Geoffrey Owens



Wicked Game Part I

Theres no easy way to break into this episode of Medium lightly Combining the heartwrenching loss of a mothers daughter with the despicable crime of kidnapping and the gruesome abuse of women for mans folly this episode really revved it up from last week All I can say is thank god theres at least one person around to dream about these terrible crimes If it wasnt for Alison how many peoples deaths and abuse would go unsolved Alison awoke having dreamt about Cynthia dreaming about her lost daughter who had been kidnapped nine years earlier in a crime that was never solved You can imagine the level of pain that Cynthia must have felt as an investigator of missing people who was not able to locate her daughter It was high time that Anjelica Huston finally got the chance to flex those Oscar winning chops of hers and run the gamut of emotions in this ep From despondent to hopeful rageful to apologetic and a myriad of other feelings as wel read more

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