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Is Scorsese a Sellout? And More Questions...

Martin Scorsese sells out by directing commercials And more movie questionsQuestion Ive heard that Martin Scorsese is doing some kind of liquor commercial overseas but I cant believe it I never thought he would sell out that way or that he needed money so badly Is it true Barbara FlickChick It is true but fortunately Martin Scorseses foray into advertising is nothing like the sorry spectacle of Orson Welles shilling for the wines of Paul Masson Freixenet the Spanish maker of sparkling wines commissioned Scorsese to make a short film that subtly plugged their Carta Nevada Reserva The result the nineminute Key to Reserva part mockumentary and part stunning homage to Alfred Hitchcock It opens with Scorsese whos well known for his work in film preservation explaining to a documentary filmmaker that hes discovered three and a half pages of the script for an unmade Hitchcock thriller Preserving a film that was made is one thingread more

A few years ago I saw an old ...

Question: A few years ago I saw an old black-and-white Christmas movie. A man (maybe a lawyer) has to take a female criminal home with him for the holidays. Of course, they end up falling in love and he fights for her release. Do you know the title and who stars in it? Thanks.

Answer: It's Remember the Night (1940), written by Preston Sturges, directed by Mitchell Leisen and starring Barbara Stanwyck as a New York chippie caught shoplifting a diamond bracelet shortly before Christmas. Fred MacMurray plays the assistant DA who's going to prosecute her, but when he realizread more

Who played Buffy on Family ...

Question: Who played Buffy on Family Affair?

Answer: Anissa Jones played Buffy alongside Johnnie Whitaker (Sigmund and the Sea Monsters) on the series, which ran on CBS for five years beginning in September 1966. The show focused on swinging bachelor Bill Davis (Hardcastle & McCormick's Brian Keith) and his valet, Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot), two men whose lives took a change for the domestic when Buffy, her twin brother, Jody (Whitaker), and their older sister, Cissy (Kathy Garver), the children of Bill's late brother, moved in. But the main draw for the audience tuning in was the cute little twins — and the adults in the cast were well aware of it.

"Now those kids, bless 'em, they don't use any tricks," Sabby Cabot told TV Guide in 1967. "But tread more


Above Suspicion
Apartment 12
Apartment 143
The Swarm

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The Swarm (1978)
The Swarm
The Swarm
The Swarm

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Year Title Description
2002 Fred MacMurray TV Show Series, Subject (person only)
1978 The Swarm Movie, Actor - Clarence
1973 Charley And The Angel Movie, Actor - Charley Appleby
1967 The Happiest Millionaire Movie, Actor - Anthony J. Drexel Biddle
1966 Follow Me, Boys! Movie, Actor - Lemuel Siddons

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Tommy's trying to get some z's...

Tommy's trying to get some z's in the firehouse while Lou snores and the pipes clank. Me, I'll take the clanking. I got used to that in old, steam-heated New York City apartments. Snoring you never get used to. "I gotta really figure out what it is I want to do and how to do it before I go about doing it, y'know?" he says. Well, yeah — but why start now? And thus the problems roll on. Jesus mocks Tommy as the pill stash runs low, and Teddy's security program to keep Janet from the kids is about as safe as the cargo coming into our ports these days. But then Tommy actually comes up with a smart — albeit completely immoral, but no surprise there — plan to use a lady of the evening to get Lou back in with Sandra. "This is why God invented whores," he says. And here I'd been wondering all this time. Looks like Sheila's got a plan of her own, too, playing the lesbian card. Hey, whatever that situation leads to, it can't get any more mean-spirited for either of them.

"You read more

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