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Survivor - Young, Energetic and Paranoid
09:51 — The Millennials attend their first Tribal Council.
Survivor - Out Of Control
04:22 — While the Gen X tribe contemplates Paul's control of the game, he unexpectedly experiences a health scare.
Survivor - Immunity/Reward Challenge: The Ocean
08:05 — This ocean challenge requires swimming, jumping, diving and good aim.
Survivor - Tribal Council Voting (ep. 2)
00:25 — Find out what Mari has to say as the second person to leave SURVIVOR: MILLENIALS VS GENX.
Survivor - Secret Scene: Taylor and Figgy Extended Scene
03:28 — Taylor and Figgy react to Michaela confronts Figgy.
Survivor - Don't Break Up The Family
01:34 — Lucy comments on the GenX tribe's challenge performance and success.
Survivor - We Own The Island
01:38 — Taylor is happy to be in a relationship with Figgy.
Survivor - Heartfelt Connection
01:18 — Ken explains why he understands and trusts David.
Survivor - A Very Dangerous Thing
02:31 — Zeke comments on Taylor and Figgy's relationship.
Survivor - He's On The Same Page
01:21 — CeCe is happy to join forces with Ken.
Survivor - The Life Of The Party
02:02 — Bret reveals why he didn't want Peter to leave.
Survivor - It Sucks
01:58 — Hannah reveals why she is not excited about going to Tribal Council.
Survivor - It's the Survivor Kiss Heard Around Camp
01:31 — Taylor and Figgy try to steal a kiss, but Michaela hears it.
Survivor - I Need Paul
01:25 — Chris explains why Paul is important to him.
Survivor - Best Cat Fight
01:45 — Jay comments on the fight between Figgy and Michaela.
Survivor - Mari The Day After
05:18 — Mari reflects on her time in the game after she exits SURVIVOR: MILLENIALS VS GENX.
Survivor - I Have Two Options
02:31 — Will explains why he feels like the swing vote.
Survivor - I'm A Huge Competitor
03:09 — Adam talks about the immunity challenge and his plans for Tribal Council.
Survivor - It Doesn't Feel Good
01:16 — Figgy explains why her Millennial tribe is feeling down.
Survivor - This Is What Makes It Hard
01:57 — Mari explains what she finds difficult about playing SURVIVOR.
Survivor - Today Feels Amazing
02:50 — Jessica is happy that her tribe is eating and winning challenges.
Survivor - I Can't Believe
01:24 — David talks about finding the hidden immunity idol.
Survivor - It's All About Numbers
02:37 — Michelle explains her plans for Tribal Council.
Survivor - I'm Not An Average Person
02:57 — Michaela explains her game play.
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