Geoff Gustafson

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor
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The New World
In the series premiere, a Pteranodon brings death to the skies over Vancouver's downtown, while a Utahraptor threatens visitors to the city's beloved (more…)
Two oil pipeline workers are killed offshore by what initially appears to be a giant sea serpent. Dylan is approached by Leo, a young cryptozoology en (more…)
Frosh Week on campus gets an unexpected visitor when a student is attacked by a deadly Lycaenops. Evan and the team face a difficult dilemma when they (more…)
Babes in the Woods
When an Anomaly opens up at a photo shoot for the alternative pin-up site Fatal Babes, Toby reveals to the others that she has a history with the grou (more…)
The Inquisition
Ken Leeds is subjected to an off the books court martial by Colonel Hall for his actions to date. Evan is brought in to testify against Ken, but soon (more…)
First Look
06:01 — Join the cast and crew of Primeval: New World for an exciting first look at the newest Syfy series. Watch never-before-seen footage and go behind-the- (more…)
Fear of Flying
When a cargo plane disappears into an Anomaly, Evan and Dylan embark on a daring search and rescue mission. They find the plane and its crew, stranded (more…)
Angry Birds
When an Anomaly opens on the perimeter of an abandoned train yard, the team isn’t sure what carnage they might find. Evan and Dylan are first to the s (more…)
The Sound of Thunder, Pt. 1
When Toby is stung by a Brontoscorpio, Evan turns to Ange -- and Project Magnet scientist Mara Fridkin -- for help. To save Toby's life, Evan and Dyla (more…)
Two gnarly skateboarders capture raw footage of a Triceratops in a West-Van skatepark, and the video quickly goes viral. Toby has her hands full as sh (more…)
The Great Escape
After a Terror Bird attacks a bystander, Dylan and Evan are called in by Dylan's old colleague Detective Harlow. They're left puzzled as to where the (more…)
The Sound of Thunder, Pt. 2
Evan forces Dylan to abandon him in order to get the anti-venom back to a dying Toby, leaving him to deal with his own deadly situation while she race (more…)
A Pachycephelosaurus is rampaging through the glass-and-steel Olympic Village, leaving a trail of destruction. As Evan and the team search for the cre (more…)
Clean Up On Aisle Three
A group of small, yet cunning Daemonosaurus’ arrive through an Anomaly at a warehouse store -- and by the looks of things, they’re not looking for pre (more…)
Primeval: New World: Season 1: Clean Up On Aisle Three Trailer
01:59 — A face off against a pack of little dinosaurs occurs.
Primeval: New World: Season 1: The Sound Of Thunder: Part 2 Trailer
02:01 — Connor temple returns and Evan faces his moment of truth.
Supernatural: Phantom Traveler Trailer
01:08 — On TransNational flight 2485, a man possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler causes the plane to crash, leaving only five survivors left alive. (more…)
Primeval: New World: Season 1: Fear Of Flying Trailer
02:00 — Evan and Dylan attempt to search for a cargo plane that has disappeared.
Primeval: New World: Season 1: Sisiutl Trailer
01:42 — Evan and Mac investigate a prehistoric serpent that has been terrorizing the waters.
Primeval: New World: Season 1: Breakthrough Trailer
02:03 — Evan and Dylan track the creature that vent viral.
Primeval: New World: Season 1: Angry Birds Trailer
01:57 — Taking hostage while out for investigation, Evan and Dylan are held hostage by two drug dealers.
Primeval: New World: Season 1: The New World Trailer
01:30 — Evan Cross uses his company's resources to research anomalies.
Primeval: New World Trailer
01:54 — They are back and they are hungry! When an invasion of prehistoric creatures threatens North American, visionary inventor Evan Cross assembles a team (more…)
Primeval: New World: Season 1: Babes In The Woods Trailer
01:40 — When an Anomaly opens up, some of Toby's friends are put in the line of fire.
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  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor