Gayle King

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States
  • Profession: Anchor, Editor, Journalist
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Rio's $66 million doping lab shut down weeks before Olympics
03:22 — Just over five weeks before the summer Olympics get underway, Rio still faces a number of problems. Police say they're underpaid and the acting govern (more…)
Preview: Princess Diana: Her | Life | Her Death | The Truth
00:20 — The world thought they knew Princess Diana. Now, 20 years later, learn who she really was and what happened the night she died. Watch a two-hour CBS N (more…)
White House lockdown: Man tried to sneak through gate, Secret Service says
00:20 — A man tried to enter the White House as a construction worker left. The suspect was stopped at the gate, questioned and arrested. The lockdown has sin (more…)
The Margaret Thatcher look
02:03 — The late Margaret Thatcher wasn't thought of as a fashion icon. But, as Michelle Miller reports, the former prime minister did wear her leadership ins (more…)
Syrian rebels say Americans left fighters vulnerable to ISIS
02:31 — A Syrian rebel commander is talking about mistakes in the American effort to build up opposition forces. The Pentagon has paused a $500 million traini (more…)
Egypt claiming victory for Gaza cease-fire
01:48 — Egypt's new President Mohammed Morsi is claiming victory for the Gaza cease-fire deal. Clarissa Ward reports.
Were March jobs numbers an anomoly?
02:12 — Has job growth crested or were the latest, disappointing jobs numbers just an exception to recent encouraging reports? Jeff Glor asks Jack Otter.
Doctors say NBC cameraman is Ebola-free
00:26 — Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance cameraman working for NBC in Liberia, is free of Ebola. Also, infected nurse Nina Pham's condition is improving. Charlie Ros (more…)
"Blood Sport" says MLB allowed Alex Rodriguez to use PEDs
03:00 — In a new book about the Biogenesis scandal, authors accuse the Major League Baseball of allowing Alex Rodriguez to use performance-enhancing drugs dur (more…)
Google: Users should have "no legitimate expectation of privacy"
00:47 — Google, the online giant with the famous slogan "Don't Be Evil," is getting flack over a new statement regarding its users' privacy. Norah O'Donnell r (more…)
Bradley Cooper on loss of his father: "Everything was put in perspective"
01:38 — Known for his roles in "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle," Cooper shares how his father's death in 2011 still impacts him today.
Final flight of military plane almost ends in disaster
00:20 — The final flight of a German military plane almost turned into a disaster. Norah O'Donnell reports.
Red carpet review: Oscar fashions and trends
05:50 — Despite the backlash and criticism, fashion remains a big part of the Academy Awards. This year's wardrobe featured bold colors and daring designs. Ma (more…)
Secretary of State John Kerry on Russia cyberattacks
01:15 — The Obama administration claims Russia continues to launch cyberattacks. Charlie Rose asked Secretary of State John Kerry about whether Moscow is stil (more…)
Pacemaker-like device studied in Alzheimer's treatment
02:45 — New research involving a pacemaker-like device for the brain may offer a more effective way to treat Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Paul Rosenberg, a specia (more…)
Trump dogged by attack ads and fake phone calls
02:59 — As Donald Trump gears up for the general election, there is new ammunition against him in his run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton's campaign is ou (more…)
State officials protest Obama administration's transgender directive
02:13 — Alabama's attorney general pledged to join other states to fight a new Obama administration directive. It requires public schools to give transgender (more…)
U.N. ambassador Power on Russia, Israeli settlements, what's next
06:00 — Ambassador Samantha Power has been the U.S Permanent Representative to the United Nations since 2013, where she has denounced atrocities committed by (more…)
Families' plea for return of U.K. teens headed for ISIS territory
02:45 — Scotland Yard is heading the search for the three missing girls, but it's now been almost a week since they boarded a plane for Turkey. Police believe (more…)
Eye Opener at 8: FBI bomb techs in Ala. bunker
01:30 — Details of the "very strange" Alabama hostage taker emerge as the little ex-hostage known as "Ethan" celebrates his sixth birthday. A look at what we' (more…)
Court documents draw attention in Silicon Valley sexual harassment lawsuit
03:20 — It's likely much of Silicon Valley already read Ellen Pao’s complaint against venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers. The documen (more…)
Flooding and snow emergency impact California
02:48 — Emergency officials are urging thousands people in flood-ravaged Northern California to evacuate from more devastating rain. The Russian River is stil (more…)
Plummeting oil prices spark economic worries
02:45 — Crude oil prices are at their lowest level in more than five years. OPEC says production won't be cut, and it will rely on the market to set the price (more…)
Winter weather blast eases across U.S.
01:53 — Much of the country east of the Rockies is still in the grip of an arctic weather mass this morning. Temperatures neared zero at O'Hare Airport last n (more…)
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  • Birth Place: Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States
  • Profession: Anchor, Editor, Journalist