Remembering Gabe Rygaard
We are saddened by the loss of a beloved member of our HISTORY family. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult (more…)
Accident On Logzilla
02:22 — Brad and Swilley go diving in the rain and Brad accidentally stabs Swilley in the hand.
Intro Woodchucks
02:34 — We meet these intrepid "urban loggers" who are tearing down a massive, ancient grain silo to harvest millions of dollars worth of specialty timber.
The Visitor
03:41 — Mike Papac has a visit from his estranged father.
Kraken Beats a Drum
02:25 — The Dreadknots are trying to gain an edge by adding pontoons to their boat when the Kraken accidentally punctures one.
Flipping Burgers
04:18 — Joe and Coatsy are out of work, so they decide to get jobs working in a diner.
Shelby and Donald
03:20 — Shelby takes his neighbor Donald out scavenging and they run over a boat.
Working in the Woods
01:01 — Gabe and Craig Rygaard describe what it's like to have a forest for an office
Jet Boat Joyride
03:13 — Shelby's got his favorite toy back from the shop juiced up and ready to ride.
Tree-Falling Close Call
03:28 — At Rygaard, DJ and Gabe are cutting trees when a snag falls, narrowly missing Gabe.
Free Fallin'
02:35 — After lecturing his crew on site safety, Mike has his own close call.
Enter the Dreadknots
01:42 — Introducing three of some of the most menacing, cockiest characters in town who pull beautiful wood out of the roughest of waters.
Dreadknots Prank
01:20 — The Dreadknots sneak a stinky surprise onto the Logzilla.
DJ Gets Greased
03:06 — As a hazing prank, Craig and Wayne grease the door handles of DJ's car.
Redneck Olympics
04:11 — The Dreadknots take a break from logging to compete against each other in aseries of outrageous events.
Intro Lemare
01:15 — Canada's Lemare Lake Logging is back this season, bigger and better than ever!
Safety Sam
03:02 — The Woodchucks siteboss gives a safety lesson that the crew will never forget!
Big Gun Comes Back
01:59 — Levi outlines why this year is a whole new set of challenges.
Getting It Cranked
02:29 — Shelby tasks Belinda with getting a tool from the houseboat--but she has to shimmy across a log to get it.
Ax Men: A Logger's Thanksgiving Trailer
01:10 — Thanksgiving arrives; winter weather strikes and the men of Pihl lose one man after another to illness. The younger crew members of Gustafson blow off (more…)
Ax Men: Chopping Block Trailer
00:30 — Airs February 28th at 10/9c on HISTORY! At Rygaard, one of the greenhorns goes AWOL and Gabe has him on the chopping block. But he's not the only one (more…)
Shelby's Watering Hole, Part 1
Shelby asks his friends to help out restoring his bar boat to its former glory in Part 1 of this web exclusive.
Shelby's Watering Hole, Part 2
Shelby asks his friends to help out restoring his bar boat to its former glory in Part 2 of this web exclusive.
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