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Supernatural Cheat Sheet: What to Expect in Season 9

Supernatural returns for its ninth season Tuesday (8/7c, The CW) and we can't wait to see what's next for Team Free Will.

"I think this year's first three episodes of setting up our world are all pretty special," executive producer Robert Singer told reporters at Comic-Con over the summer. "There may be certain moves that some of our characters make that some fans don't like, but I think they're going to understand them ... and it's really going to be driving the mythology." 

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Whodunnit? Lives in Limbo: Why It Needs a Second Season

[WARNING: The following story reveals The Killer's identity on Whodunnit? Read at your own risk.]

Whodunnit? wrapped up its first season Sunday night and we miss it already.
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Whodunnit?'s Killer: I've Only Just Begun

ABC's Whodunnit? wraps up this Sunday, and viewers will finally learn who The Killer is — but not before at least one more person bites the dust at Rue Manor. spoke with the show's anonymous murderer ahead of Sunday's finale to try to get some final clues as to his/her identity — and to do a safety check on Giles the Butler (Gildart Jackson). Check out a transcript below, and take our poll to vote on which of the four remaining contestants — Kam, Melina, Lindsey or Cris — you think is The more


The game is murder
Welcome to the Rue Manor
Whodunnit? Season 1 [HD]

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Year Title Description
2013 Whodunnit? TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member - Giles the Butler
2004 Charmed: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
Season 6, Episode 16
Episode, Actor - Gideon
2004 Easy Movie, Actor - Paul--Laura's Husband
2003 Las Vegas: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode, Actor - King Arthur
2002 Providence: Great Expectations
Season 4, Episode 19
Episode, Actor - Jackson Palmer

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Exclusive Whodunnit? Clip: What's The Killer's "Science Experiment"?

With only four contestants remaining on ABC's murder mystery show Whodunnit?, The Killer is getting a little more "experimental" with his riddles.

This week, Giles the Butler (Gildart Jackson) teases the remaining players — Melina, Cris, Lindsey and Kam — with a science project from the killer. Could a container of exploding ping-pong balls provide a clue into Ronnie's death last week?

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Exclusive Whodunnit? Video: Why Does Geno Have Giles' Phone?

There's a new twist to the investigation on Sunday's episode of Whodunnit? While Cris and Melina are investigating Geno's body in the morgue, they come across something interesting: Giles' (Gildart Jackson) cell phone. In Geno's blood-splattered pocket. And no one — not even Giles — knows how it got there.

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Whodunnit?: The Killer Answers Our Burning Questions

The Killer on ABC's Whodunnit? has already picked off three of the murder-mystery show's contestants in gruesome fashion. But who is he or she? recently posed some burning questions to The Killer in hopes of shedding some light as to which of the remaining nine contestants it could be. Here's what The Killer had to say:

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Whodunnit?'s Giles the Butler: The Killer Is "Someone I Completely Overlooked"

The contestants on Whodunnit?, ABC's murder-mystery summer reality show, have one objective: to survive long enough to determine who the Killer is, as he/she picks off a new victim each week. But at least one member of the cast has been in a similar situation before.

Giles the butler (Gildart Jackson), is actually employed by the Killer, and guides the players through the game by delivering messages from the Killer and offering them clues along the way.

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ABC's Whodunnit?: Your New Summer Guilty Pleasure

Think of ABC's summer series Whodunnit? as CSI-meets-reality TV — quite literally. The Clue-like murder-mystery show, in which 13 contestants are brought to a sprawling mansion to compete in a game to find out the identity of the killer among them, is the brainchild of reality TV veteran Cris Abrego (Rock of Love, The Surreal Life) and CSI creator Anthony Zuiker.

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