Link the Loot - Block'd
10:39 — Codex adjusts to Zaboo as a house-guest, while the rest of the Guild finds a valuable object in the game. Clara blows up in-game and out, while Codex (more…)
Grouping Up - Socializing Sucks
15:16 — The Guild splits up into guys' and girls' night while the game server goes down. Bladezz takes control of guys' night; Codex's neighbor shows up at he (more…)
Costume Contest - Grand Finale!
17:38 — The Guild, semi–somewhat incognito, infiltrate the convention costume contest to stop their game from being ruined. Codex tries to save the day while (more…)
Strange Frenemies / Into the Breach
15:56 — Codex struggles to cover up Guild interferences at her work even as Zaboo and Tink venture into the private test server.
Quest Accepted! - Heroic Encounter
12:18 — Zaboo begins his journey on the road to manhood; Codex learns more about Vork than she'd ever want to know. Codex meets her new neighbor; the guys and (more…)
Collision Course - Fight!
14:57 — The guys crash girls' night. Zaboo gets a rude awakening. Characters collide (literally).
Epic Guilt - Strange Allies
12:08 — Codex wrestles with telling the Guild about her date with Fawkes. Codex gets some computer help while the Guild struggles with how to build a Guild H (more…)
Expansion Time - Anarchy!
13:21 — The Guild waits in line for their game's expansion to come out, and deals with inter-personal tension in... dysfunctional ways. A group of rival gamer (more…)
How to Build a Con
06:01 — Behind the scenes featurette on the building of MegaGame-O-RamaCon
Dream Questline / New Party Members
16:32 — Codex starts her dream job at The Game with the support of her fellow Guildies, while Bladezz deals with a personal gaming setback which leads to Clar (more…)
Makeshift Solutions / Raid Timez
14:41 — The Guild crashes Codex's new workplace when they find out she has an access code to the new expansion.
Cheesybeards - Rather Be Raiding
11:53 — The Knights of Good finally meet face to face and... it's awkward. Codex struggles to keep the Guild meeting on track, and everything turns out great! (more…)
Player Down - Get It Back!
12:51 — The Guild tries to cope with one man down. Or maybe two. Codex enters enemy territory to get her Guildie back.
Oversupportive’d - Moving On
13:29 — Vork's competitive spirit kicks in and Codex is awestruck by Zaboo's supportive nature. Codex deals with her Fawkes "relationship" problem, and anoth (more…)
Road Trip! - Crash Pad
12:20 — The Guildies head to the gaming convention but find the road a bit…bumpy. Six people sharing one hotel room does not a happy Guild make.
Sacking Up - Blow Out
13:38 — Zaboo continues his quest to become a man, while Tink tries to "help" Codex. The girls give Codex advice, and friction between Vork and Zaboo escalate (more…)
Application'd - Newbtastic
13:21 — The Guild struggles to fill Tink's spot. Mr. Wiggly joins the Guild... unfortunately.
Loot Envy - Weird Respawn
11:53 — Codex's new job brings out unexpected feelings in the Guild and Clara gets a good idea. Zaboo struggles to deal with his mother's new attitude; Codex (more…)
MegaGame-O-RamaCon - Ends and Beginnings
17:05 — The Guild members hit the floor of the gaming convention full-force!  But separately! Codex grasps at emotional straws, while Clara discovers a Shiny (more…)
Total Wipe - Home Invasion - Tipping Point
13:06 — Emotions run high in the Guild after the disastrous Cheesybeards meeting. Codex discovers why Zaboo is so weird. It's genetic. It's up to Codex to gro (more…)
Coping and Stuff - +10 to Bravery
13:51 — The Axis of Anarchy thwarts Codex’s attempt to counter their attacks with logic and reasonableness. Codex takes desperate measures to save the Guild. (more…)
LAN Off - Hero
16:29 — The Axis of Anarchy and The Knights of Good face off. It's up to Codex to save The Guild all by her lonesome. Solo. No pressure, really.
Focus Problems - Revolving Doors
16:29 — Codex's neurosis is rejected by the Guild as close quarters lead to hot tempers. Vork manages Bladezz' career as Codex sets out on her own to solve th (more…)
The Case of the Game Leak / Tipping Point
15:47 — Details of the Game's new expansion leaks as Vork's protest picks up steam.
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  • Birthday: June 28, 1979, Cancer
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