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Mon May 2 6:30pm
WordGirlGo Gadget Go; Emergency Plan #999 PBS

TJ and his friend Johnson both consider themselves to be WordGirl's biggest fan; TJ helps WordGirl when Captain Huggy Face is captured by Dr. Two Brains.

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Tue May 3 6:30pm
WordGirlPrincess Triana & the Ogre of Castlebum; Summertime PBS

Tobey plans to steal a copy of a new book so he can read it before other people do; and Granny May goes on a crime spree on a hot summer day.

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Wed May 4 4:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceGhost Roommate(Season 4, Episode 22) DISNEY

Alex and Harper welcome a new roommate, who is a ghost with a broken heart. When they try to help the girl get over her lost love, she takes an interest in Mason.

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Wed May 4 4:30am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceGet Along, Little Zombie(Season 4, Episode 23) DISNEY

A resident in Alex's apartment building stumbles upon the secret 13th floor and is transformed into a zombie after being bitten by one. Meanwhile, Felix searches for his stolen magic wand.

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Wed May 4 6:30pm
WordGirlThorn in the Sidekick; Crime Takes a Holiday PBS

Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy gets an obnoxious sidekick named the Whammer; and WordGirl tangles with an evil fan of Dr. Two Brains.

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Wed May 4 8:00pm
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Cult(Season 7, Episode 1) TVLAND

Robert, distraught over a feud between Marie and Debra, joins a support group. But the family fears it's a cult, so they work to free him from it. Judy: Sherri Shepherd. Mariann: Susan Yeagley. Gerard: Fred Stoller. Robert: Brad Garrett.

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Thu May 5 6:30pm
WordGirlThe Butcher and the Kitty; Mr. Big Words PBS

The Butcher gets a kitten and hopes to use the animal to defeat Wordgirl; and Mr. Big creates a weapon that causes victims to use big words in everyday conversation.

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Fri May 6 6:30pm
WordGirlTwo Brains Forgets; Banned on the Run PBS

Dr. Two Brains learns WordGirl's secret identity, so she tries to find a way to get him to forget; Mr. Big becomes mayor and orders a ban on WordGirl.

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Sat May 7 4:00am
Wizards of Waverly PlaceWizards vs. Everything(Season 4, Episode 24) DISNEY

Alex, Justin and Max combine their powers to save the Wizard World from the Angel of Darkness.

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Mon May 9 6:30pm
WordGirlIt's Your Party and I'll Cry If I Want To; Becky's Bad-itude PBS

Becky is down in the dumps when she's not invited to Katy's birthday party, but she may not be the only one not on the guest list: an upset Tobey sends his robots on a citywide rampage. Later, Mr. Botsford gets Becky tickets for a concert that she'd rather (more…)

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Mon May 9 9:24pm
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Bachelor Party(Season 7, Episode 23) TVLAND

Ray hosts a lame bachelor party for Robert and is shamed by Debra, Marie and Amy into throwing him another one at the lodge, which is attended by Amy's father and brother. Hank: Fred Willard. Peter: Chris Elliott. Andy: Andy Kindler. Bernie: Tom McGowan. G (more…)

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Tue May 10 6:30pm
WordGirlFirst One to Win Wins; A Little Bigger WordGirl PBS

WordGirl battles the Butcher, who's stolen Mrs. Von Hoosinghaus' poodle; Dr. Two-Brains captures WordGirl and prepares to shrink her to the size of a mouse.

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Wed May 11 9:00am
The King of QueensStrike One(Season 3, Episode 5) TBS

Doug's car breaks down, so he goes out and buys a new truck---just as his union goes on strike against his employer. Marty: James Michael Connor. Employee: Fred Stoller. Spence: Patton Oswalt. Deacon: Victor Williams. Doug: Kevin James.

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Wed May 11 6:30pm
WordGirlA Curious Case of Curiosity; There's No V in Team PBS

Ms. Question zaps Mrs. Botsford with the Curiosity Field Creator, which makes her unable to not ask questions; and Victoria Best plots revenge when Becky causes her to lose the city quiz bowl.

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Thu May 12 6:30pm
WordGirlLady Redundant Woman; A Game of Cat and Mouse PBS

WordGirl battles a newcomer named Lady Redundant Woman; and a professor helps WordGirl as she tries to stop a scheme by Dr. Two Brains.

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Fri May 13 6:30pm
WordGirlThe Masked Meat Marauder; Sandwich Land PBS

The Butcher faces off against a rival villain, the Masked Meat Marauder; and Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy builds an evil lair and tries to trap WordGirl.

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Sat May 14 3:00am
Austin Powers in Goldmember TBS

Austin (Mike Myers) boogies back to 1975 and teams up with a secret agent-disco singer (Beyonce Knowles) to rescue his abducted father in the raunchy third Powers romp, the most extravagant entry in the series yet. The opening credits feature cameos by a n (more…)

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