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Survivor - Slayed the Survivor Dragon (Preview)
00:32 — It's double the tribal councils as two castaways are sent home, and immunity is on the line in a classic game of Survivor pinball, on this season's pe (more…)
Survivor - We're So Proud Of Him
03:33 — Adam's brother Evan is happy to be on Survivor with his brother.
Survivor - Damn, I Wanted To Go
03:08 — Jay is so disappointed to have lost the helicopter reward.
Survivor - I Had To Sit Out
01:11 — Jay is disappointed that he could not compete in the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - I Want To Be In Charge
01:38 — Sunday talks about the importance of tonight's Tribal Council.
Survivor - Save It For Another Day
04:32 — Adam talks about the Reward Challenge and his reward advantage.
Survivor - No Experience Will Ever Compare
02:54 — David is moved by his experience on the helicopter reward.
Survivor - Survivor's Mind-Blowing Tribal Council Throws Everyone For A Loop
12:22 — The tables turn not once, not twice, but three times at the latest Survivor Tribal Council, ending in a surprise elimination for one castaway.
Survivor - Pure Insanity
03:08 — Jessica is worried about tonight's Tribal Council.
Survivor - Idols Are Tough
03:04 — Jay discusses the tough decisions he has to make because of his hidden immunity idol.
Survivor - David Gets Emotional And It's Everything
01:25 — Before competing in a challenge, Host Jeff Probst calls on David to reflect on the support he's been given by the group, which only brings the Gen X-e (more…)
Survivor - I Was Rooting For The Guy
01:11 — Ken is so proud of David for winning the Immunity Challenge.
Survivor - Spoiler Alert: Survivor, Ponderosa 4
08:50 — Watch what happens when the latest cast-off from Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X heads to Ponderosa to join the rest of the jury and reflect on their (more…)
Survivor - Worst Survivor Moment Yet
02:40 — Jessica reveals how tough the Reward Challenge was for her.
Survivor - A Way To Speak Your Mind
01:49 — Ken admits that Tribal Council is a way to tell people what you really think of them.
Survivor - Tribal Council Voting II (ep. 10)
00:25 — Find out what Jessica has to say as the eleventh person to leave SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.
Survivor - Jessica The Day After
05:17 — Jessica reflects on her time in the game as she joins the jury in SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN-X.
Survivor - I Told Zeke I Was Gay
01:33 — Bret reveals why he told Zeke that he was gay.
Survivor - Everyone's Jealous Of Him
01:41 — Ken talks about David and the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - Secret Scene We're A Lot Alike
02:01 — David and Hannah talk about their similarities.
Survivor - Reward Challenge: Slither Me Timbers
07:11 — Check out this new challenge with a helicopter reward.
Survivor - I Love Every Second Of It
01:09 — Will is exhausted, but still loving his time on Survivor.
Survivor - The Abless and the Aimless
01:52 — Hannah is elated that her unlikely team won the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - It Makes Me Giddy
02:14 — Zeke is elated to have experience a Survivor helicopter reward.
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