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Code Black - Back Off!
01:37 — Malaya must deal with a controlling mother while attempting to treat a young girl.
Code Black - Save My Life
01:03 — Leanne and the Trauma One team save Mama's life.
Code Black - Man Down
02:05 — Following surgery on a patient, Mama suffers a heart attack.
Castle Doen't Believe 3XK Is Really Dead
01:19 — The Triple Killer is presumed dead... except by Castle.
Castle Is Arrested for Murder
02:00 — The evidence against Castle is overwhelming.
Castle's Surprise Jail Visitor: the Triple Killer
03:10 — Castle is visited by the man who framed him for murder: 3XK!
Fitz Returns from His Mission
01:11 — Fitz says he saved Ward from a gang of Russian mobsters.
Simmons Makes Fitz a Sandwich
01:42 — Simmons worries about Fitz's safety on his first dangerous field mission.