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Car wedged under truck dragged on Calif. freeway
01:35 — Cellphone video shows a driver lucky to be alive after his vehicle got wedged under a big rig and dragged on a California freeway.
Truck Driver Doesn't Realize He's Dragging Car Along Highway for a Half Mile
01:19 — One driver is lucky to be alive after his car was stuck under a truck on a California highway Wednesday. The scene was filmed on the 15 Freeway in Los (more…)
L.A. Is 'Evicting' Homeless People from Their Tiny Homes
01:07 — Escalating their battle to stamp out an unprecedented spread of street encampments, Los Angeles city officials have begun seizing tiny houses from hom (more…)
Homeless Sweep Over 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles
00:58 — Work crews and police remove homeless encampments along a highly visible stretch of the 101 Freeway downtown Los Angeles.
State Trooper Helps Mom Rushing To Hospital Give Birth on Freeway
00:55 — A mom's planned water birth instead became a special roadside delivery after she couldn't make it to the hospital in time. Olivia Cummings, 27, headed (more…)
Teen Asks Actress Emma Stone To Prom In Epic 'La La Land'-Inspired Music Video
01:10 — An adorable promposal went viral after an Arizona high school student recreated the opening scene from the Oscar-winning film La La Land to invite the (more…)
Harry Styles May Be a Wee Bit Hung Over
01:39 — Harry Styles was caught puking on the side of Hollywood freeway, not road.
Massive LA Fire Forces Freeway Closings
00:15 — More than 200 firefighters spent the night battling a fire at an apartment building that was under construction near downtown Los Angeles. The buildin (more…)
Protests Against NY, Missouri Killings Turn Violent
00:22 — Hundreds of demonstrators in Berkeley, California, took to the streets, some of them breaking windows and setting fires. They later headed to a freewa (more…)
Biker Road Rage Victim Speaks Out: ‘I Definitely Was Afraid for My Life’
02:15 — Alex Quintana, a Lyft driver who was beaten by a biker group on a San Francisco freeway, speaks out for the first time from his hospital bed. Among hi (more…)
Video captures bikers ambushing driver on freeway
02:40 — Police in California are searching for bikers who are suspects in a violent highway attack that was captured on video. A newly-released recording show (more…)
Video Shows Biker Gang Beat Driver in Middle of San Francisco Freeway
01:29 — A pack of as many as 15 bikers brutally beat a man during a road rage incident. The melee, caught on camera, happened on a busy stretch of freeway dur (more…)
California wildfire on freeway forces motorists to flee
01:58 — A stretch of Interstate 15 in Southern California that links Los Angeles and Las Vegas was closed overnight after a wildfire crossed the freeway and s (more…)
Heat fueling wildfires in the West
01:18 — The heat wave gripping much of the nation is hampering firefighting efforts in California, where a wildfire broke out along a freeway north of Los Ang (more…)
California wildfire torches several cars on major highway
02:06 — More than a dozen vehicles were set on fire when flames from a nearby wildfire spread to the main freeway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 3,500 acr (more…)
Tiger gets loose on freeway in Qatar
00:29 — Motorists on a busy highway in Qatar had more than gridlock to worry about on a recent commute. A tiger escaped from a moving truck and proceeded to p (more…)
Watch Geese Cause The Slowest Freeway Police Chase You've Ever Seen
00:44 — This is what happens when you take shortcuts. Watch the slowest, yet cutest police chase ever for a gaggle of geese in the fast lane, stopping traffi (more…)
Watch Bizarre Police Pursuit As Cops Chase Suspect Wanted For Attempted Murder
01:34 — A bizarre police pursuit ended dramatically on a Los Angeles freeway Monday night after LAPD nabbed a man they say fled after shooting his sister-in-l (more…)
Man Dies After Being Ejected from Car and Landing on Freeway Sign
00:50 — Highway Patrol officials say a 20-year-old man was killed after he was ejected from his car during and crash and then landed on a freeway sign in Los (more…)
Don't Shut Down a Freeway to Propose
03:22 — After hearing about a company called Swan Luv, James questions the sanity of a couple that became engaged on a Houston highway.
Cops Thought Ted Cruz's Wife Sitting By Freeway Was 'Danger to Herself'
02:49 — Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, was once so depressed that a police officer wrote: "I believed that she was a danger to herself." The incident happened in 200 (more…)
Watch The Terrifying Moment Driver Uses a Crowbar on Window During Road Rage
02:02 — A California man recorded a road rage incident after he says a chauffeur got out of his vehicle and hit his window with a crowbar. Driver Shahnam Asba (more…)
How Has Life Changed For Leslie Merritt Jr. After Being Arrested As An Arizona Freeway Sniper Suspect And Now Released?
01:35 — Leslie Merritt Jr. is now a free man, after serving seven months in jail after he was arrested and accused of being the Arizona freeway sniper. But hi (more…)
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