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  • Hannibal Wednesday Nov 22nd, 12:15pm

Based on the best selling novel by Thomas Harris, "Hannibal" continues the story begun in "The Silence of the Lambs." Seven years have passed since Dr (more…)
Exorcisms Don’t Simply Fail, The Possessed Die from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
02:44 — Marcus prepares Tomas for his first exorcism with a young girl.
Father Tomas’s First Exorcism Attempt from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
02:14 — Tomas and Marcus start the exorcism process and it's more than they expected
A Tale Of Two Priests: Father Marcus And Father Tomas Origins from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
03:39 — Father Tomas finally believes that demons do exists and searches out for and EXORCIST.
Sorry Mommy, Show’s Over – Exorcist Season 1 Conclusion from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
04:27 — The young woman that's possessed is nearing the final stages before her soul is lost for good.
Abundant Acreage Available - Official Trailer
01:39 — On a fifty acre tobacco farm in North Carolina, Tracy (Amy Ryan) and Jesse (Terry Kinney) bury the remains of their recently deceased father in the mi (more…)
Earth Day: Ben Daniels
00:20 — Ben Daniels urges you to recycle your newspaper.
Henry Threatens Angela from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
00:49 — Angela tells her family her plans for their future.
Father Marcus Speaks On Behalf Of Father Tomas' Conscience from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
01:40 — Father Marcus shows Father Tomas his sick grandmother before she died.
Angela Has The Rance Family And Father Tomas Trapped from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
01:11 — Angela tells Father Tomas that there is no Angela left.
Father Tomas Visits His Grandmother's House from "Chapter Ten: Three Rooms"
00:57 — Father Tomas feels like he is in a dream.
Angela Is Possessed By Casey's Demon from "Chapter Nine: 162"
01:38 — Angela asks to be taken instead of her daughter.
Father Tomas Learns That St. Anthony Is Being Closed from "Chapter Nine: 162"
01:36 — Father Tomas Is given a raise he feels he doesn't deserve.
Father Marcus Pays Father Tomas A Visit from "Chapter Nine: 162"
01:41 — Father Marcus warns Father Tomas about his new role.
Angela Isn't Who They Think She Is from "Chapter Nine: 162"
00:38 — Angela arrives but she isn't who they think she is.
Angela's Sending A Message from "Chapter Nine: 162"
01:38 — Angela takes control of everyone in the room.
Katherine Tries To Have A Heart To Heart With Casey from "Chapter Nine: 162"
01:27 — Casey feels depressed about everything that went on while she was possessed.
Father Tomas Doesn't Feel Like He Deserves His Promotion from "Chapter Nine: 162"
01:26 — Father Tomas and Jessica talk about what life could have been like.
Angela's Big Reveal
01:20 — Geena Davis’ character has been keeping a big secret.
The List Of Names Is Growing from "Chapter Six: Star of the Morning"
00:59 — The Rance family is not the only family being effected by all of the evil occurrences.
Father Marcus Gives Angela Some Difficult News About Possession from "Chapter Six: Star of the Morning"
01:11 — Father Marcus is worried that Casey might die if they can't find her soon.
Father Marcus Attempts To Drown The Demon from "Chapter Six: Star of the Morning"
02:17 — Marcus tries to drown the demon in the river.
Angela Talks To Her Demon On The Phone from "Chapter Six: Star of the Morning"
01:13 — Angela begs her demon to leave her daughter's body while at the hotline center.
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