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11:11 — Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore stars as Fred Cracklin in a 15-minute showcase for late musician Sonny Sharrock. Sharrock was the man behind the 'Space G (more…)
Flour Baby
11:11 — Fred and Starr are Home Economics partners and their homework assignment is to take care of a 5-pound sack of flour for a week. At first their partner (more…)
Fred Gets a Pet
11:31 — Fred's new pet, the common housefly "Flapper," goes missing, so Fred offers a reward. Kevin claims it, but reveals that Flapper is dead. Fred organize (more…)
Spirit of the 90's
11:36 — Fred's school is having a 1990's-themed dance and Fred is concerned about attending since he doesn't know anything about the 90's.
02:18 — Get a sneak peek of the new series PEG + CAT, premiering October 7, 2013 on PBS KIDS! This new animated preschool series follows the adorable, spirite (more…)
Driver's Fred
11:05 — Fred decides to get his driver's license and enrolls in driver's ed. While waiting for his driving instructor, Fred accidentally becomes an accomplice (more…)
Freddy and the Figglettes, Pt. 1
11:11 — Cassandra Grey, a famous music producer, comes to Fred's school looking to discover the next pop star. Starr auditions for her, but when Fred accident (more…)
Evil Fred, Pt. 1
11:05 — Kids and neighbors have witnessed Fred committing petty crimes, most of which happen to Kevin's house. Fred declares his innocence but nobody believes (more…)
Lemon Fred
11:04 — Fred starts a lemonade stand in his front yard (complete with tables and chairs, a bathroom and free wi-fi) and it becomes so successful he has to hir (more…)
Best Freds Forever
11:26 — Fred finds an old keep sake box and discovers that he and Kevin were once BFFs. In the box are several embarrassing photos that Fred uses to blackmail (more…)
Lindsay Lohan - April 15, 2006
18:53 — Staff Shake-ups Cold Opening: Wolf Blitzer (Chris Parnell) interviews the new members of the Bush White House staff, including Lindsay Lohan as a 17 y (more…)
Jeffy the Sea Serpent
11:43 — Tom and The Mayor invent a sea serpent to attract tourism. Special Guests: Fred Armisen and Bob Odenkirk
Fred the Teen Sitter
11:31 — After Kevin's mom says he needs to spend the night at Fred's house, Fred assumes she must have found one of his babysitting flyers. Fred is excited ab (more…)
Class Election, Pt. 2
11:12 — Fred and Kevin discover that their opponent for class president, Starr, is bribing students in order to win. Wanting to expose Starr as a cheater, th (more…)
No Clue
11:52 — A murder mystery unfolds at school when Fred discovers the class gerbil has died. Everyone is on edge as Fred takes it upon himself to find out "who d (more…)
The Battle of Little Figglehorn
11:31 — Fred makes some bad decisions, thinking he is moving to Alaska. He ditches class, confesses his love to Holly, and challenges Kevin to a fight. When t (more…)
11:11 — Fred's mom has had enough of Fred's over-active imagination and need for attention, and enlists the help of TV Reality Star "Mega Mom" to change his b (more…)
07:07 — The cast of MTV's newest reality show, Washington Heights, show off their incredible ink, while giving you the stories behind the pieces.
Weekend Update Thursday - October 1, 2009
18:46 — SNL goes primetime on Thursday nights once again featuring jokes and comedic bits from Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers alongside former co-anchor Am (more…)
Love Potion
11:11 — Fred makes a love potion for the girl he likes as his experiment for the Science Fair. When he goes to spray the girl, Fred accidentally sprays Kevin (more…)
Evil Fred, Pt. 2
11:05 — Kids and neighbors have witnessed Fred committing petty crimes, but Fred declares his innocence. Could there be an evil version of Fred running around (more…)
The Expired Cow
11:04 — Fred drinks expired milk and hallucinates that a cow is trying to kill him. Will Fred survive the clutches of the evil Cow Man? Probably.
Fred and the Scary Movie
11:05 — Trying to impress his new crush Holly (the "bad girl" at school), Fred pretends he's a ""bad boy"" and invites Holly over to watch a scary movie.
Six Degrees of Kevin's Bacon
11:11 — When Fred accidentally injures Kevin, he tries to make up for it by becoming Kevin's assistant. When Fred finds out Kevin was never really hurt, he se (more…)
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