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Fabio Offering Advice to Trump?
06:57 — Joy Reid and her guests discuss the New York Post report alleging that Donald Trump was asking guests at his estate on Thanksgiving, such as boxing pr (more…)
Would Brock O'Hurn Ever Shave His Head?
01:04 — We asked young fabio himself if he would ever shave his hair off.
Exactly the Way He Wanted to Leave
01:59 — Fabio Viviani was laughing his ass off while he was getting kicked out which is the way he wanted to go.
An Extended Look at Fabio Costa's Well Designed Asymmetrical Dress
01:45 — Watch Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Bonnie Brooks' runway critique of Fabio Costa's asymmetrical design for the 10 piece Project Runway C (more…)
Avant Garde
01:47 — Designers Dmitry Sholokhov, Sonjia Williams, Christopher Palu and Fabio Costa discuss what avant-garde means to them.
Leftovers: Fabio's Winning Dish
03:04 — This is a really great and simple dish to create as an entrée.
After Hours: Playing Soccer With Everything
01:28 — Fabio Viviani finds a soccer ball to pass the time.
Bad Budhu
02:12 — Fellow designers Dmitry Sholokhov, Elena Slivnyak, Fabio Costa and Gunnar Deatherage discuss Ven Budhu's terribly insulting treatment of his model for (more…)
Suzanne's Shrimp and Coconut Risotto
09:41 — Create Suzanne's risotto with Fabio and the executive chef of The Bellagio Hotel and Casino.
After Hours: Fabio's Turtle
01:47 — Fabio Viviani is thankful to have Richard Blais in his life but he still misses his turtle.
Clafoutis & Bananas with Chocolate, Part 1
05:14 — Fabio Vivani makes an amazing Fried Bananas with Chocolate-Hazelnut Sauce and Mario makes a scrumptious Prosciutto and Spinach Clafoutis.
Back to the Dungeon
02:18 — Fabio's New York language problem and setting American cuisine back 20 years.
Fabio Wants to Suicide Himself
01:36 — Fabio Viviani wants to cook his own food but if he can't, he wants to suicide himself with ice cream sandwiches.
Settling Old Scores
01:10 — Gunnar, Fabio, and Justin talk about using a fashion face-off challenge to settle old scores this scene from Episode 3 (Something Wicked This Way Come (more…)
Fabio's Roasted Chicken
05:45 — This simple yet delicious dish guarantees Fabio a spot in the finale!
Fabio's Shattered Finger
01:58 — A little broken finger isn't enough to make Fabio miss the competition.
Slice and Dice: Star Stuck
03:37 — Fabio Viviani and Steven Asprinio lick, stick, and twist oreos to spell out Top Chef.
Video Diary: Mommy Dearest
01:56 — Sonjia Williams, Christopher Palu, and Fabio Costa discuss the moms they were assigned to in the Babies"R"Us challenge, from Episode 11 of Project Run (more…)
UFC 186 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2
07:01 — Demetrious Johnson gets in late-night workout alongside Rampage Jackson. Michael Bisping polishes his French and goes grocery shopping. Then all three (more…)
Fabio's Beef Carpaccio
03:37 — With arugula, parmesan, and spherical kalamata olives.
Clafoutis & Bananas with Chocolate, Part 2
03:20 — Fabio Vivani makes an amazing Fried Bananas with Chocolate-Hazelnut Sauce and Mario makes a scrumptious Prosciutto and Spinach Clafoutis.
Cientos de Mujeres Rodaron En Bicicleta En Tacones Y Vestido
02:48 — Fabio Alejo mostró una jornada ciclista en México donde las mujeres pidieron respeto como mujeres.
California Bromance
02:03 — Stefan and Fabio confirm that the bromance continues in California.
Hubert Keller's Macaroni and Cheese
07:48 — Fabio shows you how to create Chef Keller's winning dish.
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