Wed Oct 14 12:45pm
The Thomas Crown Affair HBO2e

Remake of the Steve McQueen caper film with Pierce Brosnan as a billionaire art fancier who orchestrates the theft of a priceless masterpiece. Faye Dunaway, costar of the original film, appears as a psychiatrist.

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Fri Oct 16 5:30am
The Twilight ZoneThird from the Sun(Season 1, Episode 14) Syfy

Convinced that atomic war is inevitable, a pilot and a scientist plan to steal a spaceship and flee to another planet. Bill: Fritz Weaver. Jerry: Joe Maross. Carling: Edward Andrews. Jody: Denise Alexander. Eve: Lori March. Ann: Jeanne Evans. Guard: Will J (more…)

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Sun Oct 18 1:15pm
Creepshow IFC

Five vignettes spoofing horror comics of the '50s, directed by George A. Romero from a script by Stephen King (who plays Jordy). Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau. Vickers: Leslie Nielsen.

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Wed Oct 21 2:00pm
Law & OrderTombstoneNew(Season 15, Episode 20) ION

In a crossover episode with “Law & Order: Trial by Jury,” Green is shot as he escorts a witness to court during a murder trial. Nathan Fogg: Fritz Weaver. Ron Drexler: Paul Fitzgerald. Rosalie Helton: Linda Emond. Kenny Peluso: Robert Clohessy. Stuart (more…)

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