Evan Lysacek



  • Nip/Tuck "I started watching Nip/Tuck because I have a broken nose and was scared about the rhinoplasty procedure. I figured at some point on the show they would show a nose job and I could be less afraid of it. That opened a whole new can of worms. I love watching this show six or seven episodes at a time, which says a lot because I never sit still. I'm only on Season 4 and it keeps getting better. "
  • Seinfeld "I am a creature of habit. Seinfeld has always been a regular for me and probably always will be. Of course I love the humor, but sometimes I like to watch shows that I can actually recite the lines and act out. (That's how many times I've seen many of the reruns of Seinfeld.) "
  • Entourage "L.A. is a funny city. Whenever I travel for long periods of time, I forget about the paparazzi, the scenes, the posses, the flashiness. Entourage reminds me about all these ridiculous yet charming aspects of Hollywood. Plus the characters, especially Ari, are amazingly well done. "
  • Dexter "A lot of people have said I remind them of Dexter (hopefully not the serial killer aspect) because I am very OCD about cleanliness and organization. I absolutely love the writing on this show. It's just sick enough to be amazing. And honestly, I can relate to Dexter. "
  • Mad Money "Watching the stock market in the morning is strangely calming to me. Jim Cramer is my go-to guy on the market. I get an update on stocks and little chuckle at the same time. "

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