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PO Boys
01:19 — Liv and Ravi have fun at Clive's expense after learning some new things about him.
Which 1980 Film Made the Line ‘thank You Very Little’ Famous?
03:43 — With Thanksgiving just a day away, this week’s “Who Knew” is all about the phrase “thank you,” from movies to music to etiquette. Will Pearson of Ment (more…)
John Cleese and Seth: After the Interview
John Cleese and Seth have some fun while shooting a few local news promos.
How to Make an Origami Ninja Star
Whether you're a paper ninja or you just want to have some fun with paper, check out how easy it is to make an origami ninja star.
Parents Share Their Kids Hair Disasters After Playing with New 'Bunchems' Toy
Bunchems are a fun toy, unless your kid decides to put them in his or her hair. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) reports on this hair raising problem.
How to Make Homemade Marshmallows
S'mores are elevated to art when made with homemade marshmallows. Easy, fun, and just plain cheerful, these are also the perfect summer gift.
How to Spend Quality Time with Your Parents
Hanging out with the folks can be fun. Really. Trust us.
How to Balance a Broom on Your Body
This fun experiment will teach you how to find the center of gravity for any household, long-handled broom.
How to Solder
Whether you like to tinker with electronics or do your own plumbing repairs, soldering metal is an essential skill. Plus, it's kinda fun.
How to Care for a Pet Gerbil
A gerbil makes a great starter pet for a child. Gerbils are friendly, fun to watch, quiet, and clean little guys whose cages don t get smelly as fas (more…)
How to Saddle a Horse Western Style
A trail ride sounds like fun, right? Put on that saddle and let's get going.
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Lie Witness News - Star Wars Edition
Since people are so familiar with the characters and the story of Star Wars, we decided to have some fun with that. People know more about Star Wars t (more…)
Kylie Jenner and Tyga Seen Together at AMAs Post Break Up
Today Your source for all things celebrity and entertainment. They broke up last week, but are Kylie Jenner and Tyga thinking about getting back toge (more…)
How to Care for a Pet Mouse
A mouse in the house? Why not? Pet mice are cute, easy to care for, and fun to watch.
How to Make an Origami Jumping Frog
Folding one of these little critters is just half the fun once you're done, see how far and how high your frog can go, and challenge your friends to a (more…)
How to Choose a Small Pet's Cage
A small pet s home should be a safe, fun sanctuary, with lots of space to move about and a cozy bed for relaxing. Think about what you d want if you h (more…)
How to Make a Balloon-Powered Car
You can make a fun and educational balloon-powered vehicle for a school science project, or make a bunch of cars for races at a birthday party.
How to Say "Fun" in Spanish
Learn how to say 'fun' in Espanol from Spanish teacher Felipe Bonilla in this Howcast video.
How to Interpret Sex Dreams
Sex dreams can be fun, disturbing, confusing and downright weird often all at the same time. But what do they mean?
How to Dry Flowers
Dried flowers make great decorations for your home and are perfect for making unique gifts. Spruce up your home with this fun and inexpensive hobby.
How to Clean a Fireplace
Cleaning a fireplace can be as much fun as filing your bicuspids with a wood rasp, but homey comforts and family safety come at a price.
How to Hide Speakers with Old Books
Hiding your speakers in old books is creative, eco-friendly, and a fun project to do.
National Fail League: A Look at Week 11's Flops
As per usual this season, this past week featured plenty to make fun of around the NFL -- from the league's ridiculous rules regarding catches, to Cam (more…)
How to Make a Coin Battery
Sure you could take $2.50 and just buy some batteries, but how much fun would that be?
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