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VIDEO: King Kool

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King Kool
Free | Hulu
Length: 25:13
Aired: 4/29/1962

The famous ape jazz drummer King Kool lives near a friend of Beaker's. When the Doctor visits his friend, Mitch sneaks into his car to visit his drumming idol. watch

VIDEO: Transatlantic Cable

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Transatlantic Cable
Free | Hulu
Length: 25:17
Aired: 4/22/1962

The undersea transatlantic phone cable is being tampered with. Two divers in the employ of Masterspy are tapping onto it to get top secret information. Supercar is called in to stop them. watch

VIDEO: The Day Time Stood Still

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The Day Time Stood Still
Free | Hulu
Length: 25:08
Aired: 4/15/1962

An alien from a planet of dreams lands on Earth. Mike goes to sleep and begins to dream. watch


Thunderbirds Are Go / Thunderbirds Six: International Rescue Edition
Dick Spanner, P.I.

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Thunderbirds (2004)
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Year Title Description
2004 Thunderbirds Movie, Source
1969 Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun Movie, Source
1969 Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun Movie, Producer
1969 Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun Movie, Writer
1968 Thunderbird 6 Movie, Producer

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Thunderbirds Creator Gerry Anderson Dies

Gerry Anderson, the creator of the 1960s British sci-fi series Thunderbirds, has died, his son, Jamie, announced Wednesday on his website. He was 83.

Anderson died in his sleep Wednesday after suffering from... read more

The Joy of Sets: When Heath Ledger Roared and Thunderbirds Soared!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s...Supermarionation!Yes, yes, childrens, the weirdest show we all totally dig now is out in a brand spanking new set and I, for one, am both thrilled and a little bit ascared. See, when I was a kid, I remember stumbling upon repeats of Thunderbirds, the 1965 oddity from Space: 1999 guru Gerry Anderson, and thinking ‘oh my sweet holy shizz, what on God's green Earth are those?!’Puppets. They were puppets. And they freaked me the hell out. They also drew me in with their massive eyes and action-packed tales, but I couldn’t explain that then. No, back then it was just strangeness. Sweet, captivating strangeness.Some years later, I can happily report that the new 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition box set is more fun to watch now than the show ever could have been then to my as-yet-uninformed mind. Maybe it’s because I can now appreciate the ingenuity Anderson employed to make main (wooden) man Jeff Tracy and his I... read more

Mr. Televisionary, you're my ...

Question: Mr. Televisionary, you're my only hope! I know that once before you answered a question about a song played during a show. (See? I do read your column avidly!) But you wouldn't give up your sources for finding out this info, so here I am asking for your help! I loved the song that played during the closing credits of Six Feet Under in the "Driving Mr. Mossback" episode. Please put me out of my misery! Thank you.

Answer: Oh, Lynne — once before? Surely, an avid reader such as yourself knows that I'm a sucker for these "What was that song?" questions and that I answer them quite frequently. But who am I to doubt you? Thanks for your readership just the same.

I believe the song that's making you so darned miserable is Joe 90's "Drive," which is on the album Dream This. It played while Nate ( read more

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