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Midgard Crisis
Thor is convinced that Zarda wants to defect from Squadron Supreme, but Hulk knows better and must protect Thor from Zarda's duplicitous ways.
Coming Back Ain't Easy / Very Fairy Tale
14:43 — The Bear hates to say goodbye to Masha and can’t stand being apart. Meanwhile, other forest dwellers are chilling in the yard not knowing that thi (more…)
Opposing a Superman / The Green Lantern
07:41 — Luthor has found the Alien Ring, meanwhile civilian opposition to Superman builds in the Soviet Union and Diana grows progressively weaker. / Luthor g (more…)
Auto Antics
10:10 — The entire Gang enters its cars in the soapbox derby. Butch, once more the villain, fixes Spanky and Alfalfa's souped-up "rocket" car so that it will (more…)
The Ultron Outbreak
The Avengers reunite when Captain America and Iron Man learn to appreciate their differences while trying to save the world from ultimate destruction (more…)
New Avenger, Ant-Man, begins to atone by bringing his former allies to justice. His quest for redemption leads the team to an epic battle with Squadro (more…)
The Arsenal
The Avengers learn there's a villain in their midst a thousand times more dangerous than the Cabal ever was.
The Dark Avengers
In an alternate reality created by the Reality Stone, the Avengers discover that they are the villains and the Squadron Supreme are the heroes!
Widow's Run
Thor and Widow plan to rid the Earth of the Infinity Stones before Thanos arrives to claim them and control all of the Universe.
Avengers Disassembled
An even more powerful Ultron resurfaces and takes control of Avengers Tower and Iron Man's Hall of Armors, leading to the destruction of the Avengers (more…)
New Frontier
When an alien race begs the Avengers to save them from mysterious invaders, the team discovers Thanos is plundering the planet. Meanwhile, Tony seeks (more…)
Thanos Rising
The Avengers must stop Thanos from gaining the Power Stone - an energy force so powerful, it could cause mass destruction!
Avengers Underground
Unbeknownst to the Squadron and the rest of the world, the Avengers are in hiding and working on a plan to save the planet and stop the Squadron Supre (more…)
Secret Avengers
Working for S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't everything Captain America's team had hoped when they're expected to unquestionably follow orders involving the Crimson (more…)
Valhalla Can Wait
Hulk and Thor are tricked into a battle and transported to Valhalla to find out who is the strongest, once and for all!
Beneath the Surface
Hawkeye discovers that his spy skills have become rusty. Black Widow and Hawkeye try to stop Attuma's battalion from destroying Atlantis.
A mysterious new villain takes out the Avengers one by one! Falcon discovers that the villain is using counter measures that he created while working (more…)
Terminal Velocity
The Squadron Supreme's fastest member, Speed Demon, is on the loose and wreaking havoc throughout Avengers Tower. Hulk must save the day by fighting t (more…)
Avengers Last Stand
The Avengers are challenged by the fully formed and incredibly powerful Squadron Supreme for a battle that will end with only one team as the victor.
Crack in the System
Iron Man and Captain America try to rebuild their relationship, until Cap discovers Iron Man's hiding dangerous information about an artificial intell (more…)
The New Guy
When Ant-Man joins the Avengers, Hawkeye resigns and trains his replacement on Monster Island - unaware that Red Skull is nearby planning to cloak him (more…)
Game Over / At Your Service
14:51 — The Bear gets mixed up in a very nasty gambling story! He is ready to spend all day playing all kinds of computer games. He quits housekeeping, ho (more…)
Week 13: Bengals at Chargers Game Highlights 2013
17:04 — Week 13: Bengals at Chargers Game Highlights 2013
Head to Head
The Avengers are put to the test when Modok uses the Mind Stone to assume control of S.H.I.E.L.D. forcing the Avengers to swap minds!
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