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Hello Matt. I like your ...

Question: Hello Matt. I like your column and hope you will print this question. I have been a huge fan of Amazing Race since about a quarter into its second season (I believe that was the one with Danny and Oswald, still my favorite AR team of all time). I know the family edition was uneven, but I fear the events of the May 3 episode might prove to be the show's undoing. What Eric and Jeremy did, canceling the cabs of both B.J. and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda, was so over the line in terms of sportsmanship and deception that it left me thoroughly disgusted. Furthermore, Joseph and Monica are fast becoming one of the most loathsome teams ever on the show (although I don't think anyone can top Jonathan and Victoria). They were all too happy to look the other way at the Frat Boys' slimy tactics, and then they have the nerve to whine and complain when the Hippies yielded them?!! I have never seen the show get this nasty and unpleasant, even during the Rob and Amber season. I was so angry more

Fran-Barry Squeezed on Amazing Race

Fran and Barry didn't need CBS' The Amazing Race (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET) to add more stamps to their passports. In the 40 years they've been married, the couple — who became the seventh team eliminated — have visited 45 countries, setting foot on almost every continent and in every hemisphere in the world. A 63-year-old retired doctor and a 61-year-old retired accountant with grown children, they also didn't need the money. So why did they run? "It was all about the competition," Barry told the day after their elimination episode aired. "We weren't just happy to be there. We thought we had a chance to win!" Here's what else they thought of the greatest race on earth. You two may be a lot older, but you've also seread more

Amazing Race 9 You could argue...

Amazing Race 9You could argue that Eric and Jeremy and B.J. and Tyler are having fun because they're winning, but I think they're actually winning because they're having fun. Doing silly things like walking onto the mat backwards, flirting with the locals and having wheelchair obstacle-course races makes them relaxed and more capable of making decisions and following directions. Meanwhile, if Lake would just stop ordering Michelle around and cursing about the other teams, they might stop making dumb mistakes. Fran is my new hero for telling Lake to "Please, step back" at the ticket counter. Maybe the agents in Munich also hated the nasty dentist, since they so readily told everyone but them about the faster connection read more


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The Amazing Race Tonight's episode...

The Amazing RaceTonight's episode was brought to you by Acme Climbing Ropes. Why else would they be rappelling down a building and climbing up a waterfall in the same day? Also, what's up with these mornings when everyone is assigned different start times but then the place doesn't open until after everyone gets there? It's a cheap way to squeeze some suspense out of another cab ride. I'm glad they got out of São Paolo early on. Last week's helicopter ride was pretty, but it sure doesn't have much else in the way of telegenic tourist attractions. I'm guessing that the partnership of Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler will last as long as they stay at the front of the pack, but the minute they're in jeopardy, it's history. Eric and Jeremy read more

The Amazing Race Whew! Two hours...

The Amazing Race Whew! Two hours and 11 teams to discuss in my first crack at covering TAR — I think I need a bit of that Race fuel hippie boys B.J. and Tyler were running on. It's time to erase the awful memory of the way-less-than-Amazing family edition and fasten our seatbelts. And in the spirit of Sunday's Oscars, I'm going to hand out some awards here. The aforementioned shaggy duo get Best Narrators for naming "Barbie and Ken" (Monica and Joseph) and the "Double D's," for actually learning a few Portuguese phrases, and for coming up with the best metaphor for their pit-stop anxiety: "clawing at our teeth." They just barely beat out leg-wrestling "Glamazons" Lisa and Joni. I can't tell those two apart read more

Phil Keoghan's Amazing Diary

Phil Keoghan, the globe-trotting host of CBS' The Amazing Race (returning tonight at 9 pm/ET), takes TV Guide readers along on the exotic new season's first leg. DAY ONE 6:30 amThere's always this great feeling right before the race begins, this calm before the storm. And as the teams arrive in this spectacular location — Red Rocks Amphitheatre, outside of Denver — you can't imagine that in an hour and a half, this wild animal will be let out of its cage. I always like to walk along the line of the teams' bags. I pick them up and see who is carrying what, to see who has planned ahead and who is completely unrealistic about what they're going to haul around the world for the next month. While some teams have decided they're on a luxury trip, the husband-and-wife team of Lake read more

What do you think of the ...

Question: What do you think of the major changes WB has made to its schedule? Moving Related to the post-7th Heaven slot makes sense, but what are they thinking when they show reruns after One Tree Hill? It seems like that would make a bad situation worse. I'm also confused by the changes on Fridays. I understand trying to find an audience for Twins by moving it after Reba, but why chuck Living with Fran and show a repeat of What I Like About You? As much as I enjoy What I Like About You, it is the network's lowest-rated comedy, and I don't see how showing it twice would help anything at all. Please help me make sense of all of this. Answer: Thanks for reminding me that What I Like About You is still on the air. Who knew? And when it comes to WB's double-runs, you left out Supernatural repeats airing after Charmed on Sundays (replacing Blue Collar TV). The reason for most of these changes is simply a matter of cutting their losses until it's time for another try come mid-season. When a ... read more


WB has benched for the time being both Living with Fran and Blue Collar TV, although both shows will remain in production. Melanie Griffith's Twins (the show, people) will take over Fran's slot, while an encore airing of Supernatural will be offered up to the 17 people who were choosing Blue Collar over the Housewives on Sunday at 9. read more


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