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'Game of Thrones' Alum Gethin Anthony: What He’s Looking Forward to Seeing in S6
01:39 — At the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premiere in Hollywood, Gethin Anthony (Renly Baratheon) shares his "pure, unadulterated excitement" for Brienne aven (more…)
Copenhagen - Official Trailer
01:50 — After weeks of traveling through Europe, the immature William (Gethin Anthony, GAME OF THRONES) finds himself at a crossroads in Copenhagen. Not just (more…)
Aquarius: Your Mother Should Know Trailer
01:02 — The murder of a Black Panther is investigated by Hodiak, who needs Bunchy Carter's help to crack the case. Elsewhere, Shafe works on a heroin case whi (more…)
Aquarius: Old Ego Is A Too Much Thing Trailer
01:05 — Hodiak grapples with fallout from his son's rebellion. Meanwhile, Mary and her baby have complications, interrupting Emma's confrontation with Sadie a (more…)
Aquarius: A Whiter Shade Of Pale Trailer
01:23 — Manson recovers from Hodiak's beating. Elsewhere, Hodiak investigates the harassment of the Shafe family.
Aquarius: Never Say Never To Always Trailer
01:07 — A drug dealer is murdered, and the prime suspect is Shafe's snitch. Meanwhile, Shafe and rookie Charmain Tully go undercover into the Manson family in (more…)
Aquarius: Cease To Resist Trailer
01:18 — Hodiak investigates the savage murder of a Hollywood star, but he faces obstacles in the form of an all-powerful movie studio. Meanwhile, Emma and Sad (more…)
Aquarius: It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Trailer
01:14 — Hodiak helps a fellow detective. Also: Shafe gets a big break on a heroin case.
Aquarius: A Change Is Gonna Come Trailer
01:13 — Hodiak's investigation of a black woman's murder is impeded by the Black Panthers. Meanwhile, Emma runs away from home, and violence results when Hodi (more…)
Aquarius: Please Let Me Love You (And It Won't Be Wrong) Trailer
01:17 — Hodiak and Shafe inch closer to exposing a serial killer who has been targeting homosexual men in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, a record producer has renewe (more…)
Aquarius: Home Is Where You're Happy Trailer
01:18 — Hodiak investigates the murder of a corrupt coffee-hut owner. Meanwhile, Manson hides Emma, and Grace puts pressure on Hodiak.
Season 1: Aquarius: Season 1 Trailer
03:02 — David Duchovny stars as LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak on the trail of a missing teen... what's gotten mixed up in the wrong kind of summer of love.
Aquarius: The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game Trailer
01:08 — Hodiak and Shafe clash when they investigate the murder of an elderly woman. Meanwhile, Manson coerces Emma's father to introduce him to a music execu (more…)
A homicide detective's investigations dovetail with the activities of Charles Manson.
02:00 — Download for free the trailer for this edgy, addictive drama.
After weeks of traveling through Europe, the immature William (Gethin Anthony, GAME OF THRONES) finds himself at a crossroads in Copenhagen. Not just (more…)
Season 3 | Episode 7 Preview
Sister Julienne calms an anxious new mother who has put her baby in grave danger. Jenny returns from the Mother House restored and is seconded to The (more…)
01:10 — Trailer for Cloud Chamber. Billed as the world s first premium online mystery community, Cloud Chamber is an enthralling collaborative experience that (more…)


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