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Cinemax to Launch Hunted Spin-off with Melissa George

Melissa George

X Files producer Frank Spotnitz is developing a spin-off of his Cinemax series Hunted for star Melissa George, according to Deadline.

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Weekend TV Review: Hunted, Hitchcock's Girl, Showtime Showstoppers and More

Melissa George

Remember the old X-Files mantra "Trust No One?" One of its producers surely does, and in creating the new Cinemax spy thriller Hunted, Frank Spotnitz makes it clear from the first scenes that you can't always trust your eyes, either.

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VIDEO: Watch the First 13 Minutes of Cinemax's New Spy Drama Hunted Now!

Melissa George

Who do you trust when you think your team tried to have you killed?

That's the life-or-death dilemma facing spy Sam Hunter (Alias' former Mrs. Vaughn, Melissa George) in the new Cinemax series Hunted, from X-Files writer and producer Frank Spotnitz. In the drama, premiering on Friday at 10/9c, Sam returns to the agency she thinks betrayed her a year later in... read more

Strike Back Explodes Onto Cinemax

Strike Back

They're blowing things up at Cinemax — literally. The channel, a testosterone-dripping younger brother to HBO, is adding the explosive new action series Strike Back in a bid to expand its oft-maligned original programming.

"Cinemax needed to evolve and feel like a premium to subscribers," says HBO miniseries president Kary Antholis, who also oversees shows for Cinemax. "We're trying to grow the brand to a place where it's serving another purpose for people."

But fans of "Skin-emax" will be relieved to hear that Strike Back features all kinds of action — both in the bedroom and on the battlefield. "We looked at... read more

Frank Spotnitz, Gabrielle Union Developing NBC Procedural

Gabrielle Union and Frank Spotnitz

Gabrielle Union and X-Files writer/producer Frank Spotnitz are reteaming to develop a new series for NBC.

The duo, which worked together on ABC's short-lived Night Stalker during the 2005-2006 TV season, is developing a procedural for the Peacock, according to Variety. Spontitz will write the show and Union, best known for her role in Bring It On, will star as a detective who must ... read more

X-Files Premiere Makes a Believer Out of Longtime Fan

David Duchovny, Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter by Todd Williamson/

Oh, I believe in the X-Files. Hundreds of fans filled bleachers and lined Hollywood Blvd. to catch a glimpse of the creators and stars of The X-Files: I Want to Believe at its premiere Wednesday night. Being a huge nerd fan myself, I felt like I had stepped into some alternate dimension X-Files case — it was truly surreal. I walked the red carpet and the fans went crazy as we caught b-roll of people wearing Mulder and Scully t-shirts or waving homemade signs and our own TV Guide cover with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. My fellow "X-Philes" were thrilled to see a true fan working the carpet, and rewarded me with thunderous applause. I felt like a star myself. After our crews got in place, fans were treated to a special press conference with Gillian, David, Frank Spotnitz, and Chris Carter, moderated by Entertainment Weekly's Whitney Pastorek (lucky girl!). Fans got to ask questions for 15 minutes, and early birds who had been given a black bracelet in the bleachers were p... read more

VIDEO: Spotnitz Says X-Files Was "Always a Love Story"

In this interview from the red-carpet premiere of X-Files I Want to Believe writerexec producer Frank Spotnitz discusses how the long-running saga has always been a love story Spotnitz also teases one or two big cameos and explains how hard it was to address Baby William in the new movieRed-carpet Video with Your X-Files Favesbull David Duchovny Discusses the X-Files Magicbull Gillian Anderson Calls X-Files Reunion a Real Blessingbull Chris Carter Talks of the Mulder-Scully Lovebull Frank Spotnitz Says X-Files Was Always a Love Storybull Is Mitch Pileggis Skinner in the New X-Files read more

Guest Columnist: Why X-Files 2 Nearly Didn't Happen

Frank Spotnitz, The X-Files: I Want to Believe

It was January 2007, and I was about to give up hope.

It was six years since 20th Century Fox called, asking if we were interested in doing another X-Files feature film. Five years since the television series went off the air. And four years since creator Chris Carter and I labored over the story for the new movie and pitched it to the studio.

That was back in 2003. Since then, I had negotiated a deal to cowrite and coproduce the movie, and waited for David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to close their deals — only to have the whole process derailed when Chris and the studio got into a legal dispute over profits from the TV series. Fans and reporters kept asking me when the movie would finally be made. And I kept saying I was sure it would happen, just as soon as Chris and the studio resolved their differences. But by last January, it was starting to feel like that day would never come. And then... read more

X-Files Fans Honored at Premiere

X-Files: I Want to Believe poster art courtesy 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox released a statement today saying that loyal X-Files fans or X-Philes and yes I am one of them will be given a special treat at the premiere of The X-Files I Want to Believe at the Graumans Chinese Theater in Hollywood on July 23 500 lucky fans will be given special credentials on a first-come first-serve basis to observe the red carpet arrivals followed by the chance to participate in a press conference with the films stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and filmmakers Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz I think I just heard Pricelines Web site crashing as hundreds of screaming devoted Philes try to book plane ticketsOn a stage at the front of the theater the panelists will field questions from fans which will also be broadcast live via a special Internet site from which they can direct questions in real-time Fans can squeal even further knowing that they will have a chance to meet over 100 of the series co-stars guest-stars and behind-the read more

X-Files Lives on in New Comic Books

Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz by Kevin Parry/

During Friday nights The-X Files I Want to Believe panel at NYC Comic Con with the films executive producer and cowriter Frank Spotnitz and director-executive producer Chris Carter Spotnitz let a big cat out of the bag He said that DC and Wildstorm Comics would be announcing a brand new X-Files comic book series tomorrow during one of the many panels The moderator said jokingly I think you just announced it to which Carter added Dont tell anyone Cut to a million X-Files fans texting and emailing the scoop simultaneously The X-Filesmania that was so rampant in the 90s seems to have had a bit of a rebirth since the second film was announced several months ago Since then new sites like XFilesNewscom have sprouted up to report on the movies photos set visits interviews and lots of gossip about the highly secretive plot Older sites like Haven a message board for Mulder and Scully fans have seen fans return in droves to discuss new movie theories and deta read more

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