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02:04 — This season of Teen Mom 2, we see our four girls growing up fast and having to deal with very adult responsibilities. Faced with incredibly tough chal (more…)
The Adventure Continues!
03:35 — This might be their finale season but for Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Farrah, the adventure is just getting started!
Girls Talk
02:43 — Catch up with Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah before the new season!
03:24 — Couples Therapy is back, and this season won't disappoint. Get to know the couples who are turning to Dr. Jenn for help.
Tell-All: Parenting
01:26 — Kailyn and Chelsea discuss the importance of making time for themselves, while also being involved parents.
Javi Says There Is No Future for Him and Kailyn
01:49 — Is this the end of Kailyn and Javi's marriage?
Cole Shows Off His Wedding Ring
01:47 — Aubree gets a peek at Cole's wedding ring.
Farrah Abraham Is Showing Off Her Ass Again
01:16 — Isn’t the first time, definitely won’t be the last time.
Aubree Asks Adam About the Father-Daughter Dance
01:33 — Adam's cheerleader asks him why he didn't show up to the father-daughter dance.
Miranda Fires Back at Leah
01:39 — Miranda gets a word in after Leah talks to Corey about Miranda's treatment of Ali.
You Don't Even Ask How I'm Doing
01:55 — A cranky call between Kailyn and Javi gets worse by the minute.
Adam a No-Show?
01:51 — Chelsea preps Aubree for her father-daughter dance, but Adam hasn't indicated if he's going yet.
A Tear-Filled Phone Call to Javi
02:12 — Javi's deployment is starting to take a toll on him and Kailyn.
David Calls the Cops On Barbara
02:39 — David hits up 911 when things get heated between him and Barbara.
Isaac Struggles With Javi's Deployment
01:56 — While Kailyn reads a bedtime story to her boys, Isaac gets sad about Javi being away.
Chelsea Tours a Wedding Venue
01:52 — Chelsea Tours A Wedding Veunue – See the future Mr. and Mrs. Deboer search for a wedding venue.
Jenelle Confronts Nathan
01:30 — Nathan accuses Jenelle of parental alienation.
An Uncomfortable Custody Convo
02:46 — Leah and Corey are bligated to talk about their custody arrangement when they bring Ali to the doctor.
Aubree Talks About Mommy Getting Married
01:08 — Chelsea's Mom asks Aubree about what it will be like to have a new "dad".
Leah and Jeremy's Dinner Date
01:59 — Leah and Jeremy go out to dinner to hash out their past.
Javi Opens up About the Miscarriage
01:34 — Javi apologizes for his behavior after Kailyn's miscarriage.
Chelsea and Cole Get Engaged
01:45 — Cole pops the question.
Javi's Heavy News
01:33 — Kailyn is left with so many questions after Javi breaks some news to her.
Chelsea and Cole Take a Big Step
01:35 — Chelsea and Cole try to make a big purchase (and hint at their wedding plans).
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