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Superior Donuts - Trust Issues
02:14 — Arthur explains to Franco why he has had a difficult time trusting him.
Superior Donuts - Gimme Your Money!
02:00 — Franco is mugged on the way to the bank.
Superior Donuts - Gun!
01:58 — Arthur buys a gun in order to protect himself.
Superior Donuts - One Big Misunderstanding
03:33 — Franco confronts Arthur about not getting rid of his gun.
Superior Donuts - Big Ideas
03:12 — Arthur knows the donut industry is changing and has a few things to teach Franco.
Superior Donuts - Guru Of The Glaze
01:17 — Franco makes a hot new donut creation.
Superior Donuts - Arthur Stands Up For Franco
03:25 — Randy helps Arthur realize that Franco is good for him and the shop.
Introducing Jermaine Fowler
02:16 — Go behind the scenes with Superior Donuts star Jermaine Fowler as he shares the best piece of advice he's ever received, what inspired him to be a com (more…)
Superior Donuts - Ass Dope
01:40 — Franco shows Arthur his appreciation and keeps his job in the process.
My First Kill
When J.D. (Zach Braff) asks Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) to give the residents a pep talk, Dr. Cox takes things a little too far by telling them that in (more…)
My Best Moment
When J.D. (Zach Braff) must address a bunch of pre-med students about what it's like to be a doctor, he strays off the beaten path and chooses to disc (more…)
Her Story
When J.D. decides to use a tape recorder to gather his thoughts, the voice-overs transfer to Elliot (Sarah Chalke), who makes new friends with Molly ( (more…)
My Moment of Un-Truth
The return of an old colleague leads Carla to question her feelings for Turk while Dr. Cox tries to make Elliot see that her patient is using her to g (more…)
My Own Private Practice Guy
While J.D. (Braff) struggles with whether to tell Dr. Cox the truth about the baby's paternity, he gains some valuable insight into Dr. Cox' (John C. (more…)
My ABC's
18:33 — The Sacred Heart doctors and surgeons meet a new crop of interns - and a tough new Chief of Medicine.
My Inconvenient Truth
After watching "An Inconvenient Truth" the Janitor (Neil Flynn) vows to save the world by becoming the Environmental Officer at Sacred Heart, but the (more…)
My Best-Friend's Wedding
05:21 — The wedding day finally arrives for Turk and Carla, but they soon discover that all the planning in the world could not prepare them for the day that (more…)
Our Drunk Friend
Turk, J.D. and Dr. Kelso play matchmaker when they spot a potential love connection between Drew and Denise.
Make Room for Dani
Oscar reluctantly agrees with his agent that it's time to shake things up on his radio show and allows Dani to have a bigger role after a rival host, (more…)
My Karma
Elliot (Sarah Chalke) tries to keep up her perfect persona for her new boyfriend (guest star Rick Schroder, "NYPD Blue") for fear he won't like her if (more…)
Our Driving Issues
Kelso and Cole lean on each other for support when they find friends are hard to come by.
Superior Donuts Cast Likes Their Donuts!
01:21 — The cast of Superior Donuts spills on their favorite donut flavors.
Opposites Attract When Franco And Arthur Join Confection Forces On Superior Donuts
01:07 — Take a look at some photos from the series premiere of CBS's newest comedy Superior Donuts! Watch the series premiere of Superior Donuts on Thursday, (more…)
The Cast Of Superior Donuts Is All About The Humor And The Heart
02:40 — Executive Producers Bob Daily, Neil Goldman, and Garrett Donovan, along with stars Judd Hirsch, Jermaine Fowler, and Katey Sagal discuss Superior Donu (more…)
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