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Gary Clark Jr., Greatest Guitarist of All Time?
00:53 — We got Gary Clark Jr. at LAX and he even though he is considered on of the best guitarist of all time he says he’s still getting better.
Gary Clark Jr. Talks About His New Live Album
01:46 — Singer-guitarist Gary Clark Jr., who is performing at the GRAMMY Awards, shares a few details about his upcoming live album before stepping into the S (more…)
My First Album: Gary Clark Jr.
02:11 — Gary Clark Jr. listened to his Immature and Blackstreet albums so often his family bought him a Discman in order to keep the peace.
Internet Pop Quiz With Joe Manganiello
02:50 — Joe Manganiello takes The Tonight Show's Internet Pop Quiz, answering questions about his go-to workout playlist, the weirdest photo he's taken and hi (more…)
During Commercial Break: Jake Gyllenhaal (NBD)
02:56 — While filming local promos, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy analyze Jimmy's "NBD" character and the thumbs up movie rating system.
FBI Examines Ties Between Trump and Russia, Trump's First 51 or 60 Days in Office
02:57 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, March 21.
Jessica Chastain Wound up Covered in Elephant Snot for Zookeeper's Wife
04:05 — Jessica Chastain talks to Jimmy about learning to play complicated piano pieces for her role in The Zookeeper's Wife and why she ended up slathered in (more…)
Joe Manganiello Does Impressions of Pee-wee Herman, Kermit the Frog and Arnold Schwarzenegger
03:34 — Joe Manganiello explains how he befriended Paul Reubens and unveils his talent for impressions before comparing headshots with Jimmy from when they we (more…)
Do Not Read: Raccoon Family Pets, the New Hot Dog Cookbook
03:50 — Jimmy shares some books you probably should avoid reading this year, including 100 Games for One Player.
Jimmy Buys Record-Breaking Box of Girl Scout Cookies
05:27 — Jimmy buys the record-breaking 101,106th box of Girl Scout cookies from 15-year-old Girl Scout Katie Francis.
Charades With Jessica Chastain and Joe Manganiello
05:40 — Jimmy and Jessica Chastain face down Joe Manganiello and The Roots' Tariq in a game of charades.
Defending the cloud: Microsoft argues landmark data storage case
03:54 — This week, Microsoft went to court with the government, fighting over access to digital documents stored on a server in Ireland. Federal authorities (more…)
Jon Batiste Teaches You How To Jazz
03:32 — Late Show musical director Jon Batiste can teach anyone to play jazz, in just 8 easy steps.
Gavin Kaysen on why chefs are leaving New York
04:55 — The chef left New York to open a restaurant in his hometown, Minneapolis. Grub Street senior editor Sierra Tishgart sat down with Kaysen to discuss ho (more…)
Questions over U.S. plan to take in migrants
02:09 — There’s a call on the United States to take in more of the refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war. The U.N. refugee agency says the 10,000 refugees th (more…)
Rick Perry drops out, takes shots at Trump
00:54 — After what seemed like an endless expansion, the Republican field is now narrowing. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has become the first Republican c (more…)
David Aude Wins for Uptown Funk (GRAMMY Live Highlight)
02:00 — David Aude has plenty of people to thank for his win off of Uptown Funk!
El Niño’s effects on the coming weather pattern
02:07 — Government scientists now say there is a 95 percent chance that a strong El Niño weather condition that is forming in the Pacific Ocean will continue (more…)
Self-help book argues that emotions are overrated
04:06 — If you are among the millions of Americans who turn to self-help books for a solution to life’s problems or the type of person who hates self-help b (more…)
Laura Linney and Stephen Announce "Yesterday's Coffee Singles"
04:31 — Yesterday's Coffee official spokespeople Laura Linney and Stephen Colbert introduce a new way to wake up: Yesterday's Coffee Singles.
Gavin Kaysen brings his unique cuisine to The Dish
04:50 — After years of working in Europe, and seven years as executive chef of mentor Daniel Boulud’s Café Boulud, 35-year-old chef Gavin Kaysen has return (more…)
Floyd Mayweather tries to end his career undefeated
03:29 — Floyd Mayweather is considered one of the greatest fighters in boxing history, but it looks like his career is just about to be over. The undefeated f (more…)
Gary Clark Jr. - The Healing
05:12 — The soul rocker performs a stripped down performance off of his new album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim.
At Age 51, John Leguizamo Decided To Go Full-Frontal
03:36 — All John's bits & pieces are on display in the new season of Bloodline on Netflix. Hear his tales from the set (spoiler alert: there may be shrinkage) (more…)
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