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Judge Declares Mistrial in South Carolina Police Killing
10:42 — NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports on the mistrial of South Carolina police Officer Michael Slager who was accused of murdering Walter Scott in 2015.
Joe On Slager Case: This Is Clearly Murder
03:37 — The fourth day of deliberations in the trial of the police officer who shot Walter Scott begins Monday, but an obvious ruling is anything but guarante (more…)
Jury: No Consensus in Walter Scott Case
05:40 — Thomas Roberts, Gabe Gutierrez and Ari Melber discuss the lack of consensus among jurors in the South Carolina police killing case that left Walter Sc (more…)
Protests Peaceful After Charlotte Cop Who Shot Keith Lamont Scott Is Cleared of Charges
02:21 — Demonstrators have taken to the streets following the announcement that North Carolina officer Brent Vinson would not be charged in the fatal shooting (more…)
Scientists Call for Swing State Recounts
01:35 — A group of computer scientists are urging Hillary Clinton to ask for a recount, claiming voting irregularities surfaced in three swing states. Gabe Sh (more…)
‘He’s Not the Establishment,’ Say Small-town Voters Who Helped Elect Donald Trump
02:26 — President-elect Donald Trump was able to win battleground states with the help of big voter turnout in small towns. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports for T (more…)
Part 1: How Robbie Reyes Became Ghost Rider
02:57 — Robbie begins to tell Gabe the truth about what happened that night.
Ghost Rider vs. Director Mace
01:20 — Gabe begs his brother to stop as it looks like he's about to kill Mace.
Part 2: How Robbie Reyes Became Ghost Rider
04:07 — Robbie tells Gabe a good samaritan didn't save them, it was the devil.
Sneak Peek Episode 6: Race Flashback
01:26 — Gabe catches Robbie taking their uncle's car out to race and goes along.
Gabe Broussard: "It Will Rain"
02:00 — The 15-year-old artist delivers a strong performance of "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars.
UW Student Accused of Multiple Sex Assaults
02:51 — NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports on the University of Wisconsin-Madison student who is facing multiple counts related to sexual assault allegations.
Serial Rapist On Wisconsin Campus? Multiple Women Come Forward After Student's Arrest
02:30 — Multiple women are accusing Alec Cook, a student at the University of Wisconsin, of sexual assault, and now investigators say they’ve made a disturbin (more…)
Gabe Heinrich Strip-Sack
00:17 — Gabe Heinrich combines for a sack and force fumble versus Ridgefield.
Christian Fermin vs. Gabe Broussard: "The Reason"
05:26 — Christian Fermin and Gabe Broussard sing Hoobastank's "The Reason" in the hopes of remaining on Team Blake.
Haiti Begins Receiving Emergency Aid After Being Ravaged by Hurricane Matthew
00:54 — Aid is finally starting to trickle into Haiti as the death toll from Hurricane Matthew climbed past 1,000. The United Nations estimates that more than (more…)
Gabe Discovers Daisy’s Identity
01:20 — Gabe tells Daisy he knows she's Quake.
Daisy & Robbie Team up
01:44 — The pair take on a group of punks targeting Robbie's brother Gabe.
Gabe Navarro First 4 Games Highlights
06:37 — #18 Freshman QB
Hurricane Matthew Slams Into Haiti; Will It Hit US?
01:51 — Packing 145-mph winds, the powerful Category 4 Hurricane Matthew is slamming into Haiti with flooding rain and massive waves. And as of Tuesday mornin (more…)
Hurricane Matthew Roars Through the Caribbean
01:46 — NBC News' Gabe Gutierrez joins live from Port-au-Prince, Haiti to discuss Hurricane Matthew's progression as it tears through through the Caribbean, t (more…)
Mark Dantonio: "Everyone has choice to make"
01:10 — Caption: Dantonio talks about the three MSU football player lineman Gabe Sherrod, safety Kenny Lyke and running back Delton Williams raised a fist du (more…)
Gabe Heinrich #68 tackle
00:10 — Gabe Heinrich # 68 tackle vs. Mark Morris
Remembering Gabe Rygaard
We are saddened by the loss of a beloved member of our HISTORY family. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult (more…)
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