Gervase Peterson

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Survivor 12 - Secret Scene
00:26 — Secret Scene
Survivor: Gabon - Sugar Plays Both Sides
01:58 — After taking Matty's side, Sugar meets with Crystal to oust him
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Meet Michael: Parvati's Dad
01:08 — Parvati's father, Michael, shares his experience of being on Survivor
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - I Was Really Really Proud of Her
02:42 — Gervase explains his decision to not switch with his niece Marissa.
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - We Get Each Other
05:47 — Kat and Hayden discuss how they met and what attracted them to each other. Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
Survivor: One World - It Sucks That We Need The Boys
01:23 — Chelsea doesn't like having to rely on the men for fire. Tune in to Survivor: One World Wednesdays at 8/7c. Only CBS!
Survivor: One World - No More Deals
01:51 — Jay is tired of giving things to the women without getting anything in return. Tune in to Survivor: One World Wednesdays at 8/7c. Only CBS!
Survivor: South Pacific - Can't Win 'Em All
01:56 — Stacey talks about her performance in the challenge.
Survivor: One World - 8 Bowls Of Ice Cream
01:07 — Mike admits to having his share at the ice cream reward.
Survivor: Nicaragua - Need To Step Up My Game
04:14 — Purple Kelly realizes that she needs to get serious in Survivor and weed out the smart players like Marty and Sash
Survivor: Samoa - Foa Foa Celebrates Their First Victory
01:29 — Foa Foa relishes in their first immunity challenge win as Galu prepares for Tribal Council
Survivor Philippines - Next Time On: Episode 12
00:28 — Preview Episode 12 of Survivor Philippines. Survivor Philippines airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Colton Is My Sweetheart
05:57 — Caleb introduces himself and discusses his relationship with Colton. Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
Survivor: Nicaragua - Meet the Cast
03:17 — Meet the 20 new Survivors who will fight to prevail in a battle of young vs. old. An all-new season of Survivor premieres Wednesday, September 15 at 8 (more…)
Survivor: Nicaragua - Switch was Good for Me
05:07 — Kelly B. describes the better position she is in as a result of the tribe switch and her happiness at being away from NaOnka
Survivor: One World - I'm Doing It For Myself
01:27 — Kat admits that it is important to her to do well at challenges.
Survivor: Redemption Island - Family Visit
01:23 — Rob enjoyed seeing his sister Heather and getting the shirt with is wife and daughter's picture on it.
Survivor: Samoa - Blindsiding Russell
01:23 — Brett presents a logical argument for getting rid of the biggest threat in the game: Russell
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Rupert The Day After
04:45 — Rupert reflects on his time in the game the day after he exits SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER.
Survivor: South Pacific - One by One
01:15 — Coach is ready to use his Survivor experience to eliminate his competition.
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - Tyson on Losing the Challenge
01:46 — Tyson takes a humorous stance at the outcome of the immunity challenge
Survivor: Gabon - Digging for Worms
01:24 — Marcus teaches Ken the mechanics of fishing as Ken remains in awe of his new camp.
Survivor: South Pacific - Debt Collector
02:09 — Cochran is ready to collect from the remaining Upolu members for saving them.
Survivor: Redemption Island - Kristina The Day After
05:32 — Kristina reflects on her time in the game, the day after she lost the duel on Redemption Island.
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