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Mon Apr 24 10:00am
In the Heat of the NightHammer and the Glove(Season 2, Episode 4) WGN

Althea holds a secret about Tibbs' former partner, who's only too happy to help out when things go awry in the protection of a Federal witness. Matthew: Michael Warren. McGraw: Hugh Gillin. Mrs. Sherman: Ellen Heard. Henry: Cliff Brand.

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Mon Apr 24 11:00am
In the Heat of the NightPrisoners(Season 2, Episode 5) WGN

Sweet's first felony bust is a boyhood friend who claims he broke out of a neighboring county jail to escape a brutal sheriff who's an old pal of Gillespie's. Lisa: Shelley Robertson. Randall: Daryl Wilcher. Mrs. Gray: Tonea Stewart. Sweet: Geoffrey Thorne (more…)

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Mon Apr 24 12:00pm
In the Heat of the NightHot Nights(Season 2, Episode 6) WGN

The town's abuzz about Bubba and a big-city writer staying near town to work in quiet---and avoid her ex, who desperately wants her back. Jackie: Barbara Stock. Huell: Ralph Pace. Frank: Peter Thomasson. Tom: Bill Ash. Bubba: Alan Autry.

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Mon Apr 24 12:00pm
Law & Order: Criminal IntentInhumane Society(Season 9, Episode 15) WE

An up-and-coming boxer's career tanks after his involvement in a dogfighting ring is discovered by the police. Then, his troubles continue to mount when his partner is found dead.

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Mon Apr 24 1:00pm
In the Heat of the NightGunshot(Season 2, Episode 7) WGN

Tibbs becomes a stranger after killing a robbery suspect who appeared to have a gun---which was nowhere to be found at the scene. Hannah: Ketty Lester. Jimmy: Afemo Omilami. Albert: De'voreaux White. Frank: Danny Nelson.

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Mon Apr 24 2:00pm
In the Heat of the NightCountry Mouse, City Mouse(Season 2, Episode 8) WGN

While the police investigate the death of a paroled robber with a number of enemies, Bubba's nephew and Althea's niece are becoming fast friends. Nicole: Traci Wolfe. Bobby: Mitchell Anderson. Willie: Mickey Jones. Tibbs: Howard Rollins.

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Mon Apr 24 3:00pm
In the Heat of the NightStranger in Town(Season 2, Episode 9) WGN

A drifter becomes a lifesaver for Joann, but Gillespie thinks the man may have killed a prostitute, although Tibbs is convinced someone else did it. Topaz: Renee Jones. Clay: Eric Pierpoint. Atticus: Maceo Walker. Gillespie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Tue Apr 25 10:00am
In the Heat of the NightTear Down the Walls(Season 2, Episode 10) WGN

Not everyone at an all-white church supports the minister when he invites the Tibbses to attend a service. Howard Rollins, Carroll O'Connor. Ed Rowen: Jon DeVries. Claire: Joan Riordan. Harris: Roberts Blossom. Lane: Randall Martin.

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Tue Apr 25 11:00am
In the Heat of the NightA Trip Upstate(Season 2, Episode 11) WGN

A murderer due to be executed asks to see his arresting officer---Gillespie; Bubba recognizes two murder suspects. George Brownlow: Paul Benjamin. Sheriff Monroe: James Gammon. Melvin: David Dwyer.

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Wed Apr 26 10:00am
In the Heat of the NightAKA Kelly Kay(Season 2, Episode 12) WGN

Joann claims her interest in a prison break exists because one fugitive may be the friend of a friend, but Gillespie senses there's more to it than that. Jude: Kevin Conway. Donna: Bobbi Jo Lathan. Nibby: Tiger Haynes. Gun-Store Clerk: Gil Roper.

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Wed Apr 26 11:00am
In the Heat of the NightThese Things Take Time(Season 2, Episode 13) WGN

Althea lobbies for sex education and child care after a teenage mother is suspected of abandoning her newborn. Shawna: A.J. Johnson. Louise: Rose Weaver. Martin: Czerny Miller. Dan Mackey: Tony Evans. Althea: Anne-Marie Johnson.

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Wed Apr 26 12:00pm
In the Heat of the NightIntruders(Season 2, Episode 14) WGN

City council demands action after a death results from a series of robbery-assaults on seniors. Calvin Peterson: J.A. Preston. Mrs. White: Pamela Gorman. Andy White: Tony Higgins. Tibbs: Howard Rollins. Gillespie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Wed Apr 26 1:00pm
In the Heat of the NightThe Creek(Season 2, Episode 15) WGN

Flashbacks to an incident in his past provoke strange behavior in Tibbs, who's trying to catch the man who assaulted a woman. Lauren: Caryn West. Phillip Casey: Michael Keys Hall. Jimmy Dawes: Afemo Omilami. Dr. Perry: Edith Ivey.

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Wed Apr 26 2:00pm
In the Heat of the NightSister, Sister(Season 2, Episode 16) WGN

Sisters clash over their father's will, and the family physician suspects that the man was a victim of foul play. J.D. Sinclaire: Mary Crosby. Charlotte Sinclaire: Judith Chapman. Sidney Wallace: Ric Reitz. Tibbs: Howard Rollins.

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Wed Apr 26 3:00pm
In the Heat of the NightWalkout(Season 2, Episode 17) WGN

Tibbs and Gillespie are aided by a local prostitute in solving the murders of two men trying to prevent a strike at the Sparta mill. Stiles: O.J. Simpson. Wade Britten: Lonnie Smith. Red Cahill: Fred Covington. Bobby Dobbs: Darnell Williams.

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Mon May 1 10:00am
In the Heat of the NightAccused(Season 2, Episode 18) WGN

Bubba is knocked unconscious trying to stop an assault on a woman, who claims she hit him as he was trying to rape her. Audrey: Vanessa Bell Calloway. Frances: Jill Jane Clements. DA Sutton: Christopher Allport. Tim Sherman: Ernest Dixon.

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Mon May 1 11:00am
In the Heat of the NightFifteen Forever(Season 2, Episode 19) WGN

Joe Don Baker plays a sheriff who returns to town to retire, and gets involved in a probe of a hit-and-run that killed three cheerleaders and left a fourth in a coma. Nora Womack: Belinda Montgomery. Buddy: Benji Wilhoite. DA Dutton: Christopher Allport.

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Mon May 1 12:00pm
In the Heat of the NightLadybug, Ladybug(Season 2, Episode 20) WGN

The arrest of an arsonist whose third fire claimed a life is the first task for acting chief Dugan, whose appointment doesn't sit well with Tibbs. Evan Winslow: Leo Geter. Christine Tate: Christopher Templeton. Tibbs: Howard Rollins.

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Mon May 1 1:00pm
In the Heat of the NightThe Pig Woman of Sparta(Season 2, Episode 21) WGN

Skeletal human remains are found on property owned by a recluse and also occupied by a woman who knows everything about everybody. Adah Boone: Shirley Stoler. Jody Ware: Michael Horton. Millie Barnett: Beth Spanier. Charlie: Byron Cherry.

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Mon May 1 2:00pm
In the Heat of the NightMissing(Season 2, Episode 22) WGN

The Chief's men pay him a surprise visit only to find his home ransacked, Joann unconscious and the Chief missing. Dugan: Joe Don Baker. Curt Breynard: Trent Bross. Agent Barriman: Joan McMurtrey.

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Mon May 1 3:00pm
In the Heat of the NightAnniversary(Season 3, Episode 6) WGN

Gillespie fears that the visit of a civil-rights leader may bring an attempt on the man's life from the culprits responsible for Dugan's murder and Gillespie's kidnapping. Crowley: Billy Ray Reynolds. Curt Breynard: Trent Bross. Barriman: John McMurtrey.

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Tue May 2 10:00am
In the Heat of the NightRape(Season 3, Episode 1) WGN

A fellow teacher rapes Althea, who recognizes his voice but doesn't see his face, and his wife provides him with an alibi. Linda Ainslee: Stacy Ray. District Attorney: Wilbur Fitzgerald. Maggie: Robby Preddy. Tibbs: Howard Rollins.

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Tue May 2 11:00am
In the Heat of the NightFairest of Them All(Season 3, Episode 2) WGN

A beauty-pageant contestant commits suicide, and another contestant whose friendship with the woman ended can't recall the details surrounding their parting. Lizbeth Hagen: Martha Byrne. Clay: Kevin Corrigan. Bubba: Alan Autry.

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Wed May 3 10:00am
In the Heat of the NightMurder Most Ancient(Season 3, Episode 3) WGN

The Sparta police use a ruse to gather evidence on the person they believe killed one of the town's citizens, who was despised by his wife and son and his employees. Jefry: Grainger Hines. Rochelle: Clare Wren. Jon: Tim Griffin.

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