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A Buddy Story - Trailer 1
03:00 — Buddy (Gavin Bellour) is a struggling NYC musician touring the northeast with his pet turtle. Buddy's neighbor Susan (Elisabeth Moss) seeks an opport (more…)
The Perfect Wedding - Trailer 1
02:20 — Mishaps, miscommunication and sparks fly when two men, Paul and Gavin, meet over the holidays while planning the “perfect wedding” for Paul’s sister.
Kathy Prieto
00:49 — Kathy has always seen the kitchen as a place to relieve stress and escape what's troubling her.
Elizabeth Cauvel: Macaroni and Cheese
00:21 — Elizabeth likes to have her mac and cheese... and eat it too!
Courtney Lapresi: Roast Chicken
00:29 — Courtney loves the classic look and taste of a roast chicken.
Haley Fights for a Job
01:18 — Haley meets with fashion designer Gavin Sinclair.
Feast On These Seasonal Spring Dishes
04:16 — Trade in those heavy comfort foods for recipes full of fresh herbs and vegetables: Chef Gavin Kaysen shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make bacon monkf (more…)
Gloria Gets Haley's Job Back
02:13 — Gloria threatens Gavin Sinclair (Michael Urie).
Hillary Clinton Has Secured the Porn Star Vote!
01:02 — Hillary Clinton had a fundraising event in Texas and that’s where she was able to meet Gavin Waters. Gavin is a retired porn star who’s a big fan of H (more…)
Remains of Movie Executive Found in California
00:20 — Gavin Smith, who worked for 20th Century Fox, was last seen in 2012, and his disappearance has been investigated as a murder. Officials confirmed hike (more…)
Gavin Rossdale Performs ‘This House Is On Fire’ On TODAY
05:12 — Bush performs the single off of their new album, “Man on the Run,” and Rossdale talks about family life and being back on the road.
Gavin DeGraw: Car Alarms Need to Be Outlawed
01:00 — Our camera guy caught up with Gavin Degraw and was trying to talk to him when a bunch of car alarms start to sound off and derail their conversation!
Howard Simpson
00:56 — U.S. Army veteran Howard is determined to make the most of life after his service.
Bethy Rossos
00:44 — Bethy's food-oriented big Greek family and her love of competition led her to the MasterChef kitchen.
Adriana Guillen
01:02 — Adriana was intimidated by the judges - especially Joe - before auditioning, but once she walked into the MasterChef kitchen she began to feel right a (more…)
Bime Cruz
00:48 — Bime learned to cook from his mother and grandmother, inspiring him to put his heart on the plate and a smile on someone's face when they taste his fo (more…)
Top 12 Guys: Trevor Douglas
01:49 — One thing you’ve got to give Trevor: he always leaves it on stage. The tireless high schooler lends Gavin DeGraw’s “Best I Ever Had” a lot of energy, (more…)
Savannah Sturges
00:43 — Savannah watches MasterChef because she believes it was created for home cooks like her who love food and want to show off their talents.
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Announce Divorce
00:26 — On a busy morning for celebrity splits, one of the saddest is between singers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, who met back in 1995 when their respect (more…)
Gun Control Initiative to Appear On Calif. Ballot
04:28 — Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., joins Morning Joe to discuss a new gun control initiative calling for stronger background checks among other reforms.
Dropsuit Dev Diary
04:00 — In this video, game designer CCP Remnant--known to some as Gavin Frankle--gives you a dev's-eye view of dropsuits and fittings. Learn the strengths of (more…)
Gavin Rossdale: Gwen Stefani Sets High Bar at Home
03:31 — The musician joins TODAY to talk about his new album, “Man on the Run,” and describes his life with his wife, singer Gwen Stefani, and their three you (more…)
California a Proving Ground for Gun Control
08:51 — Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom joins to discuss a new ballot initiative that would make California the first state to require instant background checks for amm (more…)
Warrior - Gavin O'Connor
04:33 — Writer/director Gavin O'Connor sits down to talk "Warrior" with HitFix's Drew McWeeny
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