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Missing Calif. mother found alive after three weeks
02:14 — A California mom missing for more than three weeks has been found alive after an apparent abduction. Thirty-four-year-old Sherri Papini was tied with (more…)
See America's Worst Traffic Jam Ahead of Holiday Weekend
01:22 — Tuesday's night's epic traffic jam on Los Angeles' 405 Freeway may be one of the worst in history. The massive traffic on the notorious highway was ca (more…)
The Amazing Race - Definitely Not L.A. Traffic
02:18 — Zach & Rachel freak out when their taxi reverses on the freeway.
Driver Caught Riding In HOV Lane With Mannequin Wearing Lipstick and Hoodie
00:53 — Apparently some drivers will do anything to get into the carpool express lanes during rush hour. Check out the mannequin cops discovered sitting in th (more…)
The Great Freeway Debate
03:15 — Jeff and Jenni discuss who's to blame when they get lost.
Storm Blocks California Freeway With Mud
00:53 — Rachel Maddow reports on a severe thunderstorm that swept through southern California with heavy rain and large hail, causing flash flooding and a mud (more…)
L.A. Is 'Evicting' Homeless People from Their Tiny Homes
01:07 — Escalating their battle to stamp out an unprecedented spread of street encampments, Los Angeles city officials have begun seizing tiny houses from hom (more…)
Harry Styles May Be a Wee Bit Hung Over
01:39 — Harry Styles was caught puking on the side of Hollywood freeway, not road.
Massive LA Fire Forces Freeway Closings
00:15 — More than 200 firefighters spent the night battling a fire at an apartment building that was under construction near downtown Los Angeles. The buildin (more…)
Person of Interest Detained in Phoenix Freeway Shootings
02:35 — A man detained by Arizona police and questioned in connection with a string of 11 freeway shootings was booked Friday on a marijuana charge, authoriti (more…)
Kris Jenner Injured in Car Accident
00:50 — Kris Jenner was just involved in a car wreck off the 101 freeway near her home and we're told the impact was bad enough that she may have broken her w (more…)
Engaged Under the Freeway?
01:00 — Did Caroline Manzo really get engaged under the freeway? Caroline Manzo retells the touching story of her engagement.
Kylie Jenner: DWI, Driving While Instagramming (PHOTO)
00:47 — Kylie Jenner did her dad no favors by posting a pic she took of herself driving on an L.A. freeway ... at the same time Bruce is under investigation f (more…)
Police: Suspect’s Gun Not Pawned at Time of Arizona Freeway Shootings
01:52 — The gun that police allege was used by a suspect to fire at four vehicles on an Arizona freeway in August was not pawned at the time of the shootings, (more…)
Short Take: Arizona Freeway Gunman Still On the Loose
00:53 — NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer reports from Arizona, where a series of vehicle shootings along Interstate 10 have police going undercover.
Caught On Camera: Truck Flies Off Freeway
00:25 — A dashboard camera captured a wild crash on a California freeway on Wednesday. The truck swerved across lanes, hit a car then flew over an embankment. (more…)
Protests Against NY, Missouri Killings Turn Violent
00:22 — Hundreds of demonstrators in Berkeley, California, took to the streets, some of them breaking windows and setting fires. They later headed to a freewa (more…)
2015 Mercedes-Benz S550
03:48 — The 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 offers a host of semi-autonomous driving features, and on the freeway almost drives itself -- almost.
Suspect Arrested in Arizona Freeway Shootings, Governor Says
02:22 — A police SWAT team on Friday arrested a suspect in a string of shootings along an Arizona freeway that have put drivers on edge over recent weeks, the (more…)
Captured On Video: Cops Flip Car of Wrong-way Driver After Chase
00:39 — A Utah woman is in jail Tuesday morning, accused of driving the wrong way on a freeway and leading troopers on a chase. Dash-cam video shows the vehic (more…)
Cars Catch Fire After California Wildfire Jumps Freeway
02:20 — A wind-whipped wildfire swept over a California freeway Friday, torching nearly two dozen vehicles and sending motorists running for safety. No major (more…)
Wildfire Races Across California Freeway
02:44 — Gadi Schwartz joins Steve Kornacki to explain how cars and trucks were engulfed in flames in the middle of a major Southern California interstate.
Homeless Sweep Over 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles
00:58 — Work crews and police remove homeless encampments along a highly visible stretch of the 101 Freeway downtown Los Angeles.
A Self-Driving Trip Down the 101 Freeway in a Tesla
01:15 — Jason Fudenberg, president of the Los Angeles Tesla Owners Club, drives a Tesla using autopilot on the 101 Freeway near Sherman Oaks.
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