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Geraldo: I Love Chris Christie
Geraldo Rivera joins Abby to talk about Chris Christie, and why Geraldo thinks so highly of him.
Geraldo Rivera: MSNBC Is 'So Boring,' But I'm Al Sharpton's Biggest Fan
Geraldo Rivera shares his opinions on MSNBC and Al Sharpton.
Geraldo Rivera: Gabriel Sherman Was 'Out To Do A Hatchet Job' On Ailes
Geraldo Rivera comments on Gabriel Sherman € s biography on Roger Ailes and discusses what he believes Sherman € s intentions were when he w (more…)
Geraldo Rivera LIVE
Geraldo Rivera was nearly crowned the winner of 'Celebrity Apprentice' on Monday night and used the show's seventh season to raise money for his chari (more…)
Geraldo Rivera: It's 'Out Of Line' To 'Wreck' Brian Williams' Career
Geraldo Rivera weighs in on the Brian Williams media scandal.
US vs. John Lennon - Trailer
This documentary explores the life and antiwar efforts of John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians and peace advocates of the 20th century.
Geraldo Rivera Battles Protesters On Air In Baltimore
Watch as Geraldo argues with protestors on air in Baltimore.
Geraldo Rivera Considering Senate Run
Geraldo Rivera says he's considering running for Senate. He announced on his radio show that he's reached out to the Republican Party in regards to a (more…)
Geraldo Rivera Compares Marco Rubio's 'Fudged' Backstory To Brian Williams
Geraldo Rivera discusses the scandal surrounding Marco Rubio € s backstory and likens it to the Brian Williams controversy.
Geraldo Rivera: 'I Was Right About The Hoodie'
Geraldo Rivera: € I Was Right About The Hoodie €
Geraldo Rivera And Eric Bolling Argue About Libya Attacks
Geraldo Rivera And Eric Bolling Argue About Libya Attacks
You've Got Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera discusses the most impactful moments of 2011.
Geraldo: Talk Radio Has Killed the GOP
Geraldo Rivera joins Abby Huntsman to discuss how talk radio has crippled the GOP.
Geraldo Rivera: George Zimmerman Jury Would Have Killed Trayvon Too
Geraldo Rivera, already famous for saying that Trayvon Martin's hoodie got him killed by George Zimmerman, said Friday that he thought Zimmerman would (more…)
Geraldo: Trump Announcement Feels A Bit Like 9/11
Long-time friend and supporter of Trump, Geraldo Rivera spoke candidly about his presidential hopes, at one point comparing the excitement 'good or ba (more…)
Geraldo Rivera Takes It Off on 'The Celebrity Apprentice'
Geraldo Rivera posed in his underwear for a Cosmopolitan magazine campaign challenge on 'The Celebrity Apprentice.'
Geraldo Rivera: Hip-Hop Has Done More Damage To Black People Than Racism
Geraldo Rivera lets HuffPost Live in on some of the factors he thinks perpetuate racism.
Russell Simmons Slams Geraldo Rivera
Russell Simmons is laughing off Geraldo Rivera's accusation that Simmons is hurting the black community -- as the ravings of a man who's desperate for (more…)
Geraldo Rivera On Trayvon Martin
Geraldo Rivera: € The Hoodie Is As Responsible For Trayvon Martin € s Death As George Zimmerman €
Geraldo Rivera Tweets Shirtless Selfie
Geraldo Rivera brought out his inner-Ron Burgundy early Sunday morning when he tweeted a shirtless selfie.
Geraldo: After Jon Stewart, We'll Need A New 'Liberal Voice Of Reason'
Geraldo Rivera discusses the difficulty of replacing a media icon like Jon Stewart.
Geraldo On Pot Law: 'So Many Lives Have Been Screwed Up By Hypocrites'
Geraldo Rivera weighs in on hypocrisy in politics and the media.
Inside look at Paris community targeted in anti-terror raid
03:40 — Geraldo Rivera reports on 'Hannity' about firefight between police, terror suspects
Watch Geraldo Rivera's Tearful Reunion with Daughter in Paris After Attacks
Fox News host Geraldo Rivera had an emotional reunion in Paris with his 21-year-old daughter Simone. She was inside the soccer stadium at the moment t (more…)
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