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You Smell Like Wet Garbage!
05:36 — Steve kicks off the hour with an installment of “The Way I See It,” with a comical look at some of today’s hottest headlines.
Maya Fights for JJ's Rights
01:32 — A garbage ramp is not good enough for her son.
Bomb explodes in New York City
00:56 — Twenty-nine people were hurt, one of them seriously, when a device exploded in a garbage container in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood last night. Ann (more…)
Device Explodes at Race On Jersey Shore; No Injuries Reported
01:16 — A device exploded around the start of a 5K Marine charity race Saturday on the Jersey Shore. Officials say the device appeared to be a pipe bomb that (more…)
Device explodes at New Jersey charity race
00:41 — An unspecified device, possibly akin to a M-80 firecracker, detonated in a garbage can near a charity race in Seaside Park, N.J. Al Della Fave of the (more…)
Students Replace American Flags After Vandals Ruin 9/11 Memorial on Anniversary
01:08 — The Occidental College Republican Club found a memorial it built for the victims of 9/11 vandalized over the weekend of the 15th anniversary of the te (more…)
Bear Cub Obey Police Officer's Orders After Breaking Into Sheriff's Office
00:53 — An unusual police run-in took place in Auburn, California when an officer stumbled upon a baby bear checking out the station's garbage situation. The (more…)
Landfill Harmonic - Official Trailer
02:00 — Landfill Harmonic follows the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. When thei (more…)
I Was a Garbage Man: Denzel Washington Compares His First Job to His Career Now
01:20 — Actors Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg talk with Larry King about the differences between working in Hollywood and real hard work.
Hoarder Is Running Out of Time On 'Buried Alive'
03:12 — On TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive, we meet Geoffrey, a single father of two who was forced to sell his home or face foreclosure. However, after living t (more…)
Watch Mom Bravely Rescue Puppy Trapped Inside Garbage Bag Left As Roadkill
00:59 — Malissa Lewis drove by something truly frightening. It was a black garbage bag moving off the side of a fairly desolate road. With no idea what was in (more…)
Garbage While Eating
05:07 — Teresa Guidice doesn't want to bring up garbage while eating, she asks about Danielle Staub.
Sailing Rio’s Spoiled Bay
03:39 — Two years ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics, sailors on Rio’s Guanabara Bay train in water tainted by sewage and garbage runoff from poor neighborhood (more…)
TIL: Cairo’s “Garbage People” Farm Their City's Trash
01:19 — In this episode of Today I Learned, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Thomas Taha Rassam Culhane introduces the Zabaleen and explains how they’ve (more…)
KLG, Sheinelle On How to Get Rid of Your Kids’ Pacifier
01:30 — Kathie Lee and guest co-host Sheinelle Jones chat about how to wean your baby off a pacifier and how KLG convinced her son that the garbage man had ta (more…)
David Letterman ‘Late Show’ Set Trashed 1 Day After Finale
00:45 — Less than a day after David Letterman’s last “Late Show” appearance, construction crews were spotted dumping his set in the garbage.
01:26 — Snow White and the Seven Modern Dwarves is the kind of garbage film we expect to see any day now. Because everything old is new again, but worse. Hey (more…)
This 21-Year-Old May Have Invented a Way to Clean up Our Oceans
02:10 — Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat wants to build the largest floating barrier ever deployed and use the ocean’s own currents to capture plastic to clean u (more…)
These Musicians Made Their Instruments Out of Trash
00:33 — "Garbage Orchestra" makes cool instruments and sweet tunes — all from recycled trash.
Celebrity Jeopardy!: Calista Flockhart, Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery
05:47 — Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek endures celebrity contestants Calista Flockhart, Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery as their incompetence derails the show.
Trash Peeking in Seattle? That (might Be) Illegal
06:10 — Atty. Ethan Blevins discusses the privacy lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court by the Pacific Legal Foundation arguing that Seattle is violatin (more…)
This Syrian Toymaker Makes Toys Out of Trash for Syrian Children
01:22 — In his old life, Kareem was a carpenter. Now he makes toys out of garbage for Syrian children.
How Do I Get Rid of That Water Stain?
04:14 — “House Smarts” host  Lou Manfredini answers your home repair questions, from how to handle a scratched-up hardwood floor to a weird noise in your garb (more…)
Making Clean Money Is a Dirty Job
03:28 — Tens of thousands of "recycling men" have fanned out across Turkey, sorting the garbage that most citizens prefer not to think about. They've become (more…)
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