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Mexican Boarders
06:52 — Speedy's cousin, Slowpoke Rodriquez, comes to visit and puts Speedy in danger of being caught by Sylvester. Speedy beats of Sylvester by putting Tabas (more…)
11:09 — After model Cyndi Guyer, the female Fabio, explains what she looks for in a man, the Jerky Boys arrive and promptly threaten to punch Space Ghost in t (more…)
Fabio's Photo
11:18 — Derrick, artist David Choe, and the HP crew celebrate the golden era of Hollywood by dressing as their Hollywood heroes. Fabio brings Derrick a neverb (more…)
Cyber Island Bonus Question Week 7
00:26 — Why does Fabio pee in the pool?
Survivor: Nicaragua - I'm Stoked I Won
01:15 — Fabio is happy to have won individual immunity
Survivor: Nicaragua - It's Like High School
02:50 — Fabio is amazed that his tribe is acting like teens by gossiping and breaking up into cliques as the alliance lines in the tribe are being drawn
Cyber Island Bonus Question Week 1
00:26 — What does Shannon call Jud, A.K.A Fabio?
Survivor After Show - It Hurts (Show #13)
40:28 — Survivor After Show host, Parvati Shallow, is joined in-studio this week by former Survivor winner Jud "Fabio" Birza, as they talk through the serenit (more…)
Survivor: Nicaragua - Not in the Best Standing
02:16 — Fabio feels vulnerable now that Shannon was voted out
Cyber Island Bonus Question Week 6
00:36 — Marty tells Fabio that he is what kind of expert?
Survivor: Nicaragua - Secret Scene: Final 3
01:38 — As Libertad returns from the Tribal Council where Jane was voted out, Sash, Chase and Holly hope Fabio is out next and Fabio knows it.
Survivor: Nicaragua - The Plan Failed
03:19 — Fabio admits that the plan to vote out Jane failed at the last Tribal Council and reveals his next move
Survivor: Nicaragua - Best Position Possible
02:35 — Fabio is excited about having the time to strategize with Sash, Benry and Dan while the others are on reward
Survivor: Nicaragua - Secret Scene: Alina
03:12 — Alina breaks down after Fabio tells her that nobody likes her
Survivor: Nicaragua - Kelly B is a Cool Chick
02:02 — Jud (Fabio) admires Kelly B for all she has gone through with her prosthetic leg
Survivor: Nicaragua - Merge Feast Hangover
02:03 — Fabio drank too much at the merge feast but he is not upset about it
Survivor: Nicaragua - Fabio (Jud) is a Character
01:35 — Benry thinks Jud (Fabio) is funny and finds they have things in common
Survivor: Nicaragua - Red Carpet Interview - Fabio
02:17 — Catch up with Jud 'Fabio' Birza, winner of Survivor: Nicaragua at the season finale
Survivor: Nicaragua - Ride Marty's Coattails
01:50 — In this extended scene, Fabio and Benry decide it's smart to ride Marty's coattails for a while
Survivor: Nicaragua - We're Living The High Life
02:14 — Fabio relates how much better life is for La Flor with the tarp, fishing gear and cookware from Sears
Survivor: Nicaragua - I Hope They Go Home
01:53 — Fabio sees the advantages in NaOnka and Kelly S. quitting
Fabio, Yule-log Style, Is Here to Keep You Warm On Valentine's Day
00:50 — If you’re still looking for a date on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry: You can stream a video of iconic male model Fabio lounging in front of a roaring f (more…)
Jamie Dornan Got Scared Out of LA by Fabio
02:03 — Jamie recalls one of his earliest visits to Los Angeles when he witnessed Fabio working out in a gym.
Catch up On the Biggest Stories of the Week With the Download
03:54 — The past week was full of big stories, from Fabio’s delightful yule log-esque video to and Burger King announcing they would sell hot dogs. Watch The (more…)
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