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Guy Love
02:36 — In this excerpt from the Scrubs musical episode, J.D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison) turn their talents to singing in this tongue-in-cheek mus (more…)
Week 1: Vikings at Lions Game Highlights 2013
14:41 — Week 1: Vikings at Lions Game Highlights 2013
First Look
03:30 — Get a first look at the new comedy Superior Donuts.
Superior Donuts - Got Something to Tell You
01:54 — Nadine reveals the truth as to why she has been avoiding Franco.
Superior Donuts - Eavesdropping, Lies and Deceits
02:33 — The shop has privacy issues and it all comes out.
Superior Donuts - Blazer Boys
01:59 — Fawz and Carl attempt to help Franco with his art show.
Superior Donuts - Officially An Artist
02:35 — Franco stands up to his father.
Superior Donuts - Bam Bam
02:57 — After Franco's interest in his art is renewed, he paints a mural of a fallen friend.
Superior Donuts - It's Art!
01:48 — Arthur fights for Franco's mural to remain on the wall when community leaders attempt to take it down
Superior Donuts - A Day In The Life At Superior Donuts With Jermaine Fowler
12:09 — Follow Jermaine Fowler, star and Executive Producer of Superior Donuts, as he shares what a typical day is like on the set of the series, from the wri (more…)
Superior Donuts - I Don't Need Your Help
02:39 — Arthur gets angry when Franco brings Helen to Superior Donuts.
Superior Donuts - Date Night
01:45 — Franco helps Arthur get ready for a date.
Superior Donuts - Superior Nuts
03:02 — Franco gets hurt while trying to fix the Superior Donuts sign.
Superior Donuts - Problem Solved
03:26 — DeLuca tricks Franco and Arthur into going to the hospital.
Superior Donuts - The Talk
02:25 — Franco tells Arthur what it's like being a young black man in Chicago. Also, Randy and James confront Officer Li.
Superior Donuts - Officer Not So Friendly
02:35 — Franco and Sweatpants have a run-in with Officer Li after finding Arthur's baseball.
Superior Donuts - Arthur Stands Up For Franco
03:25 — Randy helps Arthur realize that Franco is good for him and the shop.
Introducing Jermaine Fowler
02:16 — Go behind the scenes with Superior Donuts star Jermaine Fowler as he shares the best piece of advice he's ever received, what inspired him to be a com (more…)
Superior Donuts - Trust Issues
02:14 — Arthur explains to Franco why he has had a difficult time trusting him.
Superior Donuts - Collateral Damage
03:20 — After Franco holds a protest, Arthur shows him that sometimes it can have unintended consequences.
Superior Donuts - Big Ideas
03:12 — Arthur knows the donut industry is changing and has a few things to teach Franco.
Superior Donuts - The Arthur Way
03:37 — Franco becomes fed up when too many people take his generosity for granted.
Learn The Recipe For Superior Donuts
02:33 — Hear from stars Jermaine Fowler, Judd Hirsch, Katey Sagal and more about why fans should check out this delicious new comedy. Watch the series premier (more…)
Superior Donuts - Ass Dope
01:40 — Franco shows Arthur his appreciation and keeps his job in the process.
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