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Warner Bros. 2013 Comic-Con Lineup: The Big Bang Theory, The Originals, Arrow and More

The Big Bang Theory

Comic-Con is almost upon us, and on Friday, Warner Bros. released its full 2013 lineup for the international convention held each summer in San Diego.

In addition to featuring panels and screenings of such fan favorites as The Big Bang Theory, Arrow, The Following and Supernatural, WB will also showcase some of its most anticipated new series including The Originals, The Tomorrow People and Almost Human. read more

Critic's Guide to Wednesday TV: Damages Ends, X Collides With Voice

Glenn Close and Rose Byrne

Dark and twisty from start to finish, the legal thriller Damages doesn't quite deliver on its season-long promise to give bloodthirsty rivals Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons the courtroom showdown many fans have long awaited. Which doesn't mean tonight's series finale (DirecTV's Audience Network, 9/8c) is short on fireworks between Glenn Close (a two-time Emmy winner as Patty) and Rose Byrne, who by the time the various convoluted plot strands play out, conclude "we both have plenty of blood on our hands."

Bloody, yes, if at times a bit... read more

How NBC's Guys with Kids Is Making Fatherhood Cool

Guys With Kids, Jimmy Fallon

When Jimmy Fallon got the idea for his new NBC comedy Guys with Kids, he knew exactly what he wanted to call it — and it wasn't Guy with Kids.

"[My producing partner Amy Ozols and I] were just talking about all the guys we were seeing around New York City and Times Square with the Baby Bjorns and [babies] on the backs of their bikes," Fallon said via satellite at NBC's Television Critics Association fall TV previews Tuesday. "We were just like, 'These are like young, good-looking guys embracing the roles of dad.' We both said at the same time, 'DILFS'! When we pitched the idea for DILFS ... NBC said, 'Yeah, we probably can't call the show DILFS, so we'll have to change that.'"

Check out all the new fall shows

The comedy formerly known as DILFS stars ...
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Pilot Season: Stockard Channing, Kurt Fuller to Play Mandy Moore's Parents in ABC Comedy

Kurt Fuller, Stockard Channing

Mandy Moore, meet your parents.

Stockard Channing and Kurt Fuller will co-star on ABC's untitled Mandy Moore pilot.

In the comedy, newlyweds Annie (Moore) and Ben get the opportunity of a lifetime to run a hip, new restaurant in Annie's hometown. Unfortunately, it also brings her closer to her needy and high-maintenance family.

Pilot Season: Get the scoop!

Channing, best-known for her roles in Grease and The West Wing, will play... read more

Adult Swim Readmits Childrens Hospital for Fourth Season

Children's Hospital

Send in the clown doctors. Late-night programmer Adult Swim has renewed Childrens Hospital for a fourth season, Cartoon Network announced Tuesday.

The satirical medical series is written by and stars Rob Corddry as a doctor who wears clown makeup and "blood"-splattered scrubs so he can practice what he calls the "healing power of laughter" at a hospital where the staff is more interested in tending to their overactive libidos than treating patients.

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Great Expectations Await Worst Week's Erinn Hayes

Erinn Hayes

Life is imitating art for Worst Week star Erinn Hayes — hopefully not too much though. Hayes is pregnant on the show and in real life, but unlike her character, Mel, the actress doesn't have to worry about an accident-prone husband wreaking havoc everywhere he goes, especially not when a baby is about to be born. On the eve of Worst Week's finale — in which, yes, Mel does give birth — Hayes chatted with about what mishaps to expect from Sam (Kyle Bornheimer), why she wants to get in on the stunt work and how she perfectly timed her on- and off-screen pregnancies. Worst Week airs Mondays at 9:30 pm/ET on CBS. I understand Sam goes to the wrong hospital when you're in labor, but that can't be the only thing that goes wrong.
Erinn Hayes:
No, that is not the only thing! The episode is ...
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Worst Week's Erinn Hayes Expecting Second Child

Erinn Hayes

Good news for Worst Week star Erinn Hayes: She's pregnant with her second child.

Hayes, who's mom to 1-year-old Maggie with husband, construction superintendent Jack Hayes, deliberately planned the pregnancy to ...
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March 4, 2007: "The Pilot"

Being a fan of both The Daily Show and Family Guy, I’ve been looking forward to The Winner and tonight’s pilot did not disappoint me. Family Guy creators Seth MacFarlane and Ricky Blitt successfully bring their oddball humor to the show’s main character, Glen Abbott, and I think there is no one better to portray the 32-year old loser than Daily Show expatriate Rob Corddry.First off, I love how the show is set in 1994. The subtle (and not so subtle) 90’s references cracked me up, among them Glen’s Party of Five mention and of course, the O.J. Simpson car chase. I think one of the funnier lines in tonight’s pilot was Glen’s mom, Irene (Linda Hart), declaring that O.J. “couldn’t hurt a fly,” rivaled only by Allison (Erinn Hayes) noting that Clinton “seems to be a good family man.” I love how the writers intentionally take us back to 1994 through these references and I’m excited to see more of them as the series continues.... read more

Matt Roush reviews The Winner with Rob Corddry

Fox, which does well with animated comedies, is overdue a live-action winner. The network may finally have found one in the unlikely form of a balding, bumbling, giggling, socially maladroit perpetual adolescent named Glen Abbott, who is also the season's most original comic hero. Like Glen, The Winner (premiering Mar. 4 at 8:30 pm/ET) is deeply silly, endearingly sweet, a little creepy and undeniably weird. Told in flashbacks to 1994, this is the story of how, at the overripe age of 32, Glen (The Daily Show's Rob Corddry) awakens from life with Mom and Dad at home, where he has cultivated an unnatural fascination with the sitcom Wings. New neighbors provide the catalyst for Glen's long-delayed coming of age, which he tells us in voice-over will lead him to become the richest man in Buffalo. Alison (the winsome Erinn Hayes read more

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