Fred Armisen

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Crank Yankers Season 1
You never know what to expect when you eavesdrop in Yankerville, where puppets make outrageous prank phone calls to unsuspecting strangers.
Wu-Tang Clan & Dave Chappelle
18:00 — Shavin books a room for the Wu-Tang Clan; Hadassah applies for a nanny job; Rob helps a friend in need; Elmer finds a surprise in his dinner.
Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks, Hot Pocket Recall
01:24 — Seth's favorite jokes from the week of November 13.
Kristin Scott Thomas Was Hesitant to Play Winston Churchill's wife
04:08 — Kristin Scott Thomas explains why she was hesitant to play Winston Churchill's wife in Darkest Hour and why she thinks people are drawn to stories abo (more…)
Kristin Scott Thomas Reveals What She and the Queen of England Talked About
02:47 — Kristin Scott Thomas reveals how ill she would feel while chain-smoking on the set of Four Weddings and a Funeral and what she said to the Queen of En (more…)
Chris Hayes Explains Why the Republican Tax Cut Doesn't Add Up
05:59 — Chris Hayes explains why the GOP's math for their controversial tax cut doesn't add up, and he discusses the mounting sexual assault allegations rocki (more…)
Smartphones Unlock with Sweat, McDonald's Drive-Thru Thief
02:47 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, November 16.
Chris Hayes' Theory About What Motivates Donald Trump
02:49 — Chris Hayes talks about why humanity's ability to adapt to anything has lessened the blow of every day's shocking news, and he shares his theory on wh (more…)
Alex Lahey: Every Day's the Weekend
03:31 — Musical guest Alex Lahey performs "Every Day's the Weekend" for Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Jeremy Irons Owns a Castle in Ireland
06:37 — Jeremy Irons dishes on the castle in Ireland he spent six years restoring and espouses the perks of traveling by horse and carriage.
Pervatol: A Drug to Help Sexual Predators Sleep at Night
02:43 — Seth shares a commercial for a new drug that's certainly a sign of the times.
Rich Eisen Supports the NFL National Anthem Protests
03:59 — Rich Eisen explains his views on the NFL national anthem protests and tells Seth all about the 98 cents he was paid for a role on CSI: Miami.
Sexual Harassment in Congress: A Closer Look
09:02 — Seth takes a closer look at a new sexual harassment allegation against Senator Al Franken and more women coming forward to accuse Roy Moore of sexuall (more…)
Jeremy Irons Reveals the Inspiration for His Unique Take on Alfred
04:06 — Jeremy Irons reveals that his take on Alfred was inspired by John Paul Getty's personal butlers and discusses how happy he was to not wear a superhero (more…)
Rich Eisen Doesn't Have Any Faith in the Cleveland Browns
06:06 — Rich Eisen explains why he's lost faith in the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles' big mistake, and he dishes on how jealous he gets when hi (more…)
Mitch McConnell's Neck, Scaramucci's Book Deal - Monologue
03:01 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, November 15.
Jessica Ladd Wants to Give Sexual Assault Survivors Choices
05:35 — Callisto founder and CEO Jessica Ladd reveals how her own personal experiences influenced the creation of the digital sexual assault reporting system (more…)
Lindsay Lohan - April 15, 2006
18:53 — Staff Shake-ups Cold Opening: Wolf Blitzer (Chris Parnell) interviews the new members of the Bush White House staff, including Lindsay Lohan as a 17 y (more…)
Weekend Update Thursday - October 1, 2009
18:46 — SNL goes primetime on Thursday nights once again featuring jokes and comedic bits from Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers alongside former co-anchor Am (more…)
Jon Heder - October 8, 2005
16:28 — Jon Heder Monologue: Jason Sudeikis plays an old friend who suspects that the character of Napoleon Dynamite was based on him (Fred Armisen, Will Fort (more…)
Scarlett Johansson - January 14, 2006
15:46 — Chandeliers: A low-budget ad selling the elegance of chandeliers (Scarlett Johansson, Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch). Sweet Sixteen: Parody of the MTV (more…)
Catherine Zeta-Jones - October 22, 2005
18:51 — Catherine Zeta-Jones Monologue: No matter how badly the show goes, they can't take away her Oscar. News Anchor: Catherine Zeta-Jones is a reporter in (more…)
Kevin Spacey - May 20, 2006
17:25 — Andy & Kevin: Usual Suspects: Andy Samberg tries to explain to host Kevin Spacey why he was late. The Falconer: Time Traveling: The Falconer travels (more…)
Lance Armstrong - October 29, 2005
17:24 — Lance Armstrong Monologue: Lance Armstrong takes questions from the audience (Sheryl Crow, Fred Armisen). Iron Man: Lance Armstrong is great at the b (more…)
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  • Birth Place: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
  • Profession: Actor