Eve Plumb

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Eve Aline Plumb
  • Birth Place: Burbank, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Artist

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Blue Bloods - Candlelight Vigil
02:35 — Frank attends a meeting for grieving parents who lost their children to crime.
Blue Bloods - You Were Right
01:43 — Danny and Erin unwind over a few drinks before being rudely interrupted.
Jan Brady Actress On 'Grease Live' Cameo: What A Great Thing To Do!
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'Brady Bunch' Star Eve Plumb Gets Nearly $4M for Home She Bought at 11 Years Old
01:23 — Actress Eve Plumb, best known as Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch, purchased the beachfront bungalow when she was just 11 years old with some help from he (more…)
The Brady Bunch - All Out of Cold Drinks
02:28 — Jan won't let Doug come into the house because Charlie is inside.
The Brady Bunch - Tell Us Your Favorite Moments!
00:20 — 'The Brady Bunch' is on CBS.com all summer long! Tell us your favorite 'Brady Bunch' moments at CBS.com/thebradybunch.
The Brady Bunch - Don't Crush the Egg!
05:04 — Marcia and Greg compete in a driving obstacle course.
The Brady Bunch - Anybody Can
02:04 — Marcia tries to help Jan find something she can be good at.
The Brady Bunch - Bobby the Great
02:57 — Bobby dreams about being a champion pool player.
The Brady Bunch - Get Rid of It
03:22 — The goat gets free when Carol and Mike have visitors over at the house.
The Brady Bunch - Dead Kings? Yuck!
03:41 — The boys decide to return the tabu to the burial ground.
The Brady Bunch - Something Suddenly Came Up
03:08 — After Doug breaks her date when her nose swells up, Marcia learns a hard lesson.
The Brady Bunch - And The Winner Is...
01:41 — There's a tie for the head cheerleader position.
The Brady Bunch - Brady Family Express!
03:49 — The whole family helps Mike get the sketches to the manager's office in time.
The Brady Bunch - Calm Cool Reasoning
02:24 — Mike talks to Buddy Hinton's father when Buddy hits Peter, only to find that their family is like father, like son.
The Brady Bunch - Wedding Bells?
02:52 — Mr. Brady sits Harvey down and talks to him about his plans for the future.
The Brady Bunch - Not Getting Younger
02:04 — Greg tells his parents he wants to save up for a car and will need a job.
The Brady Bunch - Can't Feel Anything
02:31 — Alice's army cousin fills in while she's on vacation and puts the Brady's through boot camp training.
The Brady Bunch - Free Customer Service
03:14 — Greg agrees to buy a bottle of Bobby's hair tonic out of charity and ends up with slightly different color hair.
The Brady Bunch - Swimming in Bubbles
03:39 — Bobby attempts to wash his suit before everyone gets home.
The Brady Bunch - 256 Packs of Gum
03:03 — Bobby plays pool against Mike's boss and whoops his good.
The Brady Bunch - Extraterrestrial Sighting
03:48 — Peter and Bobby camp out in the backyard to take pictures of a UFO they see.
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  • Birth Name: Eve Aline Plumb
  • Birth Place: Burbank, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Artist