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Exclusive Video: Get a First Look at AMC's Low Winter Sun

Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Mark Strong

AMC's upcoming series Low Winter Sun is about police officers, but it's a far cry from the typical police procedural. The plot revolves around two detectives, played by Mark Strong and Lennie James, who murder a dirty cop in their department.

"This isn't a story about the minutiae of police work," James says in a behind-the-scenes video exclusive to "This is a thriller about people who have secrets and have ulterior motives."

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Walking Dead Postmortem: Which New Character Holds the Key to the Group's Future?

The Walking Dead

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Sunday's The Walking Dead and the graphic novels which inspired it. Read at your own risk.]

While Shane's death in The Walking Dead's penultimate Season 2 episode was the worst-kept TV secret of the year, the AMC drama made up for it with an awesome surprise in the finale.... read more

NBC Hopes to Scare Up Ratings with Fear Itself

NBC has recruited a long list of noted directors, actors and writers for its 13-episode suspense and horror anthology series Fear Itself. The series, produced by LionsGate and Industry Entertainment, will boast the work of award-winning horror directors John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Darren Bousman (Saw II), Brad Anderson (The Machinist), Mary Harron (American Psycho), Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and Heroes' Ernest Dickerson. Superman Returns' Brandon Routh and Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss join Cynthia Watros (Lost), Eric Roberts (Heroes) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (The Wire), along with a boatload of other actors who will earn some screen time in one of the series' episodes. And just what kind of horrors can you expect? Landis' "A Nightmare in Lace" follows a bride who receives word on her wedding day that her groom is a serial killer, and Harron's "Community" features a young couple who find their dream home in the perfect neighborhood (until their neighbors start killing ... read more

November 16, 2006: Reason to Believe

Tonights episode was directed by Ernest Dickerson who is best known for his work as a cinematographer on a number of Spike Lee films including Malcolm X Jungle Fever and Do the Right Thing This is his third directing stint for ER having worked on two episodes in 2005 Mr Dickerson definitely crafted an edgier more intense episode than weve seen in recent weeks with cases that were compelling and polarizingTensions were running high on many fronts Luka and Abby faced off over a possible spousal-abuse case and ran up against their complicated work relationship as he reminded her of her place in the pecking order Lets try this You be the resident Ill be the attending OK Ouch Of course his callousness was likely the result of his agitation over the package he received from Curtis Ames When he pulled the cop aside to ask for his help his fear for his family was palpableFred Ward has been popping up all over my favorite hospital dra read more

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