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Ascension: Syfy's New Mission

Tricia Helfer, Brian Van Holt

While a generation of kids in the '60s (me among them) obsessed on shows like Lost in Space, the U.S. secretly launched a mini-civilization of 600 pioneers into the cosmos on a century-long excursion to find a new world. That's the nifty high concept behind Syfy's potential backdoor-pilot miniseries Ascension, which begins a three-night run Monday (9/8c through Wednesday).

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24 Adds Three, Including Ally McBeal's Beau

Gil Bellows by Rebecca Sapp/

With shooting set to start shortly, the cast for the 24 "prequel" movie is fleshing out. As first scooped by Ausiello, The Full Monty's Robert Carlyle was first to come on board. Now, says the Reporter, Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal), Eric "brother of Blake" Lively (The L Word) and Tony Todd (Chuck) have joined the ensemble, playing a State Department official who slaps Jack with a subpoena to appear before the Senate, the First Son and an African dictator, respectively. — MWMRelated:• Kiefer: You Can Count On 24's "Best Season Yet"• Exclusive: Full Monty Star Joins 24 Prequel • 24 Clocks Back In November 23 with "Prequel" read more

Reality Roundup: Runway, Idol, Survivor

Some thoughts on an unusually busy week in reality TV. First off, did anyone seriously think Christian Siriano, fan favorite and judges' pet, would not win Project Runway? Or as he put it in his endearingly cocky fashion after regaining his composure: "Hello, did you have a doubt? What up." And Posh Spice wants to wear everything he makes (but surely not that concoction with the monstrous neck ruffle). Suspense may have been lacking in Wednesday's finale, but there was fabulousness to spare.Christian’s Fashion Week show had a buzz and an energy and a clear sense of a star being born on that runway that no previous winner has accomplished. Not by a mile. In another season, either Jillian or Rami could have triumphed, they were that good and their designs were that pretty, but this was Christian’s year. Surely Bravo isn’t going to let this kid (at 21, the youngest Runway winner ever) escape the spotlight. If this reality-crazed network can greenlight abominable swill li... read more

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