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Fri Jul 29 6:30pm
WordGirlSparkling Clean; The Smile Collector PBS

Becky uses her WordGirl powers to complete her chores so that she can watch TV; and Becky has to choose between being a friend to Violet and protecting the city from Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy.

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Mon Aug 1 6:30pm
WordGirlBend It Like Becky; Questionable Behavior PBS

Becky's and Dr. Two-Brains' soccer teams battle on the soccer field when they both book it for the same day; Ms. Question blackmails everyone, including WordGirl.

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Tue Aug 2 6:30pm
WordGirlThe Straw That Broke Two Brains' Back; Nocan the Evil Ingredient Finding Guy PBS

Becky's Pretty Princess documentary takes a backseat to Dr. Two Brains' mischief; nothing goes according to plan for Chuck after he hires Nocan the Contrarian to assist him in a sandwich-making contest.

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Wed Aug 3 6:30pm
WordGirlThe Rise of Miss Power PBS

Parts 1 of 2 of 4. Miss Power, a new superhero, arrives in town, but she unleashes her wrath on everyone, not just villains.

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Thu Aug 4 7:10am
Dumb and Dumber HBO2

Two inept pals become embroiled in a kidnapping plot when they try to return a briefcase to a lovely woman, who left it in an airport...on purpose.

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Thu Aug 4 6:30pm
WordGirlThe Rise of Miss Power PBS

Parts 3 and 4 of 4. Miss Power bullies WordGirl and strips her of her superhero star.

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Fri Aug 5 6:30pm
WordGirlA Sticky Situation; Eight Legs vs. Two Brains PBS

WordGirl is glued to TJ while Granny May runs amok; and Becky cares for the class pet, a tarantula.

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Mon Aug 8 6:30pm
WordGirlWho Wants to Get Rid of WordGirl?; The Talented Mr. Birg PBS

In the Season 6 premiere, WordGirl's biggest enemies join forces in an effort to defeat her. Later, Scoops pens an article about the many times WordGirl has been tricked and captured by villains, which causes her to try and prove him wrong.

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Tue Aug 9 6:30pm
WordGirlOne Last Sandwich; Caper or Plastic PBS

The Whammer convinces Chuck to commit one last heist with him before his retirement; Hal Hardbargain asks for WordGirl's help in retrieving his bag blaster from the mysterious Masked Bagger.

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Wed Aug 10 6:30pm
WordGirlTell Her What She's Won; Victoria is the Best...WordGirl? PBS

Seymour Smooth kidnaps a game-show host; Scoops thinks that Victoria Best may be WordGirl.

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Thu Aug 11 9:00am
The King of QueensStrike One(Season 3, Episode 5) TBS

Doug's car breaks down, so he goes out and buys a new truck---just as his union goes on strike against his employer. Marty: James Michael Connor. Employee: Fred Stoller. Spence: Patton Oswalt. Deacon: Victor Williams. Doug: Kevin James.

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Thu Aug 11 6:30pm
WordGirlHigh-Five Sandwich; The Robot Problem PBS

A trendy new sandwich upsets Chuck; WordGirl and Tobey join forces when potato-fueled robots attack the city.

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