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Til Death Season 3
In its newest season, the heart of 'TIL DEATH continues to be the 20-year marriage between Eddie and Joy Stark (Garrett and Fisher), a suburban couple (more…)
2016 race tightens for Trump and Clinton in key states
03:12 — Donald Trump gets a boost over Hillary Clinton in three battleground states. Recent polls show Trump leads Clinton by five points in both North Caroli (more…)
Trump continues his appeals to black voters
02:02 — Donald Trump made his pitch to black voters Wednesday, meeting with a handful of supporters in Cleveland, Ohio. But Trump's approach with the demograp (more…)
Did Trump use charity donations for private spending?
02:50 — Figures first reported by the Washington Post show Donald Trump used his charity's money to pay his business expenses and make personal purchases. A T (more…)
Is Trump spending charitable donations on improper expenses?
08:47 — The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump is misusing money from the Trump Foundation to cover his business expenses, including paying legal settl (more…)
Trump foundation faces major scrutiny
01:57 — Donald Trump is facing tough questions about whether his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, used more than $250,000 of other people's money to s (more…)
Reports: Trump used charity money for legal fees
03:38 — Donald Trump is under fire after being accused of spending money from his charitable foundation to settle legal problems. CBS News chief White House c (more…)
Trump and Clinton bring terrorism back as talking points
02:56 — The bombings in New York and New Jersey are bringing terrorism back as a campaign talking point. Donald Trump says profiling is needed to keep terrori (more…)
Trump takes credit for calling Chelsea explosive a "bomb" before media
01:22 — Donald Trump has labeled the recent incidents in the U.S. "Islamic terrorism," and gave himself a pat on the back for calling the New York explosion a (more…)
Clinton, Trump spar over terror rhetoric
07:22 — On the campaign trail Monday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spoke about how they would tackle terror, igniting a new battle over their different vi (more…)
5-foot-4 Corner With Monster Hit
00:32 — 5-foot-4 , 141 pound CB Garrett Egan with a monster hit
Trump: "President Obama was born in the United States, period"
02:48 — Donald Trump said that he now believes President Barack Obama was born in the United States, ending a controversy that began in 2008. CBS News' Major (more…)
CBS News' Major Garrett calls out Donald Trump "birther" event
02:34 — At a Friday event at his new hotel in Washington, Donald Trump finally admitted that President Obama was born in the U.S. CBS News chief White House c (more…)
Is Trump focusing on "birther" claim to avoid tax returns pressure?
07:28 — Donald Trump's campaign has revived discussion of President Barack Obama's citizenship. While Trump aides acknowledge the "birther" claims are false, (more…)
Trump buries "birther" issue -- sort of
02:46 — Donald Trump conceded Friday that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. He claimed to be burying the long-running issue -- but then st (more…)
Donald Trump focuses on economy
02:24 — On Thursday, Donald Trump called for more than $4 trillion in tax cuts, an increase in defense spending, and a massive expansion of domestic energy pr (more…)
Trump reveals medical details, talks about weight on Dr. Oz
06:50 — Donald Trump revealed some medical details and discussed gaining weight on the campaign trail on "The Dr. Oz Show." CBS News' Major Garrett has more o (more…)
Trump attacks Clinton at Flint, Michigan, church
01:13 — Donald Trump was scolded by a pastor at a black church in Flint, Michigan when he started to slam Hillary Clinton, instead of talking about the task a (more…)
Donald Trump gives medical records to Dr. Oz
01:25 — Donald Trump stunned his senior staff when he handed over medical records during a taping of the Dr. Oz show that will air on Thursday. The two discus (more…)
NY attorney general investigates Trump Foundation practices
05:31 — Donald Trump's family charity is being investigated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for possible improprieties. CBS News' Major Garrett (more…)
Donald Trump on Clinton's "deplorable" comments: "A disgraceful thing to say"
03:39 — Donald Trump is still hitting Hillary Clinton over her "deplorables" remark. This comes as Trump is set to unveil his child care agenda in a speech Tu (more…)
Trump demands Clinton take back her "deplorables" comment
03:12 — Donald Trump has denounced Hillary Clinton's remark that half of his supporters are "a basket of deplorables." CBS News' Major Garrett has the latest (more…)
Donald Trump continues to attack Clinton's "deplorable" comment
02:05 — Donald Trump was in the battleground state of Iowa on Tuesday, where he took aim at Hillary Clinton again for labeling half of his supporters as deplo (more…)
Trump steers clear of Clinton's health issue
03:55 — Donald Trump is staying away from talking about Hillary Clinton's health. The GOP nominee is taking aim against Clinton's "deplorable" comments instea (more…)
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