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Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination with fiery address
03:48 — The Republican National Convention finished with a clear message from the party's new leader. Donald Trump told the world he will solve America's prob (more…)
Trump paints dark image of America
02:31 — Donald Trump held a campaign rally on Friday following the end of the RNC, where his acceptance speech painted an America in despair. He continued wit (more…)
Trump delivers grim speech to end Republican convention
05:09 — CBS News' Major Garrett breaks down Donald Trump's 76-minute acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.
Trump focuses on threats and fears in acceptance speech
02:45 — Donald Trump's acceptance speech for the Republican Party's nomination lasted one hour and 15 minutes. Trump promised to fight for the American people (more…)
Ted Cruz snubs Donald Trump in convention speech
03:26 — The GOP presidential candidate who finished second to Donald Trump stole the show at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night. Delegates boo (more…)
Trump on gay rights
05:04 — The final night of the Republican National Convention featured more talk about LGBTQ rights than any previous GOP convention. Major Garrett, Nancy Cor (more…)
Democrats react to Donald Trump's speech
12:48 — Democrats like Hillary Clinton took to Twitter throughout Donald Trump's RNC speech to share their thoughts. Major Garrett, Nancy Cordes and Leslie Sa (more…)
2016 RNC final day: What to Expect
05:08 — The Republican National Convention enters it's fourth and last day. CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez, Former senior communications director f (more…)
Donald Trump's big night at RNC
02:36 — It's the final night of the Republican National Convention and Donald Trump will accept the nomination for president. Major Garrett has more.
How did the crowd respond to Trump's speech?
10:16 — Donald Trump spoke for over 70 minutes Friday night at the Republican National Convention. Nancy Cordes, Major Garrett and Leslie Sanchez joined CBSN (more…)
Breaking down Ivanka Trump's RNC remarks
12:34 — Ivanka Trump took her introduction for her father as an opportunity to praise Donald Trump's record with women. Major Garrett, Leslie Sanchez and Nanc (more…)
Melania Trump's speechwriter offers to resign, but Trump does not accept
04:34 — CBS News' Major Garrett breaks down the Melania Trump speech debacle. A speechwriter said she made a mistake and apologized for using passages from a (more…)
Republicans focus on Clinton, not Trump, at GOP convention
07:45 — CBS News' Major Garrett discusses the GOP's focus on Hillary Clinton -- not Donald Trump -- during the Republican convention.
Trump returns to Cleveland for Pence night at RNC
02:51 — After a one day break away from the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump returned to Cleveland Wednesday to introduce Indiana Gov. Mike Pence' (more…)
Looking back at day three of the RNC
11:14 — Day three of the Republican National Convention is over. Mo Rocca and Major Garrett join CBSN to talk about the day's biggest moments.
What to expect from the RNC tonight
07:32 — CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN with insight on what to expect from night three at the Republican National Conventio (more…)
Ted Cruz booed off stage during RNC
15:57 — Ted Cruz was booed off the stage Wednesday when he didn't endorse Donald Trump at the RNC. Major Garrett and Mo Rocca joined CBSN to talk about Cruz's (more…)
Trump campaign deals with Melania speech fallout
04:24 — Donald Trump has landed in Cleveland to introduce running mate Mike Pence at Wednesday night's RNC meeting. His arrival comes right as one of his camp (more…)
Trump officially claims Republican nomination
03:23 — Donald Trump is now officially the Republican presidential nominee. The political outsider beat 16 other candidates, and two of his toughest rivals, T (more…)
Here's why day one of the RNC didn't disappoint
07:24 — CBS News' Major Garrett and The Atlantic's Alex Wagner join CBSN to discuss the unconventional first day of the Republican National Convention.
Breaking down Donald Trump Jr.'s RNC speech
09:14 — Donald Trump Jr. was one of the primetime speakers during day two of the Republican National Convention. Mo Rocca and Major Garrett joined CBSN to dis (more…)
Roll call at RNC cements Trump nomination
02:36 — It's the moment Donald Trump craved and the Republican establishment dreaded. Donald Trump cemented the GOP nomination on day two of the convention. M (more…)
Republican convention begins with drama and division
03:12 — Presumptive nominee Donald Trump broke opening-night tradition at the Republican National Convention by introducing the featured speaker -- his wife. (more…)
Looking forward to day three of the RNC
09:15 — GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence will be one of the speakers on day three of the Republican National Convention. Steve Chaggaris, Leslie San (more…)
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