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Ex-FBI Agent Claims To Know Fate of Lauren Spierer Who Went Missing in 2011
02:11 — A new special is focusing on the beautiful college student who vanished without a trace after a night of partying five years ago. The mystery of what (more…)
Sports-crazed 10-year-old Has Hidden Hobby: Knitting Caps for Babies
00:45 — When Garrett Lowry’s not on the baseball field, he’s knitting caps for babies in Children’s Hospital Colorado.
Trump slams Clinton and insider politics in Washington
02:25 — The presidential candidates are off the campaign trail after two days of powerful and personal attacks. Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "a world-c (more…)
American Gothic - Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Preview)
00:30 — After tragedy strikes the Hawthorne family, Cam, Tessa and Alison seek an explanation for the silver bells they found in the shed, while Garrett plans (more…)
Are we seeing a new Donald Trump after Clinton clinches nomination?
07:27 — CBS News' Nancy Cordes and Major Garrett join CBSN to discuss Hillary Clinton's milestone as the first woman to clinch a major party presidential nomi (more…)
Trump's Hispanic comments anger some in GOP
05:11 — CBS News' Major Garrett explains why Donald Trump won't listen to GOP leaders asking him to tone down attacks on the Hispanic judge handling the Trump (more…)
Trump backs off attacks on Hispanic judge
02:12 — Donald Trump softened his earlier position about a judge overseeing a fraud case against Trump University. Trump said Tuesday, "I do not feel that one (more…)
Will Bernie Sanders give in or keep fighting?
04:50 — A CBS News estimate confirms Hillary Clinton has the delegate support she needs to secure the Democratic nomination. Major Garrett, Nancy Cordes and B (more…)
Trump calls for GOP unity
01:30 — Donald Trump picked up unopposed primary victories in several states Tuesday night. Afterwards he called for GOP unity and bashed Hillary Clinton in a (more…)
Trump turns to the teleprompter
08:07 — In what could be a move to ease the minds of a number of Republicans tired of off the cuff remarks, Donald Trump used a teleprompter in his Tuesday ni (more…)
GOP leaders condemn Donald Trump for racially charged attacks on judge
05:19 — CBS News' Major Garrett discusses Donald Trump's latest attacks on the judge from the Trump University lawsuit, which has sparked major backlash from (more…)
Republicans denounce Trump for criticizing judge over race
02:30 — Donald Trump has repeatedly said the judge overseeing the fraud lawsuit against Trump University is biased because of his Mexican heritage. That's not (more…)
10:28 — Marsh meets his hero, The Candy Diet Guru Garrett Philanders.
11:43 — A vicious storm on Ghost Planet has Space Ghost scared silly. Moltar chats with meteorologist Mark McEwen about the weather pattern. Also appearing is (more…)
Til' Death: Cast Interview
01:51 — |Eddie Kaye Thomas|Joely Fisher|Brad Garrett|Kat Foster|'Til Death
TV Guide Magazine Photo Shoot: Cast of Til' Death Pt. 1
31:32 — |Eddie Kaye Thomas|Joely Fisher|Brad Garrett|Kat Foster|'Til Death
TV Guide Magazine Photo Shoot: Cast of 'Til Death Pt. 2
10:45 — |Eddie Kaye Thomas|Joely Fisher|Brad Garrett|Kat Foster|'Til Death
Protesters target Trump supporters in California
03:07 — The already bitter fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has reached a whole new level. Protesters attacked Trump supporters Thursday after t (more…)
How the Clinton campaign responded to Trump's jail comments
02:05 — Hillary Clinton delivered a blistering speech on Thursday attacking Donald Trump's foreign policy. Afterwards, Trump upped his own rhetoric, saying Cl (more…)
Trump reacts to Clinton's speech on Twitter
01:23 — Donald Trump started reacting to Hillary Clinton's speech before she even delivered it -- a political artform known as the pre-buttal. Clinton's attac (more…)
Donald Trump thinks he can turn California into a red state
07:10 — CBS News' Major Garrett discusses Donald Trump's strategy to win California in a potential general election.
Trump targets Clinton as Obama lobs new attack
02:52 — Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton's foreign policy experience disqualifies her from being commander in chief. At a late-night rally in California, Tru (more…)
Trump rips press over veterans donation questions
02:54 — Donald Trump snarled at reporters for consistently asking for details about funds raised and disbursed for veterans groups. Major newspapers are fight (more…)
What Trump's hostility toward press could mean for possible presidency
08:24 — Donald Trump provided a heavy dose of contempt for the press while being questioned about the money he raised and donated to veterans groups. Meanwhil (more…)
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