2006, and Anderson has a 13-year-old daughter, Piper, from her previous marriage to Clyde Klotz. A budding belly might explain the loose, towel-like dress Anderson wore to the Cannes Film Festival while promoting her film, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Plus, she did have that lovely, "I'm pregnant" glow. The X-Files: I Want to Believe opens July 25. — Erin Fox read more

Gillian Anderson "Too Old" for X Files 2?

Gillian Anderson by George Pimentel/

We dont believe that But the 39-year-old film and TV star told BBC Newsbeat that filming The X-Files I Want to Believe was hard work saying Im too old for this It was a slog Slog Thats Brit-speak for hard work you yanks Anderson added hilariously that co-star David Duchovny did most of the work climbing and jumping off cliffs but he was in the best shape of his life because he had to bonk someone every two minutes for Californication Ha Anderson recently got to strut her stuff on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival to promote How to Lose Friends and Alienate People her new movie with the awesome Simon Pegg Shaun of the Dead Hot Fuzz Inevitably she ended up talking about reprising her role as Agent Dana Scully for the second feature installment of The X-Files Even though she has yet to see any footage of the movie Anderson said Im excited and I hope its good I really hope its good I have faith in it I do No pressure but so do t read more

First Look at X-Files Movie Trailer: Is Love in the Air?

Straight from Wednesday evenings X-Files panel at the Paley Festival we got a first look at a new trailer for the upcoming movie Directed by Chris Carter there are plenty of scenes with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and love might even be in the air In one scene for example Mulder says to Scully I need you on this [case] Scully responds Thats what scares me In another scene a romantic mood finds Mulder with his hand on Scullys face The trailer concludes with a shot of them walking away from a helicopter together as a voice-over from Duchovny says I want to believe Check out this guerilla footageShortly after the first screening of the teaser the fans asked Chris Carter for a second look and he happily agreed The crowd that had gone nuts at the first showing reacted even more strongly when they could fully soak up the images a second time around The films story seems to begin with a young girl that is taken by something prompting a massive read more

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