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Tornadoes, Flooding Continue to Hit Midwest: ‘I Was Scared for My Life’
03:22 — For the third day in a row, severe weather is hitting the Midwest, and now the South is getting a taste of the storms as well. In parts of Texas, peop (more…)
Tornadoes Tear Through Plains: Flooding, Wind – and a Tale of Survival
02:51 — Wild weather swept across the country Tuesday, with 26 possible tornadoes reported across four states. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports for TODAY.
The Podcast
09:20 — Gabe tries to impress corporate by recording a podcast for the Sabre website. However, his plans for a small, meaningful profile of Kevin quickly unra (more…)
All Will Be Well
03:28 — Conviction Music Video, "All Will be Well" by the Gabe Dixon Band-- a performance music video from the Nashville based trio, led by singer-song writer (more…)
Officials Add Sensor After ‘Can Opener’ Bridge Causes 107 Crashes
02:35 — After years of trucks accidently skimming the bottom of a low-hanging bridge in North Carolina, sensors were installed alerting drivers if their vehic (more…)
Ax Men: Chopping Block Trailer
00:30 — Airs February 28th at 10/9c on HISTORY! At Rygaard, one of the greenhorns goes AWOL and Gabe has him on the chopping block. But he's not the only one (more…)
Zach Woods of ‘Silicon Valley’: Why I Don’t Watch My Show
03:10 — Known for such roles as Gabe Lewis on “The Office,” actor Zach Lewis now plays a geeky techie on HBO’s comedy “Silicon Valley.” But it turns out he al (more…)
Tornadoes Leave Path of Destruction in Kentucky; 23 Million Remain at Risk
02:11 — More states are on high alert for severe weather Wednesday after another round of powerful tornadoes hit on Tuesday causing significant damage in Mayf (more…)
Storm Chasers Reveal How They Capture Heart-Stopping Tornado Moments
01:18 — Amazing video of storm chasers driving right into monster tornados ripping through the Midwest is fascinating the country. One video showcased a twist (more…)
Ohio and TN Valleys Brace for Extreme Weather
03:28 — NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez talks to Oklahoma residents after the severe weather that killed two people. Extreme weather is also set to hit the Ohio and Tenn (more…)
In Wake of Tornadoes, Plains States Brace for Massive Storm
03:30 — A dangerous storm system threatened to spin off tornadoes and dump large hail in its march across the Plains states on Monday, hours after tornados al (more…)
Super Start/Select - Assassin's Creed explained
11:00 — In today's show, the writer of Assassin's Creed: Revelations demystifies Desmond's ancestry and we give away RAGE goodies. Also, in the news: Bethesda (more…)
Anonymous Twitter Account Alleges Rape
01:51 — Disturbing allegations of gang rape at an Atlanta university were posted on an anonymous Twitter account on Wednesday. NBC News' Gabe Gutierrez report (more…)
Atlanta Universities Investigating Alleged Gang Rape
02:04 — Spelman and Morehouse Colleges are investigating an alleged gang rape. This began after a post on Monday from an anonymous Twitter account became publ (more…)
Drone Industry Takes Off As Home Delivery Gets Closer
02:45 — The largest drone convention of its kind is underway and with the industry exploding like never before, one company is predicting “drone delivery” cou (more…)
Puerto Rican Hospitals Hard Hit by Debt Crisis
03:50 — NBC News Gabe Gutierrez explains why Puerto Rico is expected to default on a $422M debt payment. The island is also battling a Zika outbreak and many (more…)
01:26 — this was Gabriel's second year of wrestling with no prior experience.
Marijuana 'grow Operations' Found at Scenes of Family Executions
02:51 — Marijuana "grow operations" were found at three of four scenes where eight members of an Ohio family were found murdered "execution style," authoritie (more…)
Shooter On the Loose After 8 Found Dead in 'execution-style' Killings
02:30 — Eight members of an Ohio family were found slain "execution style" Friday with a bullet to the head in a small town east of Cincinnati. Police said th (more…)
Cobra Starship On Beavis And Butthead
00:17 — Gabe admits he was never really sure about 'spanking the monkey.' That's animal abuse.
Cobra Starship's Secret Arrival
00:41 — Gabe Saporta gives a hint about their coveted arrival on the red carpet. (9.11.09)
New Video, Details Emerge Surrounding Shooting Death of NFL Star Will Smith
01:42 — Police in New Orleans have uncovered new evidence and surveillance video in the shooting death of former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith, as a key (more…)
Inside the Trump Campaign
06:47 — Chris Hayes talks to New York Magazine's Gabe Sherman about the unorthodox campaign Trump has built up around him.
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