George Mendes

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Chicken Rice: Quick & Easy Mediterranean Meals
02:35 — Chef George Mendes joins TODAY to show us how to whip up some delicious dishes for the whole family this season.
Extended Judges' Table: Just Wasn't His Day
02:14 — The judges all agree George Mendes had a rough day.
Meet George Mendes
02:42 — Get to know a little more about George Mendes.
No Regrets Whatsoever
02:04 — George Mendes has no regrets and was inspired to work with his fellow competitors.
Cook a Juicy Pork Tenderloin: Chef George Mendes Shows How
03:23 — Chef George Mendes demonstrates an easy and delicious way to make pork tenderloin along with an heirloom tomato salad.
Dinner Tonight! Make This Seared Salmon With Wheat Berries, Avocado
02:52 — Chef George Mendes shared his recipe for this wholesome, healthy dinner.
THE Dish, with George Mendes
03:09 — Chef George Mendes is known for putting a modern twist on classic Portuguese and Spanish fare, which he serves at his New York eatery, Aldea. He visit (more…)
Shrimp Bloody Mary Recipe: A Savory Cocktail with a Twist
Chef George Mendes joins Mike and Josh Greenfield of The Brothers Green as they experiment with a new savory cocktail made from shrimp stock and other (more…)
Kathie Lee and Hoda video: Cook a juicy pork tenderloin: Chef George Mendes shows how
Chef George Mendes demonstrates an easy and delicious way to make pork tenderloin along with an heirloom tomato salad.
The legal fight over digital resale
03:58 — The legality of reselling music, books, games and other copyrighted material purchased online may soon involve Congress. CBS News legal expert Rikki K (more…)
New space weather satellite in orbit
03:06 — The weather that affects us here on Earth is all driven by energetic weather 93 million miles away on the sun. Now, we have a tool to keep an eye on i (more…)
Prayers and support across the country for NC victims
02:04 — People across the country and around the world are praying for the three Muslim college students killed this week in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sear (more…)
Police in Canada stop Valentine’s Day mass murder plot
00:43 — Police have stopped two people who were allegedly planning to go to a shopping center in Halifax, Nova Scotia today and kill as many people as they co (more…)
George Mendes shares his Portugal heritage on The Dish
04:40 — A close-knit Portuguese-American community influenced Mendes' cuisine throughout his award winning career. He trained with some of the world's culinar (more…)
A closer look at the cyber security summit
03:17 — The president designated the "Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center" to coordinate and "connect the dots" of agencies fighting hacker attacks. (more…)
Four States brace for snow amid blizzard warning
01:42 — New England is not the only place getting blanketed, as snow was falling overnight near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Blizzard warnings are posted for parts (more…)
Mysterious bird goo removed
02:54 — The substance coated the feathers of hundreds of birds in San Francisco bay, killing more than 300. State and Federal officials announced they are clo (more…)
Massive winter storm kicks into gear
02:29 — Another major snowstorm blasts the upper Midwest and Northeast this Valentine’s Day weekend. Jericka Duncan reports from Boston.
The soulful sounds of The Lone Bellow
04:14 — The Brooklyn-based group The Lone Bellow discuss their second album and career with Anthony Mason.
A travel guide for 2015
03:15 — It's not too early to be planning a vacation trip for later this year. Kayak, the travel website, collected data on destinations people searched for o (more…)
Fresh Seasonal Cooking on a Shoestring
07:41 — Chef George Mendes is the executive chef and owner of Aldea Restaurant and took The Early Show's Chef on a Shoestring challenge by making a light holi (more…)
Woman discovers heart-warming lost love letter
01:51 — A Colorado woman was looking to buy old records her mom used to sing when she was younger. Instead, she found 72-year-old lost love letters from World (more…)
25 years since "Pale Blue Dot" photo
01:14 — It has been 25-years since Voyager-One transmitted that famous "Pale Blue Dot" photo of Earth floating in the blackness. And as Vinita Nair reports, V (more…)
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