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Eric Dane Leaving Grey's Anatomy

Eric Dane

Eric Dane has decided to leave the cast of Grey's Anatomy, has confirmed.

As first reported, Dane, who portrays Dr. Mark Sloan on the ABC medical series, will exit Grey's during... read more

Grey’s Anatomy Drafts FNL’s Gaius Charles for Recurring Role

Gaius Charles

Friday Night Lights alum Gaius Charles is joining Grey's Anatomy for the medical show's upcoming ninth season, has confirmed.

Charles, 29, has signed on for a recurring role... read more

Friday Night Lights’ Gaius Charles Returns to the Field for Necessary Roughness

Gaius Charles

Gaius Charles admits he was a bit hesitant when he was first approached to play a football player on Necessary Roughness. After all, Charles had already clocked serious playing time on the Dillon Panthers' high school football team as Brian "Smash" Williams on Friday Night Lights — a role he is still widely known for four years after leaving the series.

"My initial reaction was: 'Do I really want to play another football character?" Charles tells "And then I had the chance to... read more

Friday Night Lights Comes to an End: Cast Talks Series-Saving Fans, Turning on the Panthers

Zach Gilford, Taylor Kitsch, Gaius Charles

In the second part of our farewell to Friday Night Lights, producers and cast talk about the show's controversial storylines (murder! abortion!), the show-saving fan campaigns, sending the Taylors to East Dillon and (unbelievably!) hating on the Panthers.

Part 1: Friday Night Light comes to an end: Producers and cast remember building Dillon spoke to stars Kyle Chandler (Eric Taylor), Connie Britton (Tami Taylor), Aimee Teegarden (Julie Taylor), Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins), Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen), Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty), Michael B. Jordan (Vince Howard), and executive producers Jason Katims and David Nevins about the long road to that final Texas sunset. The series finale airs Wednesday at 9 pm on DirecTV...

read more

Keck's Exclusives: Friday Night Lights' Reverend Smash?

Friday Night Lights

When Friday Night Lights brings back its starting season lineup before the big 2011 series finale, the Panthers will be missing one beloved player. Turns out Gaius Charles, so great as Brian "Smash" Williams, has embraced God over football and is pursuing a masters degree in divinity.

"He and I used to text, but he has fallen off the radar," reports Lone Star's Adrianne Palicki, who will bring Tyra back to town... read more

Gaius Charles' Smashing Run Ends on Friday Night Lights

Gaius Charles

Gaius Charles plays a guy who needs no more introduction on Friday Night Lights than the word "Smash." Sadly, Charles' tailback will walk off the field for the last time on Wednesday's episode of FNL (Oct 22 at 9 pm/ET on DirecTV). spoke with Charles about what he loved most about playing Smash, his bonds with cast members, and what scene was the most emotional scene for him to film in the final episode... read more

Friday Night Lights MVPs to See Less Playing Time

Gaius Charles by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo, Scott Porter by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

Friday Night Lights regulars Gaius Charles (aka Smash) and Scott Porter (Jason) will be spending some time on the bench, having been bumped to recurring status for Season 3.As reported by EW's Ausiello, exec producer Jason Katims had to make this tough call in part due to budgetary reasons, but is committed to bringing both players' stories to a proper conclusion. FNL returns Oct. 1, on DirecTV's 101 channel. — Matt Mitovich read more

A Can't-Miss Friday Night Lights

Zach Gilford in Friday Night Lights by Bill Records/NBC Photo

You want to know why we fans of Friday Night Lights go on and on about this show, despite its sad ratings and aggravating lack of presence on the various clueless awards show? I’ll tell you why we go on and on about it. Tonight’s episode is why.This hour is on par with the best of the first season, and that’s saying something. It’s some of the finest TV you’re likely to see all year. I’ve watched certain parts of this episode several times, and each time it takes my breath away with its emotional power. Friday Night Lights is one of those rare series that breaks your heart and lifts your spirit all at once.Even one of TV’s most familiar subplots, a parent preparing a child for a driving test, has unexpected depth—thanks to the subtext of the relationship between Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) and daughter Julie (Aimee Teegarden), which has been fraught with conflict all season. The distracted mom and the rebellious teen: seen it before, but rare... read more

Who Do You Think You Are?

Hello FNL fans, Leah is on vacation, so I’m filling in. If you don’t know me yet, I’m Casey. So much happened tonight! This episode felt like a stepping stone to greater, not always better, things to come.I’ve been sick all week, so please bear with me. Some people may think this episode was dated, but in the real and present world, race and gender still matter to many. I liked how this episode touched on those issues. I’ll start with the Taylor’s. I hated seeing Shelley go last week, but it gave FNL another opportunity to tackle family values and issues. Some people, like Mac McGill, believe a woman’s place is at home. But as Coach Taylor pointed out, “That just sounds stupid and ignorant when you say it aloud.” Thank you Coach! I am one of four children and both of my parents have worked full-time jobs for their entire 28 years of marriage. My mother’s a flight attendant. I’m still dumbfounded by people‘s rea... read more

I know everyone talks about ...

Question: I know everyone talks about the Landry/Tyra murder on Friday Night Lights, so I won't talk about that other than to say I didn't hate the storyline, and if the writers had another chance at it, I think they should have done it differently. I want to talk about Smash and his underuse this season. I thought Gaius Charles was one of the finest actors on the show last year, along with Zach Gilford, but this season I think he has had only two scenes in four episodes. They have overused Landry and Julie's stories this years, and both are fine actors, but it's not worth the elimination of Smash Williams. Shows always overuse actors that people like initially but eventually get sick of. Think of Entourage and Billy Walsh. Do you agree? Answer: You're about to get your wish. The next two episodes (Nov. 16 and 30) appear to be Smash-centric, as he begins the process of college recruitment. I wasn't all that bothered by the use (or underuse, as you put it) of Smash, who in the earl ... read more

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