Gabrielle Giffords

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Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords: We're With Her
03:25 — Captain Mark Kelly, a former NASA astronaut and husband of Gabrielle Giffords, tells NBC's Andrea Mitchell why he supports Hillary Clinton. For him, i (more…)
Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords urge gun control at the DNC
07:10 — Astronaut Mark Kelly and former U.S. rep Gabrielle Giffords spoke at the DNC in support of gun control. They both declared their support for Hillary C (more…)
DNC chair on sit-in: "Cowardly act" for GOP to not allow gun control vote
03:31 — During the sit-in staged by House Democrats, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz read a message from a former colleague, Gabrielle Giffords (more…)
Passage: Michael Graves leaves his mark on postmodernism
01:48 — The architect and designer Michael Graves died Thursday at his home in New Jersey. He was a champion of rejecting unadorned box-like designs, creating (more…)
A parade of history on St. Patrick’s Day
02:52 — Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen shares his opinion on the significance of St. Patrick's Day in South Boston, and about a parade tradition that he (more…)
A North Carolina sculptor turns sticks into art
06:29 — Work crews deep in the woods collect raw materials to build the grand designs of sculptor Patrick Dougherty, also known as “The Stickman.â€? Anna We (more…)
American shakes up the German beer scene
05:26 — In Germany, foaming golden beer is more than a drink, it's the lifeblood of tourism, and for Germans, a pillar of national identity. But the younger g (more…)
Jill Biden Christens Ship Named After Gabrielle Giffords
00:21 — The U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords is ready for sea duty. Former congresswoman Giffords, who was severely wounded in a shooting back in 2011, was on hand a (more…)
Gabby Giffords Appears in New Hillary Clinton Gun Control Ad
00:31 — Hillary Clinton has launched an ad blitz in Arizona, focusing on education and the deportation of immigrants. Another ad features former Arizona congr (more…)
Gabby Giffords: 'Strong Women Get Things Done'
01:05 — Former representative Gabrielle Giffords speaks in support of Hillary Clinton at the DNC.
Gabby Giffords: 'Strong Women Get Things Done'
01:05 — Former representative Gabrielle Giffords speaks in support of Hillary Clinton at the DNC.
Charles Spencer, Di's brother, is minding his manor
08:03 — The Spencer family estate, Althorp, is 13,000 acres of English farmland and forest spread roughly the size of Manhattan. Tracy Smith takes a tour of t (more…)
Chris Rosati proves the butterfly effect
02:52 — Rosati, who has ALS, first caught Steve Hartman’s attention by giving away donuts; he's gone on to have an effect on a much wider world stage, thank (more…)
Giffords shooting "hero" still insists he wasn't
04:54 — Daniel Hernandez is credited with saving the life of Gabrielle Giffords after the Arizona congresswoman was shot in the head a year ago. He was an int (more…)
Gabby Giffords speaks four years into her recovery
09:02 — Ex-Arizona congresswoman was targeted, while she was still in office, during assassination attempt that killed six others in January 2011; she and her (more…)
Giffords Breathing on Her Own
02:40 — Erica Hill speaks with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about the latest on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' condition and outlook.
Hero Intern Reacts to Obama's Speech
04:18 — Erica Hill talks to Bill Hileman, husband of Arizona shooting victim, Suzi Hileman and Daniel Hernandez, the 20-year-old intern who helped save the li (more…)
How one dog helped change one woman’s life
07:38 — With the help of her English bulldog Zelda, Carol Gardner built a multi-million dollar greeting card business. She started at the ripe young age of 52 (more…)
Almanac: The Ides of March
02:27 — On a March 15th 2,059 years ago, a gang of togaed conspirators assassinated Julius Caesar. Jane Pauley reports.
Eye-Opening Women: Caroline Kennedy
04:35 — As part of our week-long series "Eye-Opening Women," Caroline Kennedy joined "CBS This Morning" to announce the 2013 recipient of the JFK Profile in C (more…)
Calendar: Week of March 16
01:16 — Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day, and Friday is the first day of Spring - just some of the notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.
Jared Loughner hearing in Phoenix
00:19 — Jeff Glor reports on a hearing scheduled for Jared Loughner, the accused shooter of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
Update on Rep. Giffords' Condition
02:08 — Jeff Glor speaks with University Medical Center's Dr. Michael Lemole about Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' condition.
Mark Kelly: With gun rights come responsibilities
02:34 — Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, argued today at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence that we as a nation are sh (more…)
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