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Garrett On MTP: 'Americans Need to Relax'
02:17 — Author says disease is out of control in West Africa, not United States. Dr. Kellen adds that Americans do not need to worry about deranged Ebola pati (more…)
Laurie Garrett On MTP: Majority of Hospitals Never Imagined Outbreak
01:28 — Author says billions were spent on training for bio-attacks, not outbreaks.
Garrett On MTP: No Incentive to Develop Ebola Vaccine
00:55 — Author Laurie Garrett says the development pipeline for producing a Ebola vaccine was slowed by lack of financial incentive.
Trump, Putin held secret meeting at G20 Summit
03:14 — The White House confirms reports that President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke twice during the recent G20 Summit. Only the first me (more…)
White House confirms President Trump and President Putin spoke informally at G20 summit
07:06 — President Trump and Russian President Putin held a second, previously undisclosed conversation at the G20 summit. CBS News chief White House correspon (more…)
Graham On McCain: Cancer Has Never Had a More Worthy Opponent
03:31 — Bipartisan support is pouring in after the news Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been diagnosed with brain cancer. MSNBC's Garrett Haake joins with the lat (more…)
Senate health bill fails as 2 more GOP senators voice opposition
11:25 — The Senate version of the health care bill is dead after two more Republican senators announced their opposition. CBS News chief congressional corespo (more…)
'Pregnant' Woman Shot at Her Gender Reveal Party Lied About Having a Baby: Cops
01:04 — Ohio police investigating a fatal shooting at a gender reveal party have revealed the woman was never pregnant. Police say Cheyanne Willis was shot in (more…)
White House pushes for repeal after GOP health bill collapse
02:01 — President Trump was working to save the GOP health care bill just as it collapsed Monday night. The White House was blindsided by the announcement fro (more…)
How will Obama sell Iran nuclear deal to the world?
11:43 — CBS News correspondents Major Garrett, and Nancy Cordes, join CBSN to discuss President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks on the nucle (more…)
Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative touches on personal issue
02:20 — President Barack Obama announced a new initiative to put minority boys and men on the road to success. It's called "My Brother's Keeper" and hopes to (more…)
Obamacare: Enrollment numbers expected this week
01:32 — The White House is expected this week to release enrollment numbers for the first month of Obamacare. Officials are hoping the announcement will quiet (more…)
Is America ready for a Mormon president?
05:16 — If Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman win the Republican nomination and go on to win the general election, America would have its first Mormon president. Eri (more…)
Garrett presses Carney on "fiscal cliff" spending cuts
04:28 — White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked by CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett today about spending cuts as a part of any (more…)
W.H.: Americans not misled about keeping health plans
03:10 — White House spokesman Jay Carney pushes back after CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett asks whether the White House "misled" Americ (more…)
Cruz brushes aside Trump as caucuses near
02:48 — Donald Trump told a rally in Vermont Thursday that he will end gun-free zones around schools if he’s elected president. His leading Republican rival, (more…)
Paul Ryan calls meeting productive, but doesn't endorse Trump
02:16 — House Speaker Paul Ryan was a bit more enthusiastic about Donald Trump as his party's presumptive presidential nominee after the two met on Capitol Hi (more…)
U.S. considers new Israel policy following Benjamin Netanyahu's win
03:05 — The U.S. may drastically change its stance on Israel following Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election victory. Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett (more…)
Fake AP tweet: Explosion at White House
01:55 — The Associated Press suspended its twitter account after it was hacked Tuesday. A group called syrian electronic army claimed responsibility for sendi (more…)
Poll: Trump's job approval rating drops to all-time low
02:46 — President Trump is still questioning critics of his oldest son. A poll released Sunday shows just 36 percent of Americans approve of the president's j (more…)
Broccoli-gate: Obama's "favorite food" controversy
03:39 — President Obama told a young journalist that his favorite food was broccoli and that admission is causing controversy. CBS News' Major Garrett reports (more…)
Open: This is Face the Nation, Dec. 23
01:32 — Gun control: National Rifle Association President David Keene, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.; Plus, Senator-designate Re (more…)
Obama to be first sitting president to visit Kenya
01:22 — President Obama is on his way to Africa on a trip that will make history. He arrives in Nairobi Friday afternoon. The president's father was born in K (more…)
Biden: Syrian gov't responsible for "heinous use" of chem. weapons
03:39 — A UN resolution condemning Syria for last week's attack will be put to the Security Council just a day after Vice President Joe Biden accused Syria's (more…)
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