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Abundant Acreage Available - Official Trailer
01:39 — On a fifty acre tobacco farm in North Carolina, Tracy (Amy Ryan) and Jesse (Terry Kinney) bury the remains of their recently deceased father in the mi (more…)
Mighty Fast Babu
11:40 — Babu boasts that he is the fastest in the Mighty Jungle, until a speedy cheetah named Chucky shows up and beats him in a race. When Babu gets the hicc (more…)
Mighty Jungle Time Machine
11:40 — A trip back in time is a trip away from his blanky for poor Bruce. Our intrepid time travelers meet a real dinosaur, but realize they would rather be (more…)
Bananas for Bananas
11:40 — Babu loves bananas more than anything. So when there are no bananas in the jungle, he goes bananas. But his loyal friend Bruce, and the kids, help him (more…)
Based on the best selling novel by Thomas Harris, "Hannibal" continues the story begun in "The Silence of the Lambs." Seven years have passed since Dr (more…)
The King and His Court
15:12 — Watch as the cast discusses the compelling stories and relationships in Season 2 of BOSS.
Rhonda’s Makeover
11:40 — Rhonda loves to play with make-up, and gets busy giving Bruce and Babu elaborate make-overs, despite their protests. As a reward, she takes them to an (more…)
Mighty Jungle Parade
11:40 — Rhonda’s motto if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again is put to the test when some rowdy monkeys interrupt the Jungle Parade. But with Babu and (more…)
Mighty Juice
11:40 — It’s a hot day in the Mighty Jungle and Babu and Bruce are so thirsty they can’t find enough to drink. So they collect all kinds of different juices f (more…)
Queen Rhonda
11:40 — Babu, Bruce and Rhonda discover a crown in the jungle and Rhonda and the kids decide that she’s the Queen of the Jungle. It’s fun for a while, but Bab (more…)
Silly Day in the Jungle
11:40 — It’s Babu and Bruce’s favourite day of the year. Well, second favourite actually, Silly Day, when you get to be as silly as you like. Rhonda doesn’t g (more…)
Bruce’s Surprise Party
11:40 — Rhonda can’t believe Bruce is planning a surprise party for himself, and on her birthday, too! But the surprise is on her when Bruce reveals she’s the (more…)
Rhonda’s New Friend
11:40 — Bruce and Babu don’t want to play Tea Party, so Rhonda finds a new friend–Ellie the elephant! But Rhonda soon learns there’s more to Jungle life than (more…)
Friends for Life
11:40 — On a day when Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are arguing with each other, a visit from Mr. Bristle turns into a trip down Jungle Memory Lane, as he gets them (more…)
Rhonda’s Birthday
11:40 — It’s Rhonda’s birthday and Babu’s mother has told him he has to be polite to her. That means doing everything she wants him and Bruce to do at her bir (more…)
Spot the Giraffe
11:40 — Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are playing hide and seek with their friend Spot the Giraffe. Unfortunately her long neck makes it difficult for Spot to find a (more…)
Space Pig
11:40 — Rhonda has Babu and Bruce all dressed up in nice clothes to get their portraits taken, when a pig arrives from outer space looking for mud. Soon, all (more…)
Flower Picking Rules
11:40 — Rhonda is happy to share all her knowledge about the rules of the jungle with Babu and Bruce. But when she breaks one of her own rules, she’s so embar (more…)
Bruce’s First Sleepover
11:40 — Babu has Bruce over for his first sleepover, and Bruce wants it to be just right. But then he forgets his stuffed animal and his flashlight and his bl (more…)
The Ice Cream Castle
11:40 — Babu and Bruce are swinging on vines, looking for some food when they find strange footprints in the jungle. The footprints lead them to a magical uni (more…)
Jungle Snow Day
11:40 — Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are so thrilled when there’s snow in the Mighty Jungle, they want to stay outside and play all day. But when they get frozen st (more…)
Earth Day: Ben Daniels
00:20 — Ben Daniels urges you to recycle your newspaper.
Henry Threatens Angela from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
00:49 — Angela tells her family her plans for their future.
Father Marcus Speaks On Behalf Of Father Tomas' Conscience from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
01:40 — Father Marcus shows Father Tomas his sick grandmother before she died.
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