Mon Oct 5 9:00am
I Dream of JeannieThe Lady in the Bottle(Season 1, Episode 1) TVLAND

Astronaut Tony Nelson finds an odd green bottle---and out pops the irrepressible Jeannie. Tony: Larry Hagman. Melissa: Karen Sharpe. Roger: Bill Daily.

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Mon Oct 5 9:36am
I Dream of JeannieMy Hero(Season 1, Episode 2) TVLAND

Jeannie wants Tony to avenge an insult---from 2000 years ago. Jeannie: Barbara Eden. Ali: Richard Kiel. Tony: Larry Hagman.

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Wed Oct 7 9:30am
I Dream of JeannieThe Yacht Murder Case(Season 1, Episode 6) TVLAND

Several people overhear Tony's argument with Jeannie---and assume he's going to kill her. Jeannie: Barbara Eden. Tony: Larry Hagman. Ferguson: David Brian.

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Thu Oct 8 9:00am
I Dream of JeannieAnybody Here Seen Jeannie?(Season 1, Episode 7) TVLAND

Jeannie wants Tony to quit the astronaut program: it's too dangerous. Tony: Larry Hagman. Webb: Dabney Coleman. Walter: Davis Roberts. Bellows: Hayden Rorke.

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Thu Oct 8 9:30am
I Dream of JeannieThe Americanization of Jeannie(Season 1, Episode 8) TVLAND

Jeannie feels that Tony is taking her for granted, so she decides to stop using her magic powers. Tony: Larry Hagman. Armand: Steven Geray.

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Fri Oct 9 9:00am
I Dream of JeannieThe Moving Finger(Season 1, Episode 9) TVLAND

Tony goes to work as technical advisor on a movie. Tony: Larry Hagman. Jeannie: Barbara Eden. Rita: Nancy Kovack. Huberts: David McLean.

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Fri Oct 9 9:30am
I Dream of JeannieDjinn and Water(Season 1, Episode 10) TVLAND

Tony's interested in taking salt from sea water. Jeannie's question: Why? Jeannie: Barbara Eden. Bilejik: J. Carrol Naish. Tony: Larry Hagman. Bellows: Hayden Rorke.

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Tue Oct 13 4:00pm
Kissin' Cousins TCM

A lieutenant is dispatched to the Smoky Mountains to persuade his hillbilly relatives to permit the Air Force to build a missile base on their land. Elvis Presley plays the military man and one of his backwoods cousins.

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