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Torchwood's John Barrowman Teases Doctor Who Return, Attempts to Calm Ianto Fans

John Barrowman

Hey, Steven Moffat, are you listening? John Barrowman wants back in on Doctor Who! And from the deafening cheers that accompanied the suggestion at Comic-Con, viewers do too.

During Thursday's Fan Favorites panel, Doctor Who star Matt Smith told the crowd that he'd love to welcome back Barrowman, who originated the role of Captain Jack Harkness on the long-running sci-fi hit, for the show's upcoming 50th anniversary.

"I would love to do it," Barrowman replied Friday at the panel for Starz's Torchwood. (Full disclosure: This reporter moderated it.) "I think it would be disappointing for... read more

"Greeks Bearing Gifts"

Finally, another alien episode! I must admit I've been sort of missing those space baddies. It is interesting that every alien this show has thus far encountered has been interested in either sleeping with or eating human beings. So much for "we come in peace."This time the alien in question is a floating, light-filled, Medusa-headed creature, though we don't find that out till later. To start things off, she possesses a pretty prostitute in 1812 Cardiff named Mary, you know, "like the virgin." Torchwood is called in when a body is discovered at the formerly wooded site where her prospective john lay buried, lo these many years later. And along with the body, they find an alien transporter. The team brings both back to HQ for analysis; Owen works on determining the skeleton's cause of death (and gender, as it turns out, since his initial guess that it was a woman proves wrong), while Jack tries to unscramble the artifact.Meanwhile, Tosh visits a bar to sip away her increasing discom... read more


And with that... we hit the first Torchwood clunker. This episode verged at times on the absurd (yes, I'm aware that it's a sci-fi series — you know what I mean) but mostly was just rather boring. For the first time I was aware that it was an hour-long show; while last week my heart was in my throat waiting to see how it turned out, this week I was sort of waiting for it to be over.The story revolved around a cybernetic menace who gave a whole new meaning to the term "bionic woman." Lisa, a gorgeous former Torchwood employee, was at some point in the organization's murky past "upgraded" with cybernetic implants to fight a gruesome battle. As the episode begins, Ianto is sneaking a doctor who specializes in such matters into the HQ basement, where he's hidden Lisa — who, in her former manifestation, was his girlfriend, and still considers herself as such. She's the last of her kind (as far as we know; please let her be the last) and only escaped because Ianto rescued her. T... read more

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